Friday, November 21, 2008

Experiment #1: Lactic Flush

DOMS from cross fit is really getting old. In hopes to prevent it or lessen the blow a little bit I did a 75 min easy spin this morning on my trainer. This time it wasn't so boring. I watched an episode of Weeds and then finished the last hour off with music. I think I was actually day dreaming :gasp!: I know, who me? Yea, I guess it can tend to happen from time to time. I kept my eye on my power meter to make sure I did push myself...remembering this training was for recovery purposes only. I knew once I'd hit 170 watts I'd be working against my objective so I'd back off. Oddly enough my HR was at threshold for 70% of the workout. I contribute this to being sick and the Sudafed...although I didn't take any this morning.

For the analytical geeks (I being one) here's my power tap data....pretty boring
Speed Max 1526/Avg 17.1 (My power tap freaked did this with power too, not sure what happened, bit I think I'd know if I hit 1,526 mph on my trainer...pretty sure they wheel sould catch on fire or I would be ride through my window)
Cadence Max 244/Avg 79 (this could be off too with the random freak out)
HR Max 176/ Avg 159...this was right on
Torque Max 9.06/5.69..this is correct, torque never changed
Max Power Watts 11,554 (really? I think not)/Avg 141...nice recovery number
Max Watts kg 194.44 (Ahahahaha!)/Avg 2.38

I'll spend some quality time with my stick and form roller. If all goes well the DOMS won't be too bad and I can do a power threshold test in the morning. If they are I'll opt to swim :)

Note to self: DO NOT blow snot rockets in your house on your trainer, even if you do have a trainer mat. It is GROSS

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Jason said...

I still catch myself out with the snot rockets indoors. Will we ever learn?