Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spin, run, run

I woke up this morning to flooding in the laundry room and exploding honey in the microwave - the day never got any better

Morning spin - 1 hour
25 min warm up
5 x 2:00 min intervals at 200 watts; 2 min recovery spins between
6 x 30 rpm one legged strength pedaling per leg
20 min cool down

My strength in my quads have diminished. I don't have the muscle power to hit my anaerobic threshold, this is pathetic.

Ran to work - 3.7 miles - COLD and icy! At least the winds weren't as bad as yesterday
Ran home - 3.7 miles - Cold, dark and icy.

I'm tired and melancholy. :(


Coachhrd said...

I can relate - toilet overflowed a few weeks ago as I was jetting off to a spin class at 5:45 a.m. What fun!

SUB6 said...

It must be tough training in the icy cold. I don't envy you! Keep on going though. How long can the cold weather last?