Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Run, swim, ouch

Treadmill Run
10 min 8:55 pace
5 min stretch
5 min 8:55 pace
10 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline
1 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 7:30 pace
4 min 8:55 recovery
10 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline
1 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 7:30 pace
4 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline

7 miles total

Tummy wasn't happy with the food I ate this morning and ended a little short. Oh well, run felt good. I removed the stupid bungee cord laces and didn't experience the pronation. Yay. I immediately hoped into the pool

4 x 500 moderate paced swim; 30 sec rests.

2000 yards

Swim felt great. As soon as I jumped I found myself dancing with the water. It's good to feel like you belong.

My clumsy ass cut myself shaving in the shower gym. Not a little nic but a full on slice off skin straight off the ankle. I stood in the shower for an extra 10 minutes hoping it would stop bleeding, no luck. Blood ran down my leg all over the locker room as I ran to the bathroom to get tissue. It looked like bloody carnage in that place. I had a hell of a time cleaning it up as I had to hold my hand with tissue around my ankle to stop the bleeding. I sat in that damn locker room stuck in only a bath towel for 15 minutes before someone offered to get some kind of help. I couldn't let go of my ankle long enough to put clothes. Frick! Humanity.....where the hell was it? I was passed by more then 10 women and not one offered any kind of assistance. Someone finally offered to go get the manager. Lol, she came back with a bandaid.....then had to go back for the full first aid kit. 45 minutes later I left, wrapped in gauze.

I'm now rockin a limp, it hurts a lot more then when I first cut it. Hopefully this will not affect my dancing tonight.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! 2009 starts my IM training!

It's now 4 hours later, I take the bandage off and I'm still bleeding! WTF? I am seriously a tool.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Never Ending Story

is what I watched on my 75 min recovery spin this morning. Great choice to pick up my mood and pull my head out of my tail. I kind of looked at the story line as part of my training. The "nothing" was trying to destroy Fantasia because people no longer "believed", they lost their imagination. Last night I allowed the "nothing" to take over because I started to loose my way, I had started to forget why it is I do what I do. Because I'm crazy :), ok not really. I swim, bike, run, I TRI because it is hard for me. Nothing good in life comes easy. I want the challenge. I want to hurt. I want to get thrown down on the ground, kicked and spit on only to jump right back up and release my wrath. I know myself, the Southern Oracle would be a cake walk. Maybe if I believe enough I can find a friendly lucky pink dragon (although I think it looked my like a giant dog) to help me out during race day.....oh now I just sound delusional.

75 min spin - Recovery - easy endurance pace.
Max watts 162/ Avg watts 144 (I said easy :))
Max HR 160 / Avg HR 144

Monday, December 29, 2008

I am not

a runner.....a cyclist...or a swimmer. Sometimes I wonder why I TRI at all.
Today was humbling, in the pool and on my run. I was once again reminded that I have to work my ass off (literally) to be good at anything. Wouldn't it be nice to just wake up and be good at something? Why do I constantly have to work on it all? Once, just once I'd like the swim, bike or run to come natural. I'd also like the people that refer to me and make comments like "it's more difficult, I don't train as much, or I'm not a natural _____ (you fill in the blank) yadayadayada" to seriously go %$#@ themselves. Training is hard, always. If it wasn't for my stupid, persistent, overzealous drive I'd be doing something else....something that I might actually be good at.

Morning swim

500 warm up

5 x 100; 25 a-ok, 25karate, 25 fist, 25 free; 20 sec rest
3 x 50; 25 scully, 25 frees; 10 sec rest
2 x 20; one arm catch up

1 x 150 fins
1 x 100 paddles
repeat 3 times

Swam straight until my time was up - 750

Total yardage = 2750

I felt like a fish that had lost her way and jumped out of the pond, my form sucked, I was all over the place. The first half of my workout my right lat hurt, my stroke must have been really off. It went away by the end of the workout.

As the day went by both lats started to burn.

Evening run

This was supposed to be a tempo but like my swim, my form was off and I was all over the place

Treadmill tempo
10 min warm up 9:00 pace - ugh, my upper body feels stiff and heavy.
5 min stretch
5 min 9:00 easy pace - I noticed I was loosing feeling in my feet :(
10 min 7:30 - pain started kicking in 1/2 way through. This wasn't the kind of pain I should have blocked out. I was pronating a lot. My left ankle and shin hurt, I could feel my legs rolling out. I tried to focus on keep my upper body light and tall, keeping my stride straight and running on the middle to balls of my feet. Nothing was working. I have bungee cords on these shoes, they felt too tight. This will be my last run with them, I think they are part of reason I was pronating. Even after loosening, they still felt too tight.
5 min 9:15 easy pace
10 min 8:00 pace - This is absolutely pathetic. I ran the first 17 miles of my marathon at a comfortable 8- 8:10min pace and now I'm having a hard time going 10 mins? The striking pain up my shins was almost unbearable. I knew I could easily do the speed...I should have just stopped but I couldn't...I was running because I was mad at my legs, not a good thing.
5 min 9:15 easy pace

5 miserable miles. What a %^$*ed up workout. This is just more proof that I am not a runner. I have totally lost my form. I must got back to weekly run drills.

I was going to spin in the morning but I think I'll do it at night. My shins hurt like a mother, I hope the ice will reduce the inflammation.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mundane training...

Motivation came and went today. I indulged in more yummy food last night/today and my tummy paid the consequences. The run wasn't going to happen and I wasn't exactly looking forward to feeling like a sausage in my I resorted back to my comfort zone and got on the good ol trainer.

95 min spin - Endurance/threshold pace
Max watts 201/Avg watts 170
72% threshold/ 12% endurance
Max HR 169/ Avg HR 157

Pretty boring, I did get through all of my Netflix though. I'm kind of sad, I only have one disc left of Weeds season 3 and season 4 has yet to be released :( I'm a big fan of dark TV series. Dark as in dark comedy, drama...if anyone has any good recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


At last!
It's funny, now that I can drive and train elsewhere I opt to be a slave to my damn bike trainer. This is another prime example that I only want what I can't have or do. Once I get it, I no longer want it....this is true in so many aspects of my life.

Big thanks to Gary for
1. opening up the old AL for us to spin in
2. wanting to spin for a couple hours

Spinning with friends is so much better, isn't that the case with everything?

My workout its self was pretty boring.....2 hours at moderate endurance wattage. My goal was to average somewhere around 160, I ended up with a 166 so the mission was accomplished. According to my current pathetic power max, I rode 55% of the ride at threshold and 41% at endurance. Each 2 hour session I have done I have increased my threshold % more and more. This is nice to see and helpful in my learning/training curve. I<3 my power tap.

Finished my workout up at home with an hour of Pilates.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Angels save the holidays

MaryJane – Thanks for going up and beyond to locate cables for my car.
Ali – Thanks for being an awesome friend and offering to transport them to me.
Pascal and Michele – Thanks for helping me find places to go during the holidays and opening your doors as the amazing extended families you are.
Baier – Thanks for taking me out Christmas Eve. Please thank Carrie for including me in the holiday festivities. I learned far more then I think anyone needs to know about Jack Daniels : ) and found out I actually like the single out Crown Royal, Jack's going to give you a run for your money. After watching Mama Mia I have realized I MUST pick it up this weekend, I can't wait to watch it on my trainer. BTW, your green bean casserole was to die for! Get yourself a felony charge and you'll be right up there with Martha Stewart. I'm sure you could take first prize for decorating cell block C.
Brandee – I can not thank you and your family enough for the ride out to my mothers. Your kindness and generosity makes this world a better place. Once a stranger hopefully a new found friend/training partner :)

My mom and I had a wonderful Christmas. After Brandee and her wonderful family dropped me off, my mom and I exchanged presents. I outfitted my mother with training clothes. Yes mom, I'm hoping you join TNT for the ½ Marathon walk in April : ) We then took the bus downtown to enjoy dinner at Three Degrees. Dinner was phenomenal, we shared sachets truffles, braised ribs and a golden beet goat cheese fondue salad. Soooooo yummy. After dinner we walked around downtown for awhile. Ha! I almost fell over laughing when my mom asked if she would have to eat that awful GU during her ½ marathon walk and then if she would experience GI issues during the walk. LMFAO, sorry mom, I told you I was going to blog it, too funny! I tried to shoot a snot rocket along our walk and I think it froze and stuck to my face as it was coming out, to make matters worse a hot guy was walking towards me when this happened. There, I shared something embarrassing, feel better? :)
We ended up at The Portland City Grill for a few after dinner drinks to make the ride home not so cold. The view from the 30th floor of the US Tower was beautiful. The snow covered city seemed so small.
1 kentury side car and 2 spanish coffee's we mother and I bid farewell and started our adventure home. The MAX ride back wasn't too bad, heat was working, no one smelled and it wasn't crowded. I got off and attempted to run my mile and a half back to my house. That didn't work out too well, within the first few steps I slipped and fell on my hip, thankfully it was my left side side as I still have a bruise and some kind of ice burn from falling on my ride side. I'm a cold mess, yet I was a happy cold mess. I walked the whole way home with a massive smile on my face, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have such great friends and family. I am truly blessed.

The day after.........
I went to bed at 8pm so that I could get up at 5am and hit the apartment treadmill for a 2 hour run before work. I had a lot of self indulgence to burn off. I get down there and none of the equipment has power. WTF? I walk out with GU in hand to realize as the door is shutting my house keys are on the treadmill and I am now locked out of my house and the clubhouse and I'm only wearing short shorts and a tank. AGH!!!!! I have a short 5 minute panic attack as I start to get cold and my tummy is growling from hunger. As I contemplate eating the GU I see a car drive by and I quickly run out to flag it down. Thankfully my neighbor has his key with him and let me in to retrieve my house key. I took this whole cluster-%#$ as a sign that I should go back to bed. So I did.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It is what you make of it

Life that is
I was determined to wake up of the right side of the bed this morning. I awoke at 1 am to a tad bit of insomnia and the wrong side, I tossed and turned trying to sleep for the rest of the night. 5:30 I awake to my alarm clock and shit-you-not, I am on the right side of the bed :) Immediately I jump up, get dressed and hit the trainer for my morning spin

15 min warm up
5 x 1 min high (for me) cadence spins 90rpm pushing 200 watts; 1 min recover floats- same gear dropped cadence down to 80rpm
10 min - endurance wattage/moderate pace
5 x 2 min high cadence spins 90 rpms 190-200 watts; 2 min floats same gear - 80 rpms
5 min - endurance wattage/moderate pace
4 x 1 min one legged spins at 85 rpms, higher gear 160-170 watts, alternating legs
5 min easy cool down

1 hour spin -
Avg wattage 164/ per kg 2.71
Max wattage 266 / per kg 4.38
Avg HR 163/ Max HR 181
Avg cadence 83/ Max cadence 93

We are in control of our own emotions. I will not allow self pitty to get me down. Where there's a will there's a way and I will be seeing my mother tomorrow and I am excited, she's going to LOVE her gifts. Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 can something so beautiful bring so much sadness?

I almost feel wrong feeling bad as I have a ton of people in my life that have reached out to me.... yet I can't make the melancholy go away.

It's been a week and half since I've been able to drive. My wonderful boss and co-workers have picked me and taken me home a few times from work. This snow is ruining my enjoyment of running. I don't know how anyone can like running in layer upon layer, running slow and with a heavy camelback filled with food and a change of clothing. I HATE, HATE, HATE it. Tomorrow I am walking my tail to work. I miss the pool and the trainer is driving me nuts.

I realized today that I would not be able to spend Christmas with mother and grandparents. First my birthday and now Christmas. None of us have a form of transportation to commute is this crap. I desperately tried to find a set of chains today but everyone was sold out :(. I'll be damned if I'm stuck home alone on Christmas, come hell or high water I will make it to meet my mom, even if it does take me several house on public transportation. Christmas Eve will suck. You know, usually I'm a big fan of solitude. I don't need to be around people 24/7 and enjoy my alone time but frankly I've had enough. I feel like I've hit an all time low - loneliness at it's best. What's worst is here I am disclosing this bout of depression and weakness to the world. Awesome..... At least the sadness did some good today. I got off the phone with my mother this evening pretty upset. There wasn't anything she or I could do about it. I just stood there allowing the sadness to overcome me. I really made me angry. It was at this point I had two choices. Grab my bottle of rum and drink it until I passed out wallowing in self pitty or check out the new found apartment club house which I believed had a treadmill. I choose the second option and ran down to the clubhouse. Upon doing so I slipped on ice and fell on my right hip. I was wearing shorts (my body is getting acclimated to the cold) and now have a huge ice burn/bruise forming. What a way to hit a girl a when she's down. I got back up and walked to the clubhouse.

Tempo run 7.3 miles
10 min warm up run
5 min at 9 min pace
10 min at 7:30 pace
5 min at 9 min pace
10 min at 7:30 pace
5 min at 9 min pace
10 min at 7:30 pace

Run felt good, it's what I needed.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Or not, really...make it stop.

To help save my sanity and cure my cabin fever I decided to take a 2 hour adventure through the snow, on public transportation to hang out with a friend and watch movies all day. As the storm grew worse hour by hour I had less of a desire to make the 2 hour trek back home, instead I stayed over and the movie watching continued into the next day.
Here's a list of movies that kept us entertained

Fred Clause
Christmas Vacation
Badder Santa
and part of Wall-E

It's always more fun to watch movies, eat and drink with friends then alone. Plus I had someone to share a whole box of Betty Crocker brownies with cookie topping. Sinfully delicious and worth all 1200 calories. Sunday afternoon I started to get the cabin fever feel again, the storm was picking up and daylight was quickly coming to an end, it was time to get my tail home. Ah yes, another 2 hour adventure into the storm and on public transportation. The Yellow MAX line (light rail car) was out of service as the switches had froze, lovely, so I had to wait for a shuttle bus. The BLUE MAX line was having electrical problems and was running late. I waited in the blistering cold for 25 minutes for that stupid thing, at which point I'm pretty sure I encountered frost bite (exaggeration here). First my toes went numb, then were incredibly painful to move. Finally the stupid light rail showed up and I had the pleasure of sharing a seat next to a heavy smoker for the next 30 minutes. The car continued to have electrical problems, the lights would go off, or flicker and the heat was not working. I was very happy when we arrived at my stop. I ran the mile and half home. Today was much more difficult to run in the snow then any day last week. For one we're looking at 6-8 inches and two, the top is frozen. I had to be-careful of where I stepped or I'd fall into a hole or have the ice cut me...which I didn't know could actually happen. At some point I made it home. Immediately I changed into my bike shorts and hit the trainer, I had 1/2 a box of Betty Crocker brownies to work off. I finished 90 minutes later with an avg wattage of 162 and HR or 152. Now it's time for sleep in my nice warm better. The stupid storm is supposed to stick around for another week.....I really don't want to run to work all week again :(

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another SNOW day!

This weather is really screwing with my training. I can't make it to the pool and I can't get any kind of quality runs in, I'm limited to my trainer which I think is slowly killing my brain cells.

Woke up at 6:30 and after some hot oatmeal started my 2 hour spin. Spinning in a room that has a temp high of 40 degrees is motivation to get your legs going and get your heart rate elevated, this room happens to be my living room. I watched Bottle Rocket, Luke and Owen Wilson kept me mildly amused. 45 mins in and I could no longer feel my hands, feet or nose. I think they had all fallen off due to frost bite, somehow I managed to continue on spinning. It sucks when you're covered in sweat and in a cold house, I had to keep my HR above 150 just to keep warm enough to continue on.

Power data - endurance range
120 mins
energy expenditure 1159
caloric intake 240
Max watts - 198 / 3.26 per kg
Avg watts - 160 / 2.63 per kg
Avg cadence (because few care) 75
Max HR 165 / Avg HR 154

Thursday, December 18, 2008

28 years


Same spin session as the day prior....I know I should have done something different but it was my bday and I really didn't have the energy into building a workout. That's kind of an oxymoron right? Not enough energy to build a workout but enough to do one. It happens, I guess.

20 min warm up
2 x 2 min at 200+ watts with 2 min recoveries
4 min alternating leg power spins
20 min cool down

It started snowing on my run to work, it was beautiful, cold but beautiful. I tried to run w/out my Sugoi beanie, just for one day I'd like to not have flat ugly hair. That didn't really work, 5 minutes in and I thought my ears had fallen off. Beanie on, bad hair happens.

A coworker made me a badass rum cake for my birthday. Thanks Gayle, you're the best!

I really had no bday plans, I did all my celebrating this last weekend and with the crappy weather as such I had just planned on running home and drinking myself to sleep, my mood hasn't been that great either. Being stuck in my house and limited on my training has started to depress me. My good friend Michele saved the day! Super woman came and picked me up from work and share a damn good comfort dinner. The night was capped off with wine and more rum cake. I even got a warm house and bed to sleep in and a ride to work the next morning.

I am very grateful that I have such caring friends.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spin, run, run

I woke up this morning to flooding in the laundry room and exploding honey in the microwave - the day never got any better

Morning spin - 1 hour
25 min warm up
5 x 2:00 min intervals at 200 watts; 2 min recovery spins between
6 x 30 rpm one legged strength pedaling per leg
20 min cool down

My strength in my quads have diminished. I don't have the muscle power to hit my anaerobic threshold, this is pathetic.

Ran to work - 3.7 miles - COLD and icy! At least the winds weren't as bad as yesterday
Ran home - 3.7 miles - Cold, dark and icy.

I'm tired and melancholy. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am not a fan of the cold

Sunday morning I awoke to several inches of snow. This would have been fine and all but I was 20 or so miles away from home, had a slight hang over, running off of 4 hours of sleep and some how had to figure out how to drive home with a front wheel drive car with no chains and crappy tire traction. After many fish tails, cursing followed by Hail Mary's, I pulled into my drive way. I've never been so happy to be home. My car will now be parked for the next 7+ days and my only way of transportation will be running....which starts my Monday

I ran to work today. 3.7 miles each way...20-25 degrees with winds between 23-30mph.
I left the house wearing my CWX run tights, my hideous fleece pants my mom bought me some years ago for Christmas. Thank you mom, you told me one day I'd need them and today was the day. I rocked a Craft Pro Warm base layer with a Sugoi Speedster with a Sugoi Fino beanie and the Speedster hood over the beanie. Two pairs of Craft pro warm socks, my BADASS Nike Gore Triax, Gore Lady Alp-X Jacket and some Gore Windstopper gloves. You'd think I'd be warm right? The first 10 minutes sucked. I couldn't feel my fingers and my nose was so cold it burned. But within 10 minutes the technical fabrics worked their magic off my elevated HR and I became an inferno of heat. Everything was warm except for my face which I could no longer feel...but if I can't feel it, it can't hurt right? The run for the most part was ok, until the wind started to moan, which made me moan in pain. The wind hurt, bad. I felt like someone was trying to push me over and the chill was extremely painful.

We had issues with the heat at work today and I think 1/2 the day was spent around 40 degrees. I had to wear gloves at my keyboard. I don't think I finally defrosted until 3 or so.

The run home was about the same as the run to, except that it was dark. Still hurt like a mother.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in my nice warm bed. Tomorrow is going to be another ice chilling day. Someone please make it stop.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snipets from my 28th Bday celebrations

For the record the actual birthday is not until Wednesday, but who does anything on Wednesdays? I decided to celebrate this weekend.

*After 2 glass of blackberry wine and trying numerous dresses on we are off to hit the town. It's odd that just a year or so a go I was uber girly and wore dresses, heels all the time. Now, I just feel of out of place in them.

*Bourbon furnace - hot apple cider, nutmeg and bourbon. Lindsay's pumpkin pie was good too. The bartender made me a special key lime shot. It was blissful.

*Lisa running back to Ringlers to tip the bartender more because he called her beautiful
*Lindsay and I loosing track of time in a clothing store. I was in aw (ok a little tipsy) of some sparkly spandex pants and pondered the idea of buying a dress and taking a razor to shorten the length. Alana called, woke me from the fashion nightmare that was about to take place and we were back on our way
*Mmmmm - Calamari, lox and cocnut shrimp...good friends... Lots of girl talk and giggling
*Lisa showing off Alana's oh-so-hot sassy zebra striped shoes to a table or 10-12 elderly people, she did so with a can-can kick. It was great, they loved it.
*Josie saving us just in the nick of time! We see her a block from Jake's, all of us scrabble into the car at a red light and head down to the club. That mile or so walk in heels and freezing cold would have sucked. Josie, you get super hero status for the night, Extra kudos for the parking spot a block away,
*All of us ladies get in free of cover, that happens when you know someone who knows someone.
*Blueberry martini - Thanks Katy, it was delish!
*Lisa trying to "work" the free drinks for the night - classic good stuff

*The hot guy with big hair....too bad he was soooo small. Maybe if he was man sized his hair wouldn't have looked so big.
*Crown royal on the rocks - 2 of them. At first the bartender made them in shot glasses. Who shoots Crown Royal? It should be sipped and I should not have to correct a bartender. Anywho, thanks Alana, love ya girl!
*Don arrives and I experience my first lemon drop shot. Made with fresh lemons, so good and sweet, After my first one I kept going back for more...which were covered by various random men.
*Lots and LOTS of dancing.

*2 shots of Patron from another random guy - thanks!
*2:00am, uh tummy's growling, time to go!
*Lisa, Alana and getting on dude's backs to race down the end of the block- piggybck style. What? we do it in crossfit. Ha! I just remembered that!
*Waiting forever for a cab ride to Touches only to get asked to leave because they were closed :( Tummy is soooo hungry.
*Alana and I capping the night off with a plate full of cookies then sharing a bed with her two cats and 3 dogs.

Thanks to my friends for coming out and showing a girl a good time for her birthday. I have the best circle of friends. Love ya!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Training made easy...

Well not really but it's sure a lot less difficult when your blood is not polluted with alcohol. This week has been the first week oh in probably 6-8 that I haven't had a drink all week or got drunk during the weekend. During my training seasona a drink is rare but since I've been on the off season I had to make up for a lot of lost time :) Anywho, my power on the bike and run this week have shown decent numbers (it's been a long time), and this is off of a lot of stress and fatigue. Reflecting back on my daily training and stress log I can see what the pro's and con's of my off season.
1. Not documenting nutrition - HUGE PRO. I'm a walking nutritional encyclopedia and at any given moment can list off the calories (energy) in most food (fuel) and the macros. This will happen after documenting your nutrition for 3 years....has it really been that long? I know what works and what doesn't work for my body. I also know that I can't document 3-4k kcal, well I can, I've done it but honestly I don't like thinking I consume that much fuel...and in result have fell too short too many times on long workouts = not a good thing.. I know I need the kcals but there's something that makes me feel like a pig when I look at 500-600g of carbs. It's been a month since I stopped documenting and I can feel the energy in my workouts. At last!
2. One glass of alcohol makes a difference on my performance and recovery. This sucks major tail, but it is what it is and not much I can do about it but not drink. Luckily this is not much of a problem for me since I cut alcohol down to one glass or two a month last season. I'm not really a lush....I just pretend to be for a month or two.

Morning swim

500 warm up

1 x 100 - A-ok; 10 sec rest
1 x 100 - fist pulls; 10 sec rest
1 x 100 -scully down 25; freeback - repeat; 10 sec rest
1 x 100 - flip water when hand is exiting the water (ensures a full end to the stroke, I have a tendency to pull out (ahahaha!) too early)
1 x 100 - karate; 10 sec rest

2 x 150; fins; 45 sec rest
1 x 200 paddles; 30 sec rest

Main Swim
1 x 1000; every 200 change breathing and speed starting with 3 strokes, 4, 5, 4, 3.

1 x 200 cool down.

Total yardage 2,700

I then went over to Michele and Johan's for a 2 hour trainer session and watch IM Kona World Championship. Can I just say Chrissy Wellington is BADASS?! There I said it.

My avg wattage again was up 10-15 watts at 155 and my HR avg was 154. This was the longest trainer ride I have done thus far....I guess it helps to be riding nowhere with good company :)

Now, it's time for a little nap. Then I'm going to meet up with some very special friends to dance my legs off and drink until I can't feel my face :D Hey, it's still my off season and I have a little Bday celebrating to do.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another day another spin

10 minutes after waking I was on the trainer for a 75 min recovery spin. Oddly enough my avg wattage was about 10 watts higher yet my HR and energy remained the same as prior workouts. I have also had a pretty long week in regards to training and work, I would have thought that would show in my wattage, yet it didn't.

Avg watts 153, Avg HR 147

I realized Oscar (my fish) died sometime during the week. How depressing, I killed him within 5 months....this is another example as to why I shouldn't have a boyfriend. What if I forget to feed him?

I am really looking to letting loose and dancing the weekend away. Bring on the happy feet!
Sometimes....yes sometimes a girl wants to get swept off her feet, if only for one night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's been a long day

Woke up at 5:00am to head to the pool to get my swim in...along the way I got pulled over for having a headlight out. Mrs. or Ms. Hillboro Police Officer was kind and let me off the hook. I told her that I had planned to get it replaced tomorrow and she went on to explain the importance of doing it immediately. As I went along my way I thought of why I was "too busy" to do it today. Realization stuck me, if I was hit by another car because they didn't see me I wouldn't be able to the things that were "so important" that I couldn't change my light. I made it a priority to do change it on my lunch. I feel better now.

Morning swim
6 x 500s; 30 sec rest between sets

Total yardage = 3000

Normally this sort of set could send me to boredom hell, but not today. Work is uber busy and I have at ton on my mind. My swim was much needed mental therapy.

Another busy day at work. I have so much passion and desire to do well and I let myself down...more importantly I don't want to let the person I respect down. I have area's I feel need improvement and find them very challenging. I guess it's a good thing though, once I conquer them (which I WILL DO) I'll feel that much better. right?

Evening warm up run 3 miles easy around the waterfront in downtown PDX. More mental therapy. It was such a beautiful night. The sky was clear, air was crisp, the moon- full and bright. Christmas lights and decorations hung from buildings and trees, tis the season. The street lights glistened off the water and for the moment I was running everything was ok.

Run lead into an hour of Pain In The Park.
My energy was low and I wasn't able to give it my all tonight. Maybe the swim and run had something to do with it. The 35 burpee's handed me my tail and I wasn't too keen on the leapin' lizzards either. I did enjoy the circuit stations and the 4x1 min chair holds followed by stair climbs - my quads are going to burn tomorrow and will require special attention from my "stick" tonight. Hopefully a morning recovery spin will straighten things out.

My nose is cold, yet again :(

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recovery spin

That's just about it. Jumped out of bed and hoped on the bike. 75 mins, avg HR 142, avg wattage 144. Easy workout, enjoyed a couple more episodes of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Evening speed work

A friend gave me this workout indicating that it would help my body get acclimated to running faster...that was put mildly IMO as I nearly passed out....oh I feel out of shape.
The workout is documented by mile blocks by there was no rest between pace changes

1 x 3200 at 8:57
1 x 1600 at 7:08 (uh wow, I used to be able to do 5 of these's been too long since I've done weekly speed work)
1 x 1600 at 8:57
1 x 1600 at 6:53(mother&%^^#$....HR was 190+ for duration....pushing my anaerobic max. Who knew you could go 6 minutes without oxygen?)
1 x 800 at 8:00 (am I really going slower? my HR doesn't feel like it)
1 x 800 at 10:00 (I have never been so happy to run a 10 min pace in my life!)

Mission completed and somehow my lung is still intact

Followed up immediately with swim speed and form workout

1 x 500 warm up (really? probably not a "warm up" since my body was still ignited)

1 x 100 paddles; rest 10
1 x 50 buoy
repeat 3 more X

1 x 50; catch up drill 25 down, free style back
1 x 50 ;skully 25 down, free style back
1 x 50; strength pulls 25 down; free style back
1 x 50; hand flip water when exiting 25 down; free back (wow, this really showed me that my stroke is too short. I felt a nice bit of power when I'd flip the water)
repeat 1 x

4 x 50s - sprints; consistent :45 each with a :30 recovery

100 cool down

1800 yards total

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Run

Another long run day....I think it ended somewhere between 15-16 miles.
Ran the first hour with a friend...comfortable LSD pacing. Thankfully the company was good because running down by the industrial area is a little lackluster, there is so much more to be desired for in scenery.
The second part of the run was with the PDX Tri Club Wildflower Training group. We were fortunate to run into Gary and be able to chill in Athlete's Lounge as it was cold outside and we had an hour between runs. Plus I was able to throw down an oh-so yummy salted bagel, funny what the athlete desires. Part 2 of the run felt a more challenging, probably because the first couple of miles were straight up hill, that and it always takes me a good 2-3 miles to open up my run and find my comfort zone. It didn't help sitting for an hour in chilled clothing, at least we had a warm, dry place to wait in. Finishing the run felt great. What was even better was recovering with good friends, sushi and sake! Another weekend has come to an end.......

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a great day!

Athlete's Lounge was having the grand opening of their 2nd store today and one of the many perks was having the pleasure to meet Olympic Beijing Silver Medalist Simon Whitfield. Gary invited a few of us along for a run with Simon before the store opened. For some reason I had thought this was going to be an easy fun run...Ahahahahahaha! I show up at the store and immediately knew I was in some deep shit. 20-25 fast men (some of which were UBER cute!) and 2 other women. Ok, so what. I'm used to training with a ton of testosterone, I'm not a slow runner, I should be able to keep up. Ahahahahahaha! The first 5 minutes felt really good. Then we hit Lower McClay park and started running up the trails. Speed picked up quickly and within another 5 minutes I was dropped. I slowly noticed I was falling further and further behind the group. Was I slowing down, no I don't think so. Speed demons were unleashing their wrath on the trail. Soon I was by myself, which is all fine and dandy...I love trail running, alone or with people, doesn't matter much. What I don't love is being forced to go fast on trails. I'm clumsy and get vertigo on the trails, not a good combination. Did I mention that the first 35 minutes of the trail run was straight up hill? WTF?! My HR was between 175-185 and topped out at 210. Jon and Don were kind enough to wait for me at the turn down....which was nice because if they hadn't I would have kept going and got lost in the forest. The run back down was scary fun. Fun to go so fast, scary as my vertigo was OUT OF CONTROL. Wow, very lucky I didn't fall. We all met back at Athlete's Lounge. Some of the Ironheads (local tri club) went out for a ride. Don and I decided to go out for a loop around Sauvie's Island. The first 10 minutes were brutal, it was only 35 degrees out. My fingers felt like someone had taken a hammer to them. But quickly I got my HR up and my Gore Windstopper Gloves and Jacket worked their magic. The ride was absolutely beautiful, cold, crisp and clear. I noticed as we were riding around Sauvie's (always windy) how much power I would save riding behind Don. I was conserving on avg 30-50 watts. Drafting is great! Well, it can be. I was surprised at how great the ride went for me. I'm running off a lot of fatigue from this past week and the "run through the jungle" this morning wasn't helping anything out. Also, did I mention my lats burn from cross-fit? Stupid DOMS, stupid pull ups. I HATE pull ups.
Anywho, 28 miles later and we are back at Athlete's Lounge. Spent the next couple hours BSing with friends. It was at this time I got to meet Simon. I was so excited because I follow his blogspot.

I felt like I already knew the man. VERY nice gentleman and phenomenal athlete. I got a picture and an autograph too! My day was awesome. And just to put the icing on the cake my bib number was called at a raffle drawing and I won a high end wetsuit. Hot damn! What a kick ass day! Now it's on to the PDX tri club holiday PAR-TAY. Time to have some more fun

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pain In The Park - week 5

Another week of Pain in the Park.
I have say this was probably the least favorite out of the series. Things started to feel repetitive (as in week after week) which is not the objective in the training. It could have just been me, I don't know...we'll see how things turn out next week.
BTW, I hate hoping up a damn hill....I'm not the energizer bunny, who does that?!

Post workout I headed over to NW 23rd to check out Custom Bicycles, a new Guru custom speciality shop. I was impressed. The shop has a sharp layout and the bikes are BEAUTIFUL. Every bike they build is custom fit. The owner Adam was knowledgeable and friendly. It was pretty neat talking to him about the bikes frame and how via wind tunnel testing proved that body positioning and comfort reduces more drag then a frame design. What was even cooler was that I knew exactly what he was talking about as I follow Scott Curry's blog when he was up in Canada testing the Guru's. Pretty neat. Anywho, I'm in love with the rust color Crono....but know I can't make a decision without testing a few other interests. I figure I'll give a few other bikes a ride and go from there.

Santa Baby, I've been a very good girl this year :) How 'bout droppin' off a pretty little custom bike for Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Evening Spin

Easy recovery/endurance spin - 90 mins at home watching "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia".
Avg wattage 142, Avg HR 148

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Make me Stronger!

Oh how do I love anaerobic speed :)

10 min warm up
5 min stretch
5 min warm up drills
5 x 400's at 6:40 pace w/ 2:00 floats
5 min cool down

4 miles total

Hehe, this was brutally fun. I increased one 400 from last week. Honestly I'm not sure if I can keep increasing them week by week. I'm starting to achieve the leg strength to handle the speed, I really need to get my anaerobic cardio up there. My HR reached a 200 max tonight; 103% threshold baby. The last repeat created a whirlwind in my gut, it did not feel good....but alas I completed the task at hand. Immediately went onto swim

500 warm up

1 x 50 A-ok, 1 x 50 Fist, 1 x 50 Karate, 1 x 50 free; 10 sec rest between 50s, repeat 1 x
3 x 100's w/ paddles; 15 sec rest

Speed work
1 x 100 (50 hard, 50 easy = positive split); rest 20
1 x 100 (25 easy, 50 hard, 25 easy = even split); rest 20
1 x 100 (50 easy, 50hard = negative split REACHED 175 HR baby!) rest 60

200 cool down

1700 yards total

Time to EAT!

Oops, almost forgot the 45 minute Pilates workout from the morning, that I did not get anaerobic in :p

Kat's primarily 2009 Race/Event calendar

This schedule is tentative as I am in conflict on which Half Iron should be my second for the season

2/22 - Jack Frost Time Trial (bike)
3/15 - Shamrock 15k (run)
4/5 - Race for the Roses 1/2 marathon (run)
4/19 - Estacada Time Trial (bike)
5/2 - Wildflower Half Ironman
5/9 - Gator Grinder Sprint Triathlon
5/30 - Starlight 5k (fun/run)
6/6 - Gecko 2.4 mile open water swim (date tb confirmed)
6/13 - Here's where the variables happen either Blue Lake Olympic Triathlon OR Boise Half Ironman
6/28 - Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon
7/11 - Seattle To Portland - (bike) - in one day
8/3 - The other variable - Troika Half Ironman
8/30 - Ironman Canada

The big variables regarding the Half Irons are
How many Olympics would I like to do? I would like some short fun tri's.
Cost and travel factor. I don't have much vacation time or funds to drop on traveling...which would make Troika in Spokane the winning Half
Troika is flat and fast and would a good one to shot for a PR and the start to my IM taper since it's 3-4 weeks out. BUT Boise I could attempt to qualify for Clearwater.....I use the word "attempt" lightly.

Of course there will be plenty of century rides, long bricks and runs on my schedule as well....this is just an event guide.
Thoughts or opinions?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Swim

6 x 500's - 30 sec rest

Total Yardage = 3,000

That is all

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Biricken it with Hill Repeats

16.11 mile bike / 4 mile run

Paul and I set out to attack the West Hills this morning. I had a few objectives in this workout.
1.Build power climbing hills
2.Work on fear descending
3.Acclimate body to running post bike

All three were successfully accomplished.

The Route - you can click on elevation to see the profile

Started off at 27th and Thurman, headed up Lovejoy/Cornell, went up 53rd to Thompson, down Thompson, up Cornell, down Thompson, back up Thompson and then down again.
Ascended and descended 1760ft. The climbing felt good and if it wasn't for the stupid descending we could have easily done a few more repeats. A new first for me was descending down Thompson. I always go down Cornell because the grade is less intense. I have to tackle this fear somehow so I opted for Thompson. It was really foggy and slippery this morning and my bike drifted out from under me 3 times, luckily I caught myself each time. By the third descent down I was starting to feel a little more comfortable, but not enough to keep doing it. One ride at a time right? I was happy with the ride as I was able to hold 180-220 watts for climbing duration and I told my fear to STFU. I really need a new bike, my cadence is too low climbing, I would have more power if I didn't have to mash so hard. Future repeats I am going to do more challenging ascents.
Here's my power profile.....

The flats are where I was breaking and praying for life on my descents

Post ride I immediately threw on my running shoes and headed up to Leif Erickson for a LSD paced run (again you can click on elevation profile, ascended 830 ft in 2 miles)

The first 1/2 mile felt good, then my legs asked WTF? I was doing. I told them to shut up and I kept on running. Reached two miles and headed back down. Descending felt really good. Avg'd easy 9:20s heading up and 8:15s coming down. I love running up to Leif as part of a brick, great shocker on your legs. I <3 hills.

Big Ups to Paul for being the only one down to do repeats today and for waiting for my slow tail :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Part of my soul is at the bottom of the pool

I knew better....first I lost one of the pearl earrings my father gave me at the bottom of Wickiup Reservoir and now I lost my diamond cross at the bottom of the Hillsboro 24hr Fitness. Much more then a piece of jewelry, it was a part of me.... this swim was depressing. Someone should make goggles that have tear drainage holes, I don't know how they'd go about it but they should exist

500 warm up
2 x 100 paddles
2 x 50 buoy
2 x 100 paddles

2 x 50 long glides
2 x 25 finger drags with 25 free back
(lost jewelry, spent 15 minutes searching the pool bottom only to come up empty handed)
2 x 50 - pulls
1 x 200 - fins

Bi-lateral breathing
1 x 250 slow; breath every 5
1 x 250 fast; breath every 3
Repeat x 1

Total yardage 2500

Believe it or not on the occasion I actually have a heart. Pride hurts....loosing yourself hurts.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving day lsd run

Hit up WIldwood this morning for an 80 min run alone through the forrest. It was such a peaceful and beautiful morning, it was a nice time to reflect on life and everything I am thankful for. I was thrilled to have Don and Alana join me for another 90 minutes, having good company really makes the time fly by. 2hrs and 50 minutes later I was done and had run 17.5 miles....longest run for me in awhile. My legs felt good, especially good considering I rolled my left ankle 3 times and my right once, but hey, it was trail run that I didn't fall on my face, which is always a good thing. Energy was high until the mile 15 but PowerGel quickly came to my aid. Odd thing, when I finished running and took off my gloves I noticed my left hand was puffed up like a vienna hour and a half later and I still have sausage fingers, they hurt too. I'm not sure what happened, I wore gloves so I don't think I came into connect with anything....and no other part of my body is swollen. Oh well, hopefully it will go away soon. My abs hurt really bad...this is my DOMS from cross fit. What sucks even more is that I am still sick and go into these coughing fits... every time I cough it feels like someone is punching me in the gut, it hurts :(

I've worked up a killer appetite, it's time to spend time with good friends and family....and to get my gluttony on :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


2008 has been my best year to date, I have so much to be thankful for

I am thankful that my mother is my best friend
I am thankful that I have a finally have a relationship with my father and that the cancer is not getting the best of him
I am thankful I live in a country that allows freedom of choice
I am thankful for my health and a year of being injury free
I am thankful for my long distance friends who I may have yet to meet but played huge roles of improving life quality
I am thankful for everyone that believes that one day we will find a cure and helps do what they can to support the fight against caner
I am thankful for having my dream career
I am thankful for having an intelligent, thoughtful, caring mentor as a boss.
I am thankful for all my male training friends that allowed me to tag along when I had no female peers to train with
I am thankful for the wetsuit that keeps me a float in open water swims :)
I am thankful for having a coach that knew how to push my limits and help me achieve my goals
I am thankful for all of my friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin
I am thankful for all of my new friendships this year, may they be life long.
I am thankful that idiot George Bush is finally out the door.
I am thankful that I have finally found myself
I am thankful that hard training checks my tail in place and keeps things humble
I am thankful that I live in a day of age that we have a president of another race
I am thankful for life

Cross fit recovery

Pretty non eventful - Got up at 5 am to have a nice 90 min recovery spin. Avg'd 140 watts with a 157 HR. My legs feel pretty good as does my energy. I was highly entertained this morning by an episode of The Office (The visit to Canada) and 2 episodes of 30 Rock (my do I love Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey)....along with some music break breaks between.

Looking forward to tonight, I'm making my oh so famous apple pie.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pain In The Park - week 4

20 min warm up run

One hour of Pain In the Park. I couldn't push myself as hard as I lost my lung to the gutter half way through, none the less I had a good time as always. This week my favorite circuit was the obstacle course through the children's playground and the tag with jumping jack/push up penalties.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Monday, so good to me...Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be

A little bit of speed and power and flexibility

Monday morning - 45 min Pilates

Monday evening

40 min run on the treadmill. My lungs are incased with phlegm and they couldn't take the coldness of the track tonight, so I did my speed work at the gym.
10 min easy warm up at 9:00 pace
5 min stretch
10 min easy run 8:45 pace
4 x 400s at 6:40s with 2 min floats at 9:30s. I felt really good for the first 30 secs of each repeat...then about 45 sec in m chest felt suffocated (I think this is due to being sick) and 70 mins in my tummy started get queazy. I managed to do all 4 and am looking at increasing the set by 1-2 repeats a week. We'll see how that goes
5 min cool down; 9 min pace

4.6 miles total

Followed up with swim

1 x 500 warm up (I didn't feel like I needed a warm up. I took the 500 at a moderate to fast pace, I felt really good in the water)
1 x 50 A-ok, 1 x 50 fist, 1 x 50 karate, 1 x 50 long glide black line; repeat
1 x 200 paddles
Speed work
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
1 x 100 (50 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy =negative split)
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
1 x 100 (50 hard; 50 easy = positive split)
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
Cool down 1 x 200

1800 yards. I had a very strong and powerful swim, it felt fantastic.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snipets of the weekend

*My Aet on the bike is not 220 that's my max, which is rather pathetic since my max last year was 280. Then again I'm comparing apples to oranges in the way the testing was preformed. I still think it's disappointing.
*I <3 hard cider
*Being awake for 24 hours while still recovering from a cold takes a toll on a girl.
*I hate techno music.
*Some random dude I was talking with kept hitting me, it was rather odd.
*I tasted an amazing yam and mushroom soup and sweet potato biscuits. I am meeting too many men with good cooking skills.
*This stupid cold has moved into my chest and it hurts to breathe. Can the phlegm family I'm producing please find a new home.
*Country karaoke is not ok.
*Some people should not dance, ever.
*I can seriously talk tri for hours and not get bored...this is confirmed after a 4 1/2 hour tri meeting and then a party. I am an offical tri dork.
*Tried mooshine for the first time, not my cup o tea.
*Was able to spend some time with a girlfriend I haven't seen forever, good times.
*Soup of the week is a northern bean and turkey bacon, yum.
*I have three friends racing IM Arizona right now. Go Darrell, Crystal and David!
*Life is beautiful
*I may be single and alone but I have a lot of really great friends. I am truly blessed.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

AeT Bike Threshold

The floor after a 90 min spin......ewwwwww

5 am on a Saturday morning and who is up? Just your average triathlete. I have a busy day ahead and wanted to get my weekly grocery shopping in before the stores got it was really the only time to do it. If you've ever shopped at Winco or a bulk foods store you know they get crazy and I'm not about to fight someone over a shopping cart again...another story for another day. I decided to pick up a turkey, for me, myself and I. Well it is 10 lbs so I'll probably give some to my mom and friends. I plan on making the turkey sometime after Thanksgiving, eat some on sandwiches, make a few casseroles and huge pot of turkey soup to freeze. 10lb turkey for $2.22, what a steal! I wish they had this kind of deal every week.

I got home about an hour later, unloaded the groceries and switched to training mode. I was going to try to get a read of my aerobic power threshold. I haven't been able to lately because I've beaten my muscles up so badly I keep experiencing muscle failure. This week the DOMS from cross-fit weren't so bad. I don't think my body is growing acclimated to the training, as it is different every week and different muscle groups hurt. I think my Zoot & Sugoi compression socks for the last two days have helped and the 75 min recovery spin I did yesterday as well. Lactic flush test worked...for the most part. Thursday night I experienced really bad restless leg syndrome during slumber, I got it again last night, but not as bad. I think I just woke because my hamstrings hurt, not that they were twitching, they just hurt. It also doesn't help I still have part of this cold which has moved on to my chest. But shit, I'm always going to have muscle soreness and energy fatigue. Power test was going to be now or never. Doing it on sore legs and tired energy levels I think is good, this will probably be my state for most of IM training.

I hoped on my trainer and took it easy for the first 25 minutes. I watched an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. LMFAO off and almost fell off the trainer. It was the episode where Dee has a heart attack and they need to find work to get her health insurance. Then she goes to the gym with her brother high off energy pills and supplements and yells at the spin instructor because he doesn't have 80s music, then calls him a bumblebee biatch with his Armstrong tee and bike shorts...Ahahahahaha! Funny freakin episode, you've got to check it out. She also injects collagen into her bothers eye instead of botox. Oops. After the episode was over I threw on my power music and started high cadence spins, 1 min each leg X2 spinning over 100 rpms. Took it easy for another 5 mins and then went into the power testing. The objective was to not let my cadence drop below 80 (I'm a pedal masher I know), increase power by 20 watts every two minutes. I was able to get up to 210-220 avg with 82 cadence, my next 2 minutes I dropped the cadence to 78 and couldn't keep it. Now last Feb I got my Vo2 done on the bike and my Aet power was 200 watts at 176 bpm with a Vo2 max of 280 at 189 bpm. Today at 230 I was at 185 bpm. I think my HR was so high because of the Sudafed and I wasn't trying to reach max wattage so I'm not sure how much further I could have gone. Aerobic tempo pace for me is 183-189 bpm, so with that being said I think 220 is my AeT. Am I analyzing this correctly? I really don't believe that my power has gone up from last all honesty I think it has suffered. I have improved greatly on my run which I think has had a negative effect on my bike. My quads have shrunk down to just about nothing, I've lost a decent about of muscle in my legs. But I have increased endurance, I can ride for much longer. Hmmmm, I don't know. I'm going to set my threshold at 200-220 and see how that works out. I did a few 2-3 minute intervals at 180-200 and then 4 x 1 min one legged spins at 145 watts. I finished off with an easy cool down spin for 20 mins. Trained for 90 indoors wasn't too bad this time around. My avg wattage to kg for 5 mins is 4.32 which puts me between good and very good on the Power Profile Grid. Thoughts or input on this testing is greatly appreciated.

I have a LOT of work to do this season.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Experiment #1: Lactic Flush

DOMS from cross fit is really getting old. In hopes to prevent it or lessen the blow a little bit I did a 75 min easy spin this morning on my trainer. This time it wasn't so boring. I watched an episode of Weeds and then finished the last hour off with music. I think I was actually day dreaming :gasp!: I know, who me? Yea, I guess it can tend to happen from time to time. I kept my eye on my power meter to make sure I did push myself...remembering this training was for recovery purposes only. I knew once I'd hit 170 watts I'd be working against my objective so I'd back off. Oddly enough my HR was at threshold for 70% of the workout. I contribute this to being sick and the Sudafed...although I didn't take any this morning.

For the analytical geeks (I being one) here's my power tap data....pretty boring
Speed Max 1526/Avg 17.1 (My power tap freaked did this with power too, not sure what happened, bit I think I'd know if I hit 1,526 mph on my trainer...pretty sure they wheel sould catch on fire or I would be ride through my window)
Cadence Max 244/Avg 79 (this could be off too with the random freak out)
HR Max 176/ Avg 159...this was right on
Torque Max 9.06/5.69..this is correct, torque never changed
Max Power Watts 11,554 (really? I think not)/Avg 141...nice recovery number
Max Watts kg 194.44 (Ahahahaha!)/Avg 2.38

I'll spend some quality time with my stick and form roller. If all goes well the DOMS won't be too bad and I can do a power threshold test in the morning. If they are I'll opt to swim :)

Note to self: DO NOT blow snot rockets in your house on your trainer, even if you do have a trainer mat. It is GROSS

Thursday, November 20, 2008

And I'm BACK!

In full force! I awoke this morning able to breathe, this was a sign of a good day ahead. I stuck with my Sudafed throughout the day to make sure my head stayed clear, kept up on the Emergen-Cs and chicken broth. Overall I feel 90% better then the last 3 days. I will never not, not knock on wood again!
To celebrate my ability to breathe I joined the PDX tri club for the weekly pain in the park. I had given my legs enough R & R, it was time to make them suffer again, and suffer they did. Oh BTW, big ups to Paul and Annie for the hot apple cider and allowing us to stay warm at their crib, pre workout. We started the workout off with a quick warm up jog, run drills and dynamic jumps, toe crosses, high knee runs and lunges...then it was off to our 3 course circuit training. Each circuit was 6 mins long and we alternated the workouts in the circuits every minute. The first circuit had 1 minute repeats of dips, push ups, side curls, and side wall pull ups. Woah! Reminder, Kat has no upper body arms were on fire. I'm going to feel like I actually have a chest again when the DOMS set in. Yippppee! Circuit 2 was calf raises off the side of a ledge and then outer calf raises, then hopes on one leg and then side jumps and front to back jumps over a line in the concrete. Fun times for all! Circuit three was by far the hardest for me. The first minute we jumped onto a step back and forth, alternating legs, never stopping. Second minute we jumped up each step and then crouched down and jumped again, dynamic jumps. And the last but not least was most challenging for me. Jumping up each step on one leg side ways. Balance is not my friend and this took a bit for me to get a grasp on. But never fail I did it. We repeated each twice. We regrouped and the separated into 4 different run groups to do fartleck sprints. I was supposed to be in the second group, 7 min miles....but apparently they thought we were 6-6:30s, those were not 7 min sprints Jeff! But alas, these were my favorite. I love sprints where people pass one another, it really pushes me. I just wish I had more friends that would go out to the track and partake in these, they are so much fun. I think we did about a mile and a quarter of these quick sprints...I could be off with my distance though. One thing I do know for sure is I was pushing 190-195 HR during my sprints, that Mr. Henderson is not a 7 min mile! But please, don't take my yelling as anger as I was able to release my wings and fly....and it felt phenomenal. When we stopped I came close to hurling. Wow, that hurt my chest....I almost lost a lung over the Hawthorne Bridge, stupid cold. The last bit of the workout was a cool down.....ahahahahaha! Ok maybe not, we were all challenged with a chair hold squat. Up against the wall....once you gave in you had to calf raises or jumping jacks until the last person gave in. I really wasn't thinking I'd hold for long. But then it was a mental game, why couldn't I? It was just my mind against my muscle, who would win? Well we all know who but how long would it take? I managed to hold out for just over 4 minutes....I was the last girl standing (ok, well sitting) and 2 quads starting shaking at 3:40 and I knew I couldn't go much longer. Then I was done, but I couldn't quit for my muscles wouldn't let me stand up. WTF?! So I sat for a few more seconds trying to hold it out until my quads gave in and I sank to the floor. But the last girl sitting and 3rd place will have to do for know......another day maybe.
So now I sit at home, soup and brandy in hand. I'm going to spend a little quality time with my stick so hopefully the wrath of the chair squat will be a little less harsh. Good night.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gross, Gross and more Gross....I warned you....

I am purely superstitious, I knew better....I was running along in the forest, there was plenty of wood at my disposal, yet I did not knock and not I am paying the consequences. I, the girl who NEVER gets sicks, is now sick.

I'm high...and not off of life; high off of stupid pharmaceutical drugs. There are times today that I did a face plant into my keyboard. I am fortunate that my boss doesn't care that I came to work in my velor pajama bottoms and rocked my slippers. I think I may have swallowed a seed to a torn bush, it's really the only explanation as to why my throat burns so damn badly. I got a call from the big bad wolf he wanted to recruit me as I am sneezing so hard I could blow a house over. Mmmm, pork, the other white meat. Did I just say that? At least I haven't lost my appetite. When that happens I think hell will have frozen over. Although with the bloating from all the 7-Up (remember, this girl can't make herself burp) chicken broth and lack of exercise you might think I could go a few days without eating. The drainage going on is unreal. I can't go anywhere with out Puffs by my side. Puffs with lotion, if not I look like I could be a long lost relative of Mr. And Mrs Clause. Before the Puffs I tried snot rockets....but I got a few disturbing looks, plus they weren't really rockets...more like a flow of slim from that show “You Can't Do That On Television”, uh-oh, now I'm starting to date myself. I'm a hot mess...the one thing I can look forward to is that 5 sec moment of being able to breath out of both nostrils. It's such a damn tease. Hot flashes and cold sweats are awesome by the way. How the hell do I sweat when I'm shizzering?

The cold is advancing quickly, I think (or I hope!) I'm forcing out of my system, that is the goal anyway. My day consists of 5 Emergen-C's w/diet 7-Up(one every 3 hours), non-drowsy cold medicine (can I sue for false advertising?) every 4 hours, normal multi's, amino's and calcium supplements, 3 cans of chicken broth seasoned with a ton of sage (good for the liver) and red pepper flakes (yes, I am trying to burn it out), and cough drops RIIIIIIIIIIICOOOOOOOOLA when I don't have fluids going in. I get up early, with enough time to catch a 30 minute nap right before work, I take a quick 15 minute nap at lunch and then immediately crawl into bed when I get home for another hour long nap...only to go to bed in the next 2 hours. I'm trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel but it's hard right now, I think my batteries need to be charged....for the light and other things ....hmmmmm. I'll dig deep down inside and think this only has to be a blessing in disguise. I know I am inches away from seriously injuring my damn hamstring. I know pain, I can handle pain...anyone that knows me knows this (like that word twist?).....this is not pain, there is something wrong. I can assume that having this cold suck the life of out me is a way of allowing my muscles to heal and recover.

Oh yes and whip cream to my glorious sunday would be the tummy wrenching woman cramps ....could my life be any better right about now? I'll be damned if I'm not well enough to make cross fit....2 days to get better. Go away cold! Why is it when I'm sick all I want is my mom?

I am 99.9% I will never have another date after this blog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning swim

500 warm up

1 x 100 A-ok
1 x 150 fins
1 x 100 buoy
1 x 50 scullying
1 x 100 fist
1 x 150 fins
1 x 100 buoy
1 x 150 fins
1 x 100 karate pull
1 x 150 fins
1 x 50 scullying
1 x 200 paddles
1 x 400; breathing every 3 every odd 100s and every 5 even 100s

4 x 50 sprint; 25 recovery
1 x 100 paddles
1 x 200 cool down

2900 yards total

The water felt really good this morning. We danced.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another day, another run

Today was another organized Wildflower training workout. 20 minutes out and back along Lief Erickson trail. If I'm running along Lief it's going to be much longer then 40 minutes (it's just too beautiful for a short run), so I opted to start an hour and half before the group. I ran an easy 10.5 miles and then met the group for another 4. 14.5 miles total. Hamstring is still bothering me a bit but everything else is A-ok. I'm sure with a little ice and some tlc it will be back to normal in no time. Or so I hope :)

I joined Netflix today....I know, what took so long, right? I can't wait for the seasons of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" to arrive. I love that show. I highly recommend checking it out, guaranteed to laugh your ass off. Human Meat is one of my favorite episodes....Human Meat, ahahahahaha!

I made an amazing mulled wine this afternoon. Mmmmm. I think I'll save some it for Thanksgiving. I'm also infusing a bad ass batch of jalapeno infused vodka.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Keeping my head above water

I got into the pool this afternoon, first time in probably 3-4 weeks. Good news, I didn't drown! As you may have guess since you are reading this after the fact. The swim was surprisingly easy....hung over and all. I managed to pull out 2300 yards....which will have to do since this is still my off season. Most of my time was spent on drills; A-ok's, fists, karate, finger pulls, blacklines, buoy pulls, paddles, bi-lateral breathing and fartlecks. I have a long way to go in the water, today I made my initial step.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Running to Work

Yea, you heard me right. I've decided to start commuting to work via run a few days a week. Since I work for a cycling and triathlon company it would only seem fit that they have showers and lockers. Really that's an understatement. My boss highly encourages cycling to work and has built an amazing facility for us to store our bikes, gear and have a comfortable place to freshen up post/pre commute. We also have a very nice kitchen (yes the same kitchen with the oh-so-famous espresso machine and toaster oven) that we can store our meals in. So running or biking to work is no problem, it just takes a little planning head. Each way is 3.3 miles which puts me at an easy 10k for the day. I woke up this morning excited to start my little adventure to work. I was rather surprised that my body felt ok. I mean, I did cross fit last night and I didn't feel as if I had been thrown upside a wall....yet that it is. I did my morning Pilates, dressed to run, packed my Camelback with a change of clothes and a few meals and I was off. Brrrrr, it was a crisp and cold 42 degrees. But what a beautiful run. The way I run to work right now looks like something out of a movie. It reminds me of BIG when Tom Hanks is walking down the street as an adult and turns into a kid, he's surrounded by autumn leaves, it was just like that. BTW, don't you love when he plays the floor piano in the store? Anywho....I felt great arriving at work. IMO it was the best way to start the day. Around 11am, my body might say otherwise. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicked in from cross fit. My ass felt like I had steel plates squeezing them for the rest of the afternoon....that and my hamstrings had tightened up again. As the day went on I felt worse and worse...and just to think I have to run home. I was not looking forward to journey that awaited me. My body hurt, bad! I couldn't really take it easy either since it was dark and cold, I just needed to get home as fast as possible to stay warm. I used my mental ability to block out pain, and thought about the fudge frosted slice of bday cake I had after lunch as an energy source. What I was lacking was the mental ability to block out fear. I had to run along the Rock Creek bike path, which goes under HWY 26, it's not lit at all, and I forgot my mace. Seriously scared the living daylights out of me. I will not be going that way home again, nor will I forget my mace. I made it back up to Evergreen Parkway (this is the scene from BIG, remember?) It was so clear and and pretty, the pain my ass and legs where trying to inflict went unheard. Again, I was running, pain but happy.

I'm going to enjoy this IM training....yes I am.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pain In The Park - week 2

I survived....barely. I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Pain is weakness leaving the body or possibly an injury. My right hamstring is jacked up and I felt it during the sprints. Somehow I managed balance running across slippery logs. I think the coach is high when he tells us to jump on or over logs. Seriously, my legs don't have a 10 ft span. Have you watched me run? Do you see how short my stride is? Cut a girl a break. The warm up run drills were fun. I wish I had a camera because I'm sure it was funny as hell to see 30+ people hoping up a large hill like jack rabbits. The night went by fast....too fast. Recovered with pizza, wine and friends.

Oh big ups to Lindsay for coming out....that's a hard work out right? You rocked it girl. Hope to see you next week!

My plans are to commute to work via run tomorrow. Hopefully the hamstring will be up to it upon morning. G'night.

Screw you trainer!

*two flat tubes (bad tire)
*legs,arms,hands and face covered in chain grease (now of which I can't get off. I know degreaser...but I don't have any)
*loss of sanity from indoor spinning
*one evil head growth and decapitation

I finished my first indoor spin session of the season. I HATE the indoor trainer!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stuff to ponder....

How do you hold yourself accountable? "I didn't do this because.....well then this came up.....and at the point I had no was the food I ate......peer pressure's a b$%#&......the course was hard.....there were more hills or wind then I expected......if I had a good bike......there's just not enough hours in a day." You name it and someone will come with an excuse for something.
A mentor once said "Excuses are like farts, everyone has them and no one likes to smell or hear it".
I'm not pointing fingers; because for one that's rude and two I'm guilty of it just as everyone else is. If I come up with an excuse I'll dig down to the root and figure out how to not make that same mistake twice. Also I feel an excuse is a reasoning with oneself for failure. I don't know about you but I for one am not in the Failure fan club membership...therefor my attendance to their meetings are limited. If I fail at some thing, for instance today at speed work....I'll break down factors that lead to my perish...hoping to not revisit again. Alas we will return at some point but holding up a certain set of standards for oneself with help limit the visits. So what do you do be accountable for your day to day successes? At work? At play? At fitness? At nutrition? Do you have high standards set for day to day life? If not you should, you're only selling yourself short.

Recently I was challenged with a "dare to dream". Hmmmm.....I had to think on this one for a bit. Upon doing so I came across melancholy feeling. What a sad existence, for I do not dream. I do not dream at night, well I can't recollect my dreams that is. I don't day dream as well. I was raised to live among my means. That doesn't mean I don't my sights set out beyond the sky. I have a path to reach those but I don't dream about the what if's that could come along the way. If things happen they happen, there's no reason to get caught up on things that may never. I view myself as a times an optimist but never a pessimist.

2009 Race Schedule
Panic attack. Everyone appears to already have their 09 race schedule done. Am I dead last? All I have down is my IM Canada and HIM Wildflower. I have no clue what I'm going to do for the rest of the season. I guess I need to do a little research this weekend. Any suggested races?

Major score for me today. Upon getting fitted for the Orbea Ora I noticed that the Bike Gallery had mis marked their GU Roctane. It was listed at the same price as the regular GUs. I asked the manager if this was an error which obviously it was and he said since it was advertised at that price I should take advantage of he took down the pricing. So I pilled up on12 packets of GU Roctane for $1.20 a piece, more then 1/2 off, Woot! Woot! Too bad they didn't have the Ora in my size. She's a pretty bike.

Yet another BLOW UP

One thing I can always count on with speed work – it will check my tail and put me into place.
Once again I was over zealous. For some reason I thought I could pull out 4 mile repeats at a 6:53. Really? Is that smart thinking since my previous mile repeats where at 7:08s? Did I really expect to cut :15 off each mile? I don't know where I came up with that insane idea, maybe I was still half asleep as I jumped on the treadmill. The worst part was that I did it on a damn treadmill....which means I knew exactly what I was doing with my speed. I made it through the first mile, took my 2 min float and blew up half way through the second. I think I was slightly possessed. I'm really expecting to do a sub 7 avg on the Jingle Bell 5k in December and will do whatever necessary to get me there. At least blowing up I know I gave it my all and where my limiters lie. Right now I need to allow my hamstrings to rest, they're still messed up. I also need to take baby steps and start my repeats shorter at 800s or do 1600s at a 7:03 pace and see how that pans out. Another attempt next week.

10 min warm up
1 x 1600 6:53
2 min float
1 x 800 3:28 – blow up

temp work fluctuating between 9:15s and 8:00s for another 1.5 miles

4.25 miles total with a max HR of 194

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have some free time on my hands and it needs to be filled with something productive. I can only drink so much :) So with that being said I've decided to volunteer but I'm not sure where I should spend my time. There are a few things close to my heart I'm thinking about but I'd also like to help in areas I'm less familiar with. So I'm coming to you, my friends who frequent or stumble across my blog...what matters to you? Please leave a comment and help me with my decision. Thanks!

Live and Learn

Give yourself enough recovery Kat! I need to know when to cut back just a bit.

Friday I woke up and felt like someone had slammed my body across a wall. Frick! I hurt everywhere, I hurt in places I didn't even know I could hurt. Damn cross-fit. The fact that I would moan every time I sat up or down was a good indicator to take the day I did.

Saturday I woke up feeling the same muscle fatigue. Two days, really? The workout of the day was to ride a few loops around Sauvie with the Wildflower training group. Now, I could have easily just done the loops....but what fun would that be? Instead I opted to ride to Sauvie's, intending on doing the two loops and then riding back home. Note the word INTEND. I jumped on Cadence and was off. I rode out along 185th on to Springville Road. 2 miles in I started my 1000ft climb up to Skline. Nice little warm up I do say so myself. Rode Skyline out to Newberry and descended. Now, this was a BIG milestone for me. I have avoided descending most of the wets hills, I chicken out and take Cornell or Corneliues Pass as the grade is less intense. So a little background on Newberry, it's about 765ft in 2 miles, with a max grade point at 15.5%. I think going down by myself helped. I was able to talk out loud and calm my nerves. The first mile wasn't too bad. Hitting the second mile sucked serious ass. Out of all times for it to start raining, it had to be now. Not a little sprinkle either, it started down pouring. Awesome! Not so much. I had to stop and put my Gore jacket back on. I had told myself that if I needed to I could walk my bike down the descent. I think the rain was a blessing in disguise. There was no way I was going to walk and get even more soaked in the rain. On I descended, staying on my breaks. Lol, the last 800 ft were scary as can be. A couple sharp corners....hitting that max grade with leaves everywhere. My bike slide and drifted out as I calming started cursing ^%^%#$%#%^$%^%%$E$%$&*&*(&*(. But alas, I survived....and didn't fall. This is a huge step for me. Now I know I can go down a step curvy descent in the rain and slick leaves. This memory should help in future riding. It sucks how one bad ride can f^%$# up you up mentally for so long. Anywho, on I went to join the group at Sauvies. By the time everyone showed up and we were ready to ride the rain was at an all our downpour. Great! Misery loves company and I had 10-12 people out there embracing the beautiful Oregon weather with me. The plan was to do 2 loops, the first being easy and the second being an time trial. The thought of a time trial for me today was really a cruel joke. Energy was present but the muscular power was not. The first loop wasn't too bad. There was no "warm up" loop as I had done that on my ride out from my house, plus I had to start out with higher energy since it was rainy and I needed to get warm. As I rolled in from loop 1 to start loop 2 I hesitated. I went out too hard one loop 1, the headwind was strong, the rain was hard and I knew the 2nd loop was going to own my ass. Yet for some stupid reason I went out for another.....thankfully Steve joined me. The first few miles weren't so bad, then we turned and hit the phenomenal headwind accompanied by a down pour of rain. Occasionally. I would let out a loud moan and Steve would join in....yet these were not pleasure moans, they were moans of pure pain. I looked down at my power tap and I'm pushing 12 MPR, HR is at 178 and my power is a 225. You must be kidding! My hamstrings were on fire. Steve and I parted ways as he fell back and I struggled to maintain my power output. I slowly dipped down to 160....I had nothing left. I was completely drained. I bowed my head down into my aeros, and pedaled as hard as I could to keep my HR up high enough to keep my core warm. I was miserable and really hit an all time low. I just kept thinking this was all mental strength and I would turn this negative into a positive....and that's what got me back to the start point. Upon finishing I realized I still had to ride home.....WTF was I thinking? Steve saved the day and drove me home. Thanks friend, I owe ya one.

The rest of the day I pretty much spent on R & R. A nice little nap, lots of rolling the legs out with the stick, treated myself to a hair appointment and then toasted the night off with some friends at my favorite martini bar in NW, The Vault. I must say, I had two amazing martini's. One called a Macaroon, it had Armareto, Vodka and Godiva Chocolate with chocolate syrup swirled around the glass. Not sure what the other one was called but it was orange puree with bourbon and clove/cinnamon, very holiday-ish. The best part was catching up with some of my girlfriends that I haven't been able to see in some time. Love ya and miss you girls! Called the night to an end rather early, wanted a good night sleep and some solid recovery.

Sunday -
I awoke feeling much better. Legs are still sore but much better. I decided to join my friends for a 14 mile LSD run. I hadn't anticipated in running the whole 14, my thoughts were to do 10-12 and just turn back early. BUT running felt really good. It felt like I was flushing all that poisonous lactic build up out of my system. I decided to do the full out and back. Coming back I ended up getting separated from the group, we kind of each fell into our own paces and I ended up losing some of them. I'm not too familiar with NE Portland so I found myself bonking on the way back. My perception of distance was off and I waited too late to take my Power Gel. My hamstrings started to kick in with pain around mile 12. I think my legs went numb, although I could still feel the pain....maybe it was just me trying to block them out. After a detour or two off course I ended up finding my way back to Scott's house. Scott and Ilana were uber awesome and made us all a giant hash scramble. Great recovery food with great friends.

I got in a nice little nap this afternoon and now think it's time to finish my weekend cooking. I'm making a minestrone soup and a pumpkin brown rice pudding for the week.

Things I took from my training this weekend
*I need to learn how to easy back into training. It is not ok to take a week and half off and go all out as I did in the last few days. My body takes 1-2 days to recover from high intensity work. I know this yet didn't give it the break it needed. I was lucky I didn't injure myself. This will be something I will keep in mind when planning out my training calendar. High intensity days will be limited to 1-2 a week and will be spaced out. No more track night followed up by cross fit night. Not a good idea.
*I made a rather large step in overcoming my fear of descending. All in time baby, all in time.
*I will not ride my bike to any training workout if there is the slightest chance for rain. Dry clothes are a necessity.
*My Powertap is badass. My HR zones showed to be 40% race pace and 38% threshold....I was not able to maintain power output yet my HR was through the roof. Clear signs I'm overdoing it. Nice to have actual data to back it up.
*I have a whole lot of mental toughness. Now if I could just learn when to say no.
*Hot apple cider + baking soda and baking power makes one bad ass electrolyte drink on a cold day. I did what I had to since I was out off my Cliff Hot Apple Cider, which I highly recommend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running through the concrete jungle

(Shannon and I post workout. Check out the sweat yo!)

of Irving park. Tonight was the first of a series of cross fit in the park. I've read about cross fit, I know it's about explosive power, I thought I was ready for the pain.....but really? I had no idea. We started with an explosive warmup. What qualifies a warm up as explosive? Getting my hr up to 175 in the first 2-3 minutes. This was the first WTF moment. Warm up consisted of 20 jumping jacks. 20 of these touch your toes cross overs, 20 jumping squats, 20 push ups where you go down, push up and the jump back up. Repeat all once. Then it was on to circuit training. Three different stations, 4 minutes each, repeat everything once. The first was an obstacle course we ran around and reversed direction every minute. Mind fuck for Kat. We weaved in and out of poles, jumped, leaped and crawled over 3-5 ft concrete walls. Banged my shin on one, already forming a nice sized bloody bruise. Ducked under a little person tunel/wall type thing, it was crazy. Then Jeff (Lucifer himself) said ok, now jump/hurdle with no hands! WTF? moment #2. I don't have giraffe legs, this was not happening. Especially since my tail was on fire from the track workout the previous day. Station # 2, bench work. 20 sets of dips, pushups, crunches and butt taps....repeat for 4 minutes. Ok, now the upper body is feeling it. Station # 3, more bench work, box/bench jumps or steps...over and over and over again. Completed each station twice. Then we moved down along the park for hill repeats, 6 to be exact, had to be careful not to slip and fall on the wet grass on leaves on the way down. next we were told to we needed a partner. Jon and I paired up. Then we were informed we had to give our partner a piggy back ride up the hill we just did repeats on. WTF?! moment #3. I really didn't think this was possible. Jon is not a huge man, but he is muscular and heavy....and well I'm the girl that her 50 year old mother move most of her boxes when she moved because she was so weak. I'm an endurance athlete not She-Ra for God's sake. So yea, not really feeling this one. But who I am not quit? Me? Never. Jon kindly carried me up the hill first and I took a deep breath in and returned the favor. That was hard, dude was somewhere over a buck seventy five and change. Upon cresting the hill my legs gave out and I fell to my knees, but alas, I made it! SPARTAN!!!!!!!! (that's for you Tif!) Running down that hill I've never felt so light. Finished the workout off with teaming up in groups of three while taking turns carrying one person down the field. 5 min cool down run. Cross fit was an hour long and over that time I managed a 167 avg Hr peaking at 193....awesome. I'm going to hurt tomorrow, a lot.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting anaerobic on that ass!

It's about fucking time!
Tonight I met up with the PDX tri group for the kick off to Wildflower training. Do I think it's a little soon to be training for a HIM again? Yes..... am I going to be taking this seriously? Well, not so much, for the next 2 months. I really just want some people to keep me company during my little torture sessions I like to put myself through. Misery love company, right? Is it really misery if I smile during the pain? Hmmmm, something to ponder. Anywho, my main goal for the next 2 months is short fast work with plenty of recovery in between and the occasional longer distance workout on the weekend just to make sure I don't loose all of my endurance. The plan tonight was to a 12 min time trial to figure out pacing. I got to the track 45 minutes early and start with a light warm up jog (gulp; yes I did say jog.....and you will only hear me refer to "jogging" as a warm up or a cool down. I am not a jogger, I am a RUNNER. enough with my little tangent......) accompanied by 1.5 miles of drills, a few strides, bounds, side strides, sprints and tail kickers. People started showing up so again I went for a (gulp) warm up cool down jog. Then we had to sit in the mind fucking cold for what seemed like an eternity to hear the Wildflower rundown, followed up by the track workout. I understand it needed to be done...but for the love of God, it was COLD! Paul and I started hopping around just to keep core temp up. I was over come with joy when we were told we could start....and that was short lived. Check it, so I wore my new CW-X compression PreformX tights and I have to say they are officially BAD ASS. My legs felt phenomenal! I ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS experience some kind of leg discomfort during run drills or speed work/sprints/repeats. Not tonight, my legs felt amazing, envision the road runner, yea that was me. Ok, maybe not but that little bad boy was sure running through my head as I was running. On the flip side, they kept sliding down around my waist. It didn't feel like they were too big. They were compressive around my legs and my damn tummy felt like I was a sausage in a casing = not a good thing, yet slippage was happening. I'll have to talk to my boss and see if I need to go down another size or maybe try another version of the tight. Regardless, I will find a fit and will be using these at during all of my speed work. Again, BAD ASS. Ok back on to the run.....legs felt good, fast and quick. I looked down at my HR and I was rockin 188 1/2 mile in. Ugh, I haven't been this high since the marathon. The good feeling lasted a mile in....then my chest started to hurt. My lungs were on fire and it felt like my blood was pumping so hard it was going to bust a vein and spew everywhere. What a sight that would be! But that never happen, just felt like it. The last loop hurt the worst, again this is all cardio pain, and probably due to taking a month off from any kind of anaerobic threshold work. FUCK! My tummy was churning, my lungs where on fire, I couldn't breath...luckily I didn't have any food in me or it would have sprayed my territory on the track. I finished 2790m in 12 minutes with an ending HR of 196. Which puts me at a 6:55. I'm really happy with anything sub 7 but know I have some hard work to do to hold that pace for a 5k. I really want to go fast......I love running fast. I have the glorious runners high. I can not wait for more track!

I finished the night off with sushi with a friend......good times :)

Oh yea, big ups to moms. Thanks for the apple cider vinegar/water trick. No more acid reflux during anaerobic work! Woot! Woot! Now, if you can just stop my nose from running/sneezing and my lungs from burning :) Love ya.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

alas...I am complete again. Tonight I completed the painting, everything is unpacked, uncluttered, clean and in place. I even had time to ignite my first fire and finish cooking a chicken and brown rice soup. I feel whole again, this is a very good feeling.

Let me disclose a little secret. At work I have fallen in love.... ..... with 2 things at one time. First off is the espresso machine. Everyday I walk into work and am greeted with the rich bold aroma of freshly brewed espresso. The complex elixir comforts my pallet and soothes my insides, jacking me up for a quarter of my day. I am truly spoiled with this little device and am known for returning for seconds and possibly thirds. I've tried to conceive some kind of device to insert to in my bloodstream but with the pressure build up from brewing I'm afraid I'll blow a vein... are there any volunteers willing to test my idea? The other appliance I am head over heels with is the toaster oven. Whoever created this magnificent machine should get a frickening medal. They make the perfect grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, pizzas. Not to mention toasted cheese over soups. I'm so with the grilled cheese comfort. Have I mentioned how awesome my boss is for having these appliances available? Do I have to choose which I love more? Can I have my grilled cheese and caffeine of the Gods as well? Fo shizzle.

It's time to start building my base power season. I need to build a 1-2 month training schedule to focus on cycling power, track drills, 800m, 1600m & hill run repeats. I need to hook up with a few bad ass swimmers and get my stroke corrected before yardage picks up. I'm also planning on doing some crazy kind of cross fit in the park one night a week. That should provide some good, dirty, knock me on my ass fun. I'm excited and looking forward to the next few weeks. It's going to be hard to fill the missing space in my heart for the endurance I've come to comfort and love but then again. I'm the sick and I am lusting for the pain from anaerobic threshold. There will be vomit involved in the next few weeks....and it will not be alcohol induced.

Tomorrow I get to do a 20 min time trial run for pacing purposes. This should be interesting since I haven't done jack shit in over a week and a half. I've got a new pair of CW-X compression tights I'm excited to rock. We'll see if they work as well as they advertise.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Writer's block

Who would ever think that I would come to a point of nothing to write or say? Well actually I have plenty to say but I also know when to bite my tongue or tape my fingers. Some things are just better left there it is. I have a lot of things on my mind; things I find unmoral and disrespectful, things I can't stop laughing my ass off, things that I desire for but have a conflict of interest in. Sometimes I just wish my head would STFU up and act/do and not think.

I'm finally moved into my new place, and about 90% unpacked. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have enough time to seal the deal.
I can't wait to break in my new home and be able to sleep sound again. I hate sleeping in new places, it takes forever for me to find a comfort zone. I'm really hoping my satin sheets and heated mattress will help expedite things. Satin sheets are so practical yet impractical. For one, I hate sleeping on them, I'm guaranteed to slide out of bed one out of seven nights. Those are not good odds. Yet once it starts getting cold I utilize them. Satin is non breathable fabric and helps retain body heat, that's what an anaemic girl who wakes up with a cold nose every night needs. The heated mattress pad on the other hand is a godsend. Thanks for the past x-mas present mom, probably one of the most useful things you've ever given me.

I've taken a week off of training, cooking, or organized anything. Some say this needs to be done, I have other thoughts on that matter. My nutrition has gone south as Halloween I drank myself into an early grave only to climb out with a phat ass cheeseburger and pizza the next day. I think I'm going to take this week rather light, get things settled in at home and spend any free time I might have getting my nutrition back on track with home made dishes. I really despise eating out. I mean really, why pay for over priced, unhealthy food when I can make something much more flavorful and beneficial at home. It just takes time and since it's a high priority for me I'll make it work.

Again, I needed another weekend from the weekend. Moving after drinking all night and 2 hours of sleep is a tornado of hell. I feel sorry for my mother who was generous enough to put up with me. Lol, she made a funny comment during our our mini cardiac arrest burger feasting session "I'd deal with you hung over and sleep deprived any day over being hungry." I'm I really that vicious when I need to eat? Apparently so.

I guess I didn't have writers block after all. Thanks for listening :)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Had to quote a very good training friend...who happened to nail it right on spot

"Yes but you know you would trade in the idea of having Mr. Right and the white picket fence for a PR time any day of the week."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little R & R goes along ways...

Taking this week off was an excellent decision on part, I feel pretty damn good. I'm not sure if I remember the last time I awoke to zero muscle/joint aches/pains.....and mental clarity is at an all time high. What I do find odd is that my hunger hasn't died down...I'm still eating like ravenous animal. Oh well, I'm just going to say I need to store extra fuel stores for IM training, I'll run it off at some point, right? Please say I'm right. :)

My house is packed and I'm currently living out of two cardboard you know what this does to Ms. Type A++++++ positive planner? I hate not having choices. I want soup, but the soup is packed. I want to make pumpkin pancakes, the mix is packed. I want hot coco, where the hell is the box with the hot coco?! I am completely out of my comfort zone. And speaking of comfort zones...curve ball was thrown my way. WTF?!

Totally excited for Halloween. I think with enough 151 I might stay warm in what some might call a shred of fabric. But hey, I am rocking a pair of knee high (stop reading mom)

%^$%# me boots, with wool hey, got some warmth on the extremities, so I should be good to go. It's going to be a long night. I figure with three hours of sleep, a massive hang over and a wonderful mother to make sure I don't run into the wall too many times I shall attempt to move the next day, or at least try to direct the people I am kindly paying to move my shiznit.

And I'll leave you with a few lyrics of songs in my head, why they're up there I haven't a clue.

*If I go crazy will you still call me Superman?
*Better run through the jungle
*Why do you build me up, build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down?
*Thunder only happens when it's raining
*You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you? You know, for a moment there, I kind of did..... :)
*Luck be a lady tonight!
*Gotta get some lovin...
*Beyond the sea, and never again I'll go sailin'
*I really want to, come kick it with you, you'll be my American boy
*Lola, lalalalola
*I don't want a beast of burden
*Smile like you mean it
*I want sex and candy