Sunday, November 30, 2008

Biricken it with Hill Repeats

16.11 mile bike / 4 mile run

Paul and I set out to attack the West Hills this morning. I had a few objectives in this workout.
1.Build power climbing hills
2.Work on fear descending
3.Acclimate body to running post bike

All three were successfully accomplished.

The Route - you can click on elevation to see the profile

Started off at 27th and Thurman, headed up Lovejoy/Cornell, went up 53rd to Thompson, down Thompson, up Cornell, down Thompson, back up Thompson and then down again.
Ascended and descended 1760ft. The climbing felt good and if it wasn't for the stupid descending we could have easily done a few more repeats. A new first for me was descending down Thompson. I always go down Cornell because the grade is less intense. I have to tackle this fear somehow so I opted for Thompson. It was really foggy and slippery this morning and my bike drifted out from under me 3 times, luckily I caught myself each time. By the third descent down I was starting to feel a little more comfortable, but not enough to keep doing it. One ride at a time right? I was happy with the ride as I was able to hold 180-220 watts for climbing duration and I told my fear to STFU. I really need a new bike, my cadence is too low climbing, I would have more power if I didn't have to mash so hard. Future repeats I am going to do more challenging ascents.
Here's my power profile.....

The flats are where I was breaking and praying for life on my descents

Post ride I immediately threw on my running shoes and headed up to Leif Erickson for a LSD paced run (again you can click on elevation profile, ascended 830 ft in 2 miles)

The first 1/2 mile felt good, then my legs asked WTF? I was doing. I told them to shut up and I kept on running. Reached two miles and headed back down. Descending felt really good. Avg'd easy 9:20s heading up and 8:15s coming down. I love running up to Leif as part of a brick, great shocker on your legs. I <3 hills.

Big Ups to Paul for being the only one down to do repeats today and for waiting for my slow tail :)

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Jill Costantino said...

WOW - look at you go girl!! Sounds like a fantastic w/o today!