Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pilates, Stinging Nettle during Tempo and Open Water Swim, what a day!

AM - 20 min Pilates core, 10 mins foam roller/stick. Quads hurt a bit from the climb last night.

Noon - 60 min Pilates class. Should not have done 20 mins of core this morning. My abs were screaming at me and I'm sure my ribs will feel brusied tomorrow. I have huge knots at the tops of my quads...Pilates did not help that damn hill bike ride from yesterday.

Evening - 7 mile tempo run
10 min easy warm up. I ran in an area I wasn't familiar with. I was trying to find a 5k trail and thought it might have been off road. So there I go running through the "backwoods" of Klineline park. At first it was pretty cool. I was ducking and dodging roots and trees, running around bushes, untill........I got attacked by stinging nettle. ^%#%@%^%@(!!!!!!! I got hit on my right calf, my left quad high up and my right shoulder/arm. Frickening-A! My limbs started stinging. I said screw this and booked it back on to the road where I eventually ran into the beginning of the 5k trail head. I looked down and I had red spots inflamed where I was hit. My body stung and I wasn't going to stop running so I just used it as fuel to pick up tempo. I figured if my energy was tapped or my legs hurt from going fast it would distract from the stinging pain I was experiencing. It worked....for the 20 min tempo, then I had to slow my HR down and finish slow. This sucked ass.
I kept asking myself..."How bad do you want it?" I wanted it bad enough to make myself do the workout I had planned and go slow. The old Kat would have said "**** it" and would have gone balls to the wall for the remaining duration, which would have turned said workout into "junk miles." I'm proud of myself for this.

Open Water Swim
Post run I jumped into my wetsuit and then jumped into Klineline. Brrr, just a bit chilly and the cold was bringing out the stinging sensations...that our the wetsuit hugging my damn body. I immediately started swimming trying to get worked. I swam 2 laps around Klineline which I think comes to 800-1000 meters. The swim felt good. I <3 my new sleeveless wetsuit, it allows so much more movement in my shoulders/arms. I'm still not super fast, but I don't feel lethargic and slow either. I feel comfortable breathing and my stroke feels strong. Again, no open water shock

Tonight I'm tired....but yet a happy Kat.
BTW, I'm still stinging. I hope this goes away soon

Wedesday morning swim/evening Ride

Wednesday AM Team Swim - part 1

350 warm up
25 x 10; fast; 10 sec recovery
200 x 1; easy
25 x 4; high elbows

2100 swim set (1.2 mile) with partner; passing every 100.

Total yardage 2950

Swim felt fantastic today! I had a great partner to swim my 2100 with. We paced each other well, passed successfully and she even had a little fun pulling my leg down as she passed creating open water simulation. I was not tired from this swim which makes me feel confident about race day.

Wednesday Evening - Part 2
West hills bike ride/10 min run

I had a desire to conquer a certain said hill/road tonight. Sadly it had been raining since noon and this put a lot of doubt in my mind about riding. Not because I'm a little ***** and scared to ride in some cold wet rain but I'm a little ***** and scared to descend in the cold wet rain. After a few emails back and forth I decided to do the ride anyway. My heart was set on climbing and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? Lol, those will be my last words one day I know it.
Opted to do this ride
I was intending to do Logie Trail which I think had a little over 200-250 ft more of elevation climbing in the same distance but with time and rain not on our side I'm saving it for another day.
I met up with a Chris, Uwe and Carl and we headed out....great again I'm the only girl, which means more then likely I will get dropped, oh well.
Heading out along highway 30 it was wet with lots of traffic which includes stupid large semi's that come VERY close to you. I wasn't really cold, too busy pedaling along the way. We hit Newberry (the climb) and I strip down to my tri suit, I knew I'd be getting hot and I was right. I had never done this road before so I wasn't sure what to expect on fatigue levels.
Here's a link to the climb
The first mile was the worst...which I think I handled well since I was talking and singing along the way up....although my heavy breathing did take over at one point when my HR got up to 185 and I was anaerobic, thinking that was at the max grade point 15.49%. At the top of the hill we hit rollers along skyline for the next 20 minutes or so and then had to descent :gulp: It started getting chilly so I put back on all my borrowed jackets (thanks guys ). The way down I broke pretty hard and wouldn't let myself get above 20 mph. I hope this fear one day will go away. Chris was awesome and waited at several points coming down the road....just to make sure I didn't die on the way down. Now that's a team mate! We arrive back at the start, do a quick little transition and then we're off for a 10 min run. Oh my goodness. My feet were numb solid from the cold. It was REALLY difficult to get into a good run. My stride was really off, I couldn't feel my feet. Oh well, that's the reason we do this, to get acclaimed.

Overall I was VERY happy with this ride. I felt really good on the hill going up. We only really got "rained on" out on Hwy 30. I didn't die on the descent and I finished on a run when I couldn't feel my legs. I think this workout was more mental then physical....that can be a very good thing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday's Daily Double

Tuesday Morning Swim - Part 1

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:34
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;52
100 easy

Cool down
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total yardage ; 2750

Another good swim day. I was a little groggy and out of it for the beginning, I think I was still detoxing from all that damn alcohol Sunday night/Monday morning. I need to stop drinking, all together.

BTW, this has become one of my favorite swim workouts. I've done it once a week for the last few weeks. I like how much variety it has. I rarely get bored...ok on the last 200 my mind does start to wonder.

Tuesday - Part 2 - Run Speed Work

10 min warm up - 1.05 mile
15 mins of drills - A$$ kickers, strides, side strides, bounds
6 x 800's; 3:35 pace; 90 sec floats

Total mileage, approx 5.5

I did my speed work at the gym on the treadmill today. Well I did the drills outside, around the side of the gym and the 800's on the treadmill. I was shooting for 8 800's but I had a meeting scheduled post workout so I had to cut it down to 6 which was fine by me. It's been a while since I've done 800 repeats, they kicked my tail, but I did finish each one with target times. Post run I'm driving back to work with my windows down, the cold air felt so good on my hot sweaty hair. Yes I shower but don't have the time to wash and dry my hair, so I just keep it up. I got back to work with 2 mins to spare, enough time to make some tea and jump into said meeting.
Successful speed day. I even got to work on my transition time

Run miles YTD 441

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday - 35 mile easy recovery ride - HA!

That is what I had intended of doing and from an energy expenditure point of view I did. This ride was a first of the season on a few aspects for me. First off it was my first ride alone. I did this a lot last year and forgot how much I enjoy my own company. I provide stimulating conversation, a great whistle to match my cadence up with and when I get mad and curse I can still be "lady like" since no one knows I'm doing it but me . I mapped out a round about course from my house. I'd post the link but I'm not too keen on everyone in the world knowing my home address. The course was a moderate flat with a few rolling hills and one or two short but steep ascents. The beginning was a moderate ascent for 5 miles so I just took my time, nice easy and warmed my legs up. I then hit some nice rollers which I would crouch down low, gear up and mash down the hill to try to get enough momentum to hit the top, most cases I fell just a fad bit short. About 40 mins into the ride and I'm out riding along the country side, I'm warm and it's misting and up to this point I'm having a great time out alone. About an hour in and the mist turns to rain....not a little drizzle, but full on rain! I just tell myself I've got an hour left, I'm already wet so WTF? Got to keep on keepin' on. I realized at about mile 22 that I went the wrong way an my ride was going to be cut short. Oops. So here is moment that I decide to make a stupid decision. Should I A. Go home with 25-26 miles or B tack on additional 8-10 miles. I figure I'm already wet and I'm in the inner suburban city why not just finish the extra few miles up? So I did. BAD choice, BAD, BAD choice. First off the extra miles I choose were rolling hills, with lots of lights. I would get up speed, plummet down the hill only to have to break hard in the rain and stop.....only to have to start with zero momentum climbing up a massive hill. Are you frickening kidding me? Nope, not at all.
1:40 mins in and I started to bonk, not enough nutrition, damn, damn, damn. Thankfully I had some cliff shot blocks and they helped the last few miles out. Which is right when the downpour started. The rain I was riding in turned into a 5 min massive downpour. For the LOVE of GOD! Have mercy on me. 34 miles later and I was VERY happy to be home. I took the hottest longest shower in my life, which was a very painful experience. I was frozen from the wet rains and yesterday I got a bit of a sun burn from the brick on my shoulders and back. The hot water hurt my frozen burnt skin but it's all I could do......

This ride was an easy-moderate energy ride. It was a mental battle, which I think we can all use now and again. Would I have done it again? Oh yea.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

44/7.5 Brick

This is probably going to be the most boring report I have done....because the brick went flawless. Nutrition played a HUGE key in this. Last night I filled up on Salmon, brown rice, Saki ( got to have a little fun right?) and PB. I weighed myself this morning and in the last 2-3 days I have put on 3 1/2 lbs. This is good. The brick was supposed to be a 50/10 but for whatever reason the coaches/captains cut it short.
Here's a map of the ride
I ended up doing 44 miles because Jenny and I missed the turn at Dilly road and went out another 1.5 miles before we realized.
And here's the approx run

I gave about 75-80 effort on this brick. I had good energy which I spent but I didn't go all out. The run only took my 62 minutes. It was supposed to be 8 miles but I couldn't fathom that I ran it as fast as I did as it was uber hilly, my time was 62 minutes and I am not that fast. I got home and mapped it and in looks like it was 7.5-7.8 depending on the exact start, so regardless I still was pretty quick, avg'ing between 8-8:30 min mile. That is good for me coming off the bike and hitting hills without going all out. I went home and weighed myself. Lost .2 lbs, hot damn, perfect electrolyte/hydration/nutrition!

This workout makes me very hopeful for Pacific Crest. As long as we don't get decimated by a heat wave I should be right on my goal

Friday, May 23, 2008

Swim...mojo came back.

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:32
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;52
100 easy

Cool down
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total yardage ; 2750

Swim felt great this morning!!! Motivation is back
Time to become an eating machine and prep my body for a 50/10 hilly brick tomorrow

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Training has been doing me wrong :(

Wednesday night -
I drove out to Marine Drive with all the intentions of riding Cadence. Along the ride I fuel up on my Cliff bar and a banana. As I'm doing this it starts raining. Great! I still have another 40 minutes before we start riding so maybe it will go away. It never did, rain on and off and lots of wind. I sat in my car for 15 minutes completing riding. My body was fatigued, motivation was not there and my attitude overall was suffering. So instead I txt my good friend Kelly to see if she wanted to come meet me to have a drink at the Kennedy School. Thankfully she did and we spent the next 2 hours catching up on life and enjoying good food and drinks. Lol, I'm a bad influence and got my mentor to skip out on the ride as well. Turns out it was for the best, a few people had gone out, turn around 1/4 of the way back, it was nasty out there.

Thursday - still not motivation
But still I did my work...maybe not as planned. The idea was to park at the gym and run out 30 mins or 3 miles easy and turn back....but then the fricking rain started up. Only in Oregon will it be 65 and showery one day, 90 hot and sunny another and then rainy again a day later. WTF? So I opted to stay at the gym and do an easy paced run for 60 minutes. Sadly it wasn't easy at all. The pace was but once again my tummy wanted to jump ship. I'm working on trying to increase my caloric today I ate a little bit more here and there.....and my tummy was not happy....and it made this loud and clear during my run. Oh the humanity!
Post run I headed in for a 60 minutes Pilates class. This sucked ass too....tummy still hurt and my core didn't want to work.

Oh least I did something today. Tomorrow I'll do an easy swim and then eat like machine to prep for Saturday's 4+ hour brick.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What does this shit keep happening?

Why does this shit keep happening?

I'm perplexed. About what you ask? About anything and everything. I'm tired. I can't get my caloric intake up to par. I will see progression in my training every 6-8 weeks and then for some reason I think I should see another growth of improvement 2-3 weeks later. This ends up leaving me disappointed and the desire to go out and push myself harder and harder, which if you know anything about me has a negative effect on my training and puts me in the downward spiral of over training. I don't think I've hit that wall again, not yet but I can see it on the horizon. My mileage is ramping up, a lot. I'm still trying to get in some kind of speed work. I have this "want" to be great, not just good, not average but great and I want to see it now. Why can I not eat enough? I'm looking through my nutrition log and double and triples workout days I am eating 8-10 times. That is a whole lot of food. My tummy feels full yet my energy stores are on the verge of empty. Ugh, this is so frustrating. And once again I am feeling all alone. I really enjoy going out with my friends….but at what expense? I can't/don't want to give up my training time. I don't want to drink and party the night away. Ok, who am I kidding? I do want to but my health can not afford it. I can't possibility seek the gains I want and toxify my body at the same time. I am missing out on life while I am training, yet at the same time I feel like I'm making the most of my life training. Is this a catch 22? Am I stuck in a vortex? I'm unhappy today…I'm fatigued and my mental stability is not high. I'm starting to notice this happening once every 4-6 weeks, it's becoming a trend. I don't think I'm giving myself enough recovery days. I get in this damn cycle of weeks on end with only one day off. I think every 3-4 weeks I need to take 2 days a week off. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Tonight I have a 34 mile bike ride planned. I don't want to do it. I may just go home and take a nap instead… motivation is gone : (

This weekend has me torn. I was invited to go out to Hood River and spend Sat-Mon with team mates and friends….but we have a 50/10 brick on Saturday morning which I'm sure is going to deplete all my energy stores. I really enjoy spending time with the team but I honestly think it would be best if I stayed home this weekend. I feel like I will be missing out on a whole lot of fun….but if I'm tired I won't end up having fun anyway and there I don't want my black cloud glooming over anyone else.

Team AM Swim

Workout Part One

Warm up 500
Circuit drills
*12 x 50;s - 5 people, 1 sprints and passes per 50
*2 x 500's; practice sighting
*2 x 25 sprints; rest 15 sec between; 1 x 100 slow breaking down to 4, 5 strokes per breath; repeat 4 times
50 easy cool down.

Total yardage 2750

Today was difficult for me. Thankfully I have a mental alarm clock because my alarm never went off and I only woke up 10 mins late. Also, thankfully I'm a planner and had everything laid out and ready to go the night before. I got to swim early. The first warm up lap felt really good and then I don't know what happened.... I just felt fatigued the rest of the swim. Our mileage is getting up there and with my nutrition being short, the change in weather and adapting to the heat, I'm starting to feel more and more tired.....I don't like it.
Last night I woke up at 1:30 to a growling tummy again. I ate 250 cal right before bed thinking that would hold me over until morning. I ate another 200 kcal at 1:30am and then a small breakfast when I woke preswim. It sucks, I feel bloated and full yet I'm not. I ****ing hate sodium and carb loading.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been a long 24 hours

Monday Morning Swim - Part 1
(repeat from Wednesday)

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:34
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;53
100 easy
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total 2750 yards

I left my water bottle in my car The pool felt good, although I was a bit slower on my timed intervals this week vs. last week. I'm sure all the alcohol I had in the past 24-36 hours had played a part in it. Thank God I don't drink often.
Going to hit the gym at lunch for 40 mins of core and stretching, my quads are killing me. After work I intend on doing a 6 mile tempo run at Vancouver Lake and then hit the open water with the team. I grabbed my sleeveless wetsuit instead of my full sleeved by mistake. It's going to be cold! Oh well, good practice for race day right?

Lunch- 30 mins of core/Pilates and foam roller stretching. Really needed to work my quads out, they are very swollen and knotted.

Part 2 Evening Tempo run.
Not sure how far I ran since it wasn't mapped but my guess is 6 miles or so. I ran around Vancouver Lake pre open water swim. First 10 minutes I used as a warm up and then spent a good 5 minutes stretching, trying to work out my quads. Ran easy for another 5 minutes and then went into a 20 minutes Tempo. Since I didn't have mile markers I was unaware of my pace but instead used my HR as my tempo. My goal was to not go above 175HR but with the heat (it was low 80's and muggy) my HR stayed around 180-182. I didn't feel especially quick yet I didn't feel energy tapped so it was a good tempo pace, I held the 20 minutes. I ended with a 15-20 minute easy recovery. Lol, this was supposed to be at a low HR but my HR wouldn't drop much. I slowed down my speed to an easy jog which I believe was more painful then going fast and my HR would only go as slow as 172. WTF? Oh well.

Part 3 Evening Open Water Swim.
This was pretty non eventful for me. I got to try out my new sleeveless wetsuit. It fit like a charm, this one felt much longer in the torso (good thing) and I enjoyed the freedom of the sleeveless arms. I was lucky as the water wasn't too cold at a semi-comfortable 60 something degrees. We didn't do much in the water, it was basically a get acclimated to open water session. I didn't experience any kind of open water shock which was a good thing. We ended up swimming back and forth around the dock logs, totaling water time to about 30 minutes. Very little yardage, I'm happy I got my yardage in the morning.

Tuesday Morning 2 hour Spin
After 6 hours of sleep I dragged my tail out of bed and hit the spin bike for 120 minutes. I had to make up for the 35 mile easy ride I missed out on Sunday due to shot quads and a massive hangover. 120 minutes is difficult to do on a spin's a bit mind numbing. Kept my HR low 130-145 for the first 30 minutes and at a moderate 150-160 for the remaining 90 mins.
120 minutes, changing 3 shirts, drinking 64 oz of water, 1020 calories spent later and I finished my latest and greatest edition of Triathlete's Magazine.

I recovered with yogurt and protein powder and then 45 minutes later again with barley, soy milk and protein powder. Ah the breakfast of champions. Now I'm drinking a Java Monster, I have a very busy work's going to be a long one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Running, BBQs and dancing

*Disclaimer ~ This weekend summary is written under a heavy hangover. I am not responsible for typo's or proper grammar.....or really anything else.

Saturday - 3 hour LSD run at The Wildwood Trails.

Team start up time was 7:30am. Thank God because it was going to be another 90+ degree day out. The agenda was to run the Wildwood trail out 90 mins or 9 miles, whichever came first and then come back. I wanted to do the full 18 miles and for some odd reason thought I would have no problem doing so, even though my longest run of this season has only been 14 1/2. Hmmm. I've come to run without the Ipod. I think it's important that I spend my time focusing on my form/tempo and mental aspects then have them washed away with music. I was planning on running with Ms. Jenny, but of course superwoman is a tad to quick for me so I fell back with the second group; Robbie, Mike and Jason. Again I must say I am very fortunate to live in a city that has a forrest in the middle of it. The run was absolutely breath taking...and not because I was running . The sun was shinning, I was surrounded by over grown greenery and flowers blooming. For the first 1/2 of the run I conversed with the boys about race day goals, strategies and fears. 90 mins in and we hit 8 1/4 miles. It was starting to get hot and we all looked like we had taken showers in our own sweat...Ewwwww. We decided to turn around at this point, which would make our run 16.5 miles. I am very happy we did this. The 2nd half of the run appeared to be more difficult. I think we had more ascents but I'm not certain. It was getting hot and my body was feeling it. Our conversations changed from race talk onto food and movies. It's funny how on every run I talk about food. Ok, maybe not just runs but swims and bikes to. What can I say, food is my favorite topic. 5 miles to go and I run out of water, ugh, thankfully we are only a mile away from our aid station. Super captain Lindsay had ice cold waters at the aid station, water has never tasted so good. Refilled my bottle, took down a mini lara bar (coconut cream pie, mmm, mmm, good) and took off to finish the last 4 miles. I was really trying not to talk during the last 2 miles. The heat had caught up with me. My feet felt hot and swollen, I had blisters from the trail, and I was just fatigued and dehydrated. I need to work more on my sodium intake. I thought I had done good prep work before the run. The night prior I drank lots of water and ate well. I woke up 3 hours prior to running, drank a lot and took in some electrolyte pills and a banana. 1/2 way through the run I took more electrolyte pills....but obviously I didn't take enough. I will try a .5 multiple on my next heated workout and see if that helps; I hate being a sweater. I was so happy to run the last end part with Bob. He helped me keep my mind positive by talking about his training experiences. 3 hours later, 16.5 miles done! Walter was genius for bringing a cooler full of soda. Cold Root Beer tasted so good! Overall my body felt pretty good, body pain or digestive issues....I just need to tackle this little issue I'm having with heat.

Post run I went home and got a nice short 45 min nap in. Cooked a bit and then headed out to Dave's BBQ fund raiser with Kristie. Always a fun time with TNT peps. Around 10ish Kristie and I headed over to Bettie Ford's. I got a free VIP party. I haven't been out dancing in what feels like ages. I think Colleen's sour cream experience was the last time, love ya girl. So it's been a good 2-3 months. A few team mates joined us along with some of my girlfriends I haven't seen in ages. It was a fun and crazy night. I could kill Shannon for buying endless bottles of Champagne. I had one too many glasses. Thanks Kristie for being the "responsible" one for not drinking too much and driving us home. The 20 yr old you caught was HOT too, kind of jealous girl. I had the urge for Taco Bell on the way home. It had been 6 hours since I ate (wait I did have a 150 cal balance bar around 1am) and far too many glasses of alcohol, but somehow I had enough sense to realize I didn't actually want Taco Bell, I was just hungry. So I had some cereal when I got home and then passed out on my bed.

Today I'm supposed to do an easy 35 mile bike ride. It's another warm day, 80's, not hot but warm enough. I'm hung over and am still trying to regain my since I am programmed to wake up at 4:30-6am every morning and I went to bed at 3, I'm only running off 4 hours sleep. I have decided to take today off as a much needed R & R day. I did run 16.5 miles, dance for 3 hours and stay awake for 23 hours.....I'll make up my ride on another day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Fuel loading meal...

I think I'm going to make this a weekly post since I get to so good Friday nights to prepare for a long workout on Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be running 16-18 miles along Wildwood Trail.


Whole grain spaghetti, clams and pesto basil sauce.

I also had a huge salad of baby greens with grape tomatoes and l/f baslamic vinagerette. It looks just like last week so I didn't report it.
I've never had clams and realized I REALLY like them. I decided to throw them in the pesto pasta due to the nutritional benefits. They're a complete protein and very high in Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Potassium, and Iron, just what my anemic ass needs :) My tummy is happy.

90 min Easy Spin

Friday morning - 90 min "recovery spin"
HR between 140-160.

Not much to report here. I was more tired today then last week when I did this. Although today I didn't have 40g of honey before spin, sure that had something to do with it. I read another edition of Triathlete's magazine and am again inspired. I think positive thoughts are probably the most important factor to triathlon training/racing. It will make or break your race.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 best

Thursday 5/15/08 Part 1 - 60 minutes of Pilates

My legs recovered well with a little help of magnesium before I went to bed last night. Got up this morning and rolled the **** out of them. Pilates kicked my ass again. Maybe it's harder the second day in a row, maybe the room was too hot again, maybe it was due to a sore back from last night.....or all of those things mixed together. My back does feel better now, post Pilates.

Thursday evening 5/15/08 - Track - Mile repeats.
Weather at 5pm 87 degrees, 45% humidity

I ate a banana and took hammer electrolyte replenishments an hour before track. I had been mindful of sipping on water more then I'm used to......but none of it mattered. I got decimated by the heat.

1 mile easy warm up.....(oh this is not so easy. I just kept telling myself, It's ok, this is just the warm up, take it slow)....and that I did.
When I started the whole track was in the sun, and my stupid ass was wearing all black. There was some decent headwind for about 100 yards...felt good but at the same time felt like it was pushing me backwards.
15 mins of drills. 1.25 miles. A$$ kickers, skips, strides and side strides.
My HR is elevated and I'm sweating a lot....this does not feel good.
Time to start the mile repeats; 7:30 pace
1/4 mile, feeling ok.....this is hard but not too hard
1/2 mile...ok this **** is hard now. My HR is soaring to 180...this is too high for my pace. WTF is going on?
3/4 mile.....blow up. I just gave up...and bowed my head in shame....

This is where I ran into Scott H and he was the voice of reasoning. If it wasn't for him I would have said "F@#$ track" and just left. But instead we talked about pacing, the heat and what I wanted to get out of the workout. Not every track workout can hit that 20 min time trial pace....there are other things to factor in. I thought about what he said and decided to run another 2 1 mile repeats, giving good effort but not to worry about pace. I'm glad I didn't time myself because I felt sluggish and slow....yet my HR was staying around 175-180....way too high. All of this made me think of the factors as to why I could not complete my "targeted" workout.

*Heat...this was my first track workout in any kind of heat. I have a history of heat exhaustion to the point of passing out....I don't work well with it. I was hoping the electrolytes would help, which I'm sure they did a little but I think ultimately I just need to train in it more. My body will slowly adjust.
*Caloric deficient for too many days in a row. This I know and even though I ate as I normally would up to track I have nothing stored from previous days. Every day I have depleted and then some....this is not ok and I really need to concentrate on fixing it.
*Too much fatigue. This is two folds, one being nutrition and two being the swim/pilates/hilly bike ride/run I did yesterday. How could I really think I was going to pull off a successful speed workout in hot weather when I had an intense bike/brick the night prior?

Summary , 5 miles
Live and learn right? Today I was OWNED and not by running, or the pacing mind games (as I stayed positive the whole time, with the help from Scott H) or track it's self, but by Nutrition deficient and Heat. I guess in a good way it put my ass in check and made me realize I have a lot to focus on for race day. Humbling experience....

A look into my food journal.

I thought I'd take the time to freak a few of you out. ;)

Wednesday Triple 5/14/08
Team Swim 2500 yards
60 min Pilates
2hr 28 mile hilly bike ride/15 min run approx 1.8 miles.

5:00amToast (2 slice red. Wheat)
20g skippy reduced fat pb
Banana (4 oz)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
266.00 0.77 0.15 0.62 0.14 0.21

2500 yard swim with team
Approx 410 cal

7:00amNancy's Non Fat Yogurt
1 scoop vanilla protien powder
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
190.00 0.39 0.00 0.39 0.54 0.06

8:10amToast (4 slice red. Wheat) (mock cinn/toast crunch)
Oatmeal PB Raisin Bars
light soy milk (1 1/2 cup)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
374.87 0.71 0.16 0.55 0.25 0.16

10:05amOatmeal PB Raisin Bars (this was not planned but I was getting hungry again)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
124.87 0.74 0.10 0.64 0.14 0.18

60 min Pilates

12:00pm1/3 can white kidney beans
Spinach Salad mix
1/2 cup strawberries (3.3 oz)
Flat out Whole Grain Pita (forgot dressing, oh well, salad was still good, strawberries helped with sweetness and flavor.)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
280.00 0.72 0.28 0.44 0.25 0.11

2:45pmLentil & Sweet Potato Rosemary Salad
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
325.25 0.64 0.27 0.37 0.22 0.15

5:10pmPB Spaghetti
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
227.75 0.72 0.10 0.61 0.14 0.23

6:30pm1 Powergel
7:25pm3 cliff shot blocks
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
210.00 0.97 0.00 0.97 0.00 0.00

28 mile hill ride/2 hrs
15 min moderate run
Approx 1.75 miles
Approx 1150 cal

8:30pmMonte Cristo Ham Delight
Endurox (1/2 serving 37.5g)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
441.00 0.64 0.04 0.60 0.30 0.10

9:30pmFlat out Whole Grain Pita (I wasn't really hungry here but knew if I didn't eat something right before bed I would wake up with a growling tummy...which mean interrupted sleep = no good.)
Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
90.00 0.71 0.40 0.31 0.40 0.25

Calories carb fiber eff pro fat
2530.40 439.94 88.36 351.57 148.67 38.35
0.70 0.14 0.56 0.24 0.14

Caloric intake 2530, energy burned during training 410+1150 = 1560+1800 RMR = 3360 - 2530 = > 829.60

I really worked on eating more, ****, I consumed fuel 10 seperate times throughout the day and I was still WAY too deficient. Although I never experienced an energy loss. Still, I'm not happy with this.

Swim..Pilates...Bike/Run..Oh MY!

Wednesday morning Team Swim

350 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:29
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;48-;50
100 easy
25 with 10 wall push ups
50 with 10 wall push ups

Total 2500 yards

This was a lot more difficult then some of my swims with more yardage. I think it was because we increased then decreased our HRs and didn’t rest much, if at all. It was interesting to see my all out 100% effort 100 yard swim came in at a 1:29, but my 50 yard intervals at 65% effort came in at 48-50 seconds. So just say 50x2 = 1:40 100 yard; only 11 sec more then my 100% effort. This taught me that conserving energy is not really going to make you that much slower. I will give up my 11 secs per 100 to run out of the water with high energy to attack Mt. Bachelor.

Wednesday Part 2 - 60 minutes Pilates
Which I was OWNED by, I swear they had the heat up, it was hot and sticky.

Thursday evening part 3 - Evening hill bike ride along the PDX West Hills/Brick

I arrived at the meeting sport 40 minutes early so I decided to take a leisurely ride around the neighborhood to warm up. It was a beautiful evening, sun was out shinning and I'm sure it was in the high 60's if not low 70's. The sun felt hot on my back. I bought a new PDX tri club TRI shirt from Lindsay last weekend and decided to tri it out today since I would be running for a bit post ride. Overall I liked it, the material is very thin and light weight. I like the color and design. It has a pocket in the back, yay! The only thing I don't care for is that it is a "boy" cut. The arm holes are way to big and stretch out around my sports bra too much. But the arms are also seamless which means no I'm happy.
The group arrives and we take off. A link to the ride is below.

Ilana was the only girl that rode the whole way with me. Thanks hun, it is so nice to have someone else to ride with. I'm usually stuck out by myself because I'm not quick enough for the boys yet I'm faster then most of the girls. The first 30 minutes was all pretty much hill climbing, it felt good. That oh so painful good . Then we hit Skyline (yes the road actually is a skyline to the city, it is ****ing BEAUTIFUL) and hit some rollers. This was fun to push speed to get enough momentum to make it up the next hill. Skyline took us to Germantown RD and then to Cornelisus Pass. Turned around and went back. On the way back I stopped at Germantown to wait for Ilana and what stops and passes by me? Two amazingly hot cyclists. Seriously jaw dropping. One had arms that looked like thick braided rope. For the love of God, I almost fell off my bike watching him. Ilana was quickly to follow so I decided to chase them. I know they were ****ing with me too. The both kept turning and looking back.....I would get sooooo close to them and then fall back a little. Damn! Damn! Damn! I know they were taking it easy and then pushing it a bit, the head turn backs wasn't helping anything. I ended up losing them by Thompson RD..... but they did push me to get a kick ass workout in. Ilana and I then descending down Thompson holding our breaks. Sorry, but the descent was too curvy and sharp with no shoulder....too scary for me. This also made me a bit chilly. Brrrrr. We get back to the start, I throw my bike in my car, grab my run shoes and go off for a short run to get my legs acclimated to transitioning. I don't know why but my legs felt light and quick....I had this feeling during the last brick. Either I am A. Adjusting quicker or B. The hills help out my transition. Either way my run rocked. I ran around NW PDX/The Pearl District for 15 minutes. I felt quick but am unsure of my time, off of feel I'd say I was a 8:00-8:30 min mile, ran for 15 minutes, close to 2 miles.

This workout felt great! Thanks again Ilana, it so nice to have a riding partner, you're kicking ass girl!

Summary 28 mile ride/15 min run.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brick Nutrition Recap -

That carb/fat loading dinner (please see blog posted on 5/9/08 :D ) was exactly what I needed! I ate two small breakfasts pre brick and kicked major ass during training. I've learned that if I max out my glycogen stores the night before and morning of I don't need to consume as much during training and I have constant energy.

Saturday 5/10/08

Pre Brick from 6-8 am I consumed approx 725 cal - Multi grain pancakes, Banana, PB, honey and whole wheat bread
During Brick 45/5 9:00am-12:30pm - Consumed trail putty (PB, honey and dried non-fat condensed milk), Cliff Shot Blocks and 1 Power Gel = 485 cal.

Burned 2020 cal during brick. Only consumed 24% of energy burned. I usually aim for 30% but I think this is where the maxed out glycogen came in to play. Eating while training/racing is no fun so I'll get in what I can before hand.

Post brick I had 200 cal in Endurox which quickly restored my brain cells, then met up with some of the team for Jenny's fundraiser at Ammnesia Brewery. I kind you not, one glass of wine and I was highly intoxicated. Good thing I was there for 2 hours. Along with wine I had a slice of Pesto jalepeno pizza, a greek salad and some chips.

EOD my caloric intake was up to around 3050, Energy used during training 2020+1800 RMR = 3820, I continued to eat small meals throughout the day but still ended up deficient. I also lost 3 lbs by EOD which means I need to look at my sodium and H2o levels more closely.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Daily Doube ~ Swim/Tempo Run

Monday morning Swim - Part 1

10 x 50s, odds: light quick arms, evens: long glide. :10 rest.
15 x 100s. First 100 paddles, Second 100 fins, Third 100 Free; 15 sec rest between.
1 x 200 with a buoy, breathing pattern: odd lengths= normal breathing pattern, even lengths= add another stroke before breathing.
Passing drills
8 x 25s , slow 1/3, fast and force full the last 2/3 (I have no one to pass with so I did a slow 1/2 and then speedy 2/3 lane)

25 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups

Total yardage - 2800
Swim felt good. Did a lot of visualization.

Monday - Part 2 - Tempo Run

6 mile run.
10 min warm up
5 min stretch
5 min easy pace
1:30 to hit 7:40 pace
20 min tempo at 7:41 avg HR 170
2 min easy pace
6 min moderate/easy pace 8:20
2 mine easy cool down

Run felt good. Today is day 6 in a row. Thought I'd feel a little more taxed and was actually worried that I might not be able to hold the tempo. Plus I was having my first run in my new Nike's. Again, here is more proof I am making progress. The last 6 mile/20 min tempo I did was back on 3/28/08. I ran a 7:47 pace and my avg HR was 175-179 and it was a struggle to hold past 10 minutes, although I did. Today I did the 20 min tempo at a 7:41 pace and my HR stayed around 168-170, I think at peak it was 172. The tempo also didn't feel as difficult. I was happy once it was over but I'm pretty confident I could have held that HR and pace for another 40 mins. Again, signs my run is becoming more efficient. Oh yea and I checked my turn over rate today; 91. This was surprising to me. During my off season I did a lot of work on the stairstepper. I was sure that was the reason my cadence/turn over on my run was so high. I haven't used that machine since Feb....and my turn over is still as high as it was. Yay! And I can't believe I'm saying this but I <3 my new Nike's. They kick ass.

On a side note when I got off the treadmill and went into the locker room a girl came up to me and said I had "Stallion legs". I gave her a WTF? look; because one....I'm not in the best mood today and two WTF does Stallion mean? Do I look like a damn horse? She was very kind and said she meant it as a compliment, she trains marathoners and had been watching me run. My legs are "lean and strong and I had a quick stride". Oh, ok, thanks Kind of made the sun peep out of the gloomy clouds that have been over my head.

Oh yea, I've dropped 3.5 lbs in the last 3 days. I need to re-evaluate my sodium hydration.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday - 60 min LSD recovery run.

Why is it I am programmed to wake up between 4:30 and 6 am? This drives me nuts. I stayed up later last night hoping to sleep in until 7am, but nope, I started tossing and turning around 5:15, I finally dragged my tail out of bed around 5:50am. Oh well. I made a yummy breakfast of multi grain pancakes with pb and banana's. Mmmm, good stuff. Then I spent the next 40 mins doing Pilates stretching out my legs, warming up my spine and doing some core work. Then I headed out for my LSD recovery run. My legs felt really good. I must have done something right. It was really easy to start off running fast...I just felt so light and quick, but realized that I needed to keep my HR down. All training has a purpose and this one was to run SLOW and conserve energy. So that I did. Ran 6.6 miles in 55 mins, avg'ing 9 min miles and an avg HR of 145. This is pretty neat, I use to run 10 min miles at that HR same type of course with flats and hills. So I guess this means I'm becoming more efficient? Or so I hope. This month has started out great! I'm see'ing a lot of positive results. Must keep it up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday 45/5 brick

This was a very productive training session.
*I learned that fueling high on healthy fats and complex carbs the night before and the morning of long workouts I have more energy during training and need to consume less calories during training.
*I awoke at 6 am and started my pre training fuel. First meal was multi grain pancakes with pears = approx 370 cal. Then at 8 am I ate a small banana and a PB & Honey sandwich on whole wheat = approx 355 cal = 730 pre training.
*Training started a little past 9. Between 9 and 12:30 I consumed another 480 cal while I burned somewhere around 2020 cal.
*Maloox is my best friend on bike rides longer then 30-40 miles. Damn my tummy is sensitive.
*Here is a map of the bike ride
44.8 miles with over 2500 ft of elevation gain. I <3 climbing, I'm rather good at it . I focused mostly on my descent. I am still working on my fear of descending and cornering. I've ridden Larch several times and this time down I was much more relaxed and didn't break nearly as often. In the past I would avg 22-27 mph coming down as I held my breaks. Today I only hit the breaks when I was totally out of my comfort zone around sharper corners. I maintained an avg of 27-32 mph coming down. Yay, every ride I feel like I'm getting a little more comfortable with descending and cornering. Slowly but surely. I'd really like to set up some cones and practice, I think that would help.
*My legs started to feel fatigued around mile 40. My tummy started to give me cramping for the last 1/4 of the ride. Ugh, this made me scared of the run to come.
*As I hit transition I decide to run to the bathroom, I drank a lot of H2o on the bike and was hoping that would alleviate the cramping I was experienced. I did feel bloated and felt like a resembled a stuffed sausage in my tri suit. Damn sodium and water. Urinating helped , I will give up 2 mins for a bathroom break to have a pleasant run during the race.
*Brick legs? What brick legs? My legs took 1/2 mile to transition. Woot! Woot! Not sure how that happened but I was ****ing ecstatic. My run felt great!
*3 hrs and 30 mins later I finished my 45/5 brick and I felt good!

I weighed myself pre brick at 132.5, I weighed in post brick with recovery foods and I was down 129.4, 3.1 lbs of water and wtf? weight. Not sure were it went but am pretty sure it will be back tomorrow. Digital scales are good for tracking hydration loss.
This evening I'm a little tired and I have an insatiable hunger. I've only been able to consume approx 3000 cal of the 3800 I probably burned (2000 training + 1800 RMR = 3800). I feel rather good considering I burned my left calf on my ice pack last night. Yea, it's a first for me. I sat on it too hard I guess and the damn thing stuck to me. By the time it defrosted it left a chunk of ice on my calf, once that melted I came to realize I have a nice sized ice burn. Awesome. But yea, my legs feel good considering the torture I unleashed on them. My back was rather sore so I did some Pilates spinal workouts, along with some stretching and rolling on my legs.

Wonder how I will feel tomorrow.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Carb/Fat loading dinner

Mmmm, this was so good I had to share.
First course, artisan flat bread with evoo and a mixed green salad with l/f balsamic vinagarette.

Main course
Baked salmon over multi grain pasta with home made fresh basil pesto sauce, topped with parmesan and ramono cheeses and fresh basil.

I love to cook. My tummy is uber happy right now.

90 min Spin....Pondering Iron(Wo)man greatness

Friday morning - 90 min easy spin HR 145-60

For some reason this was easier then I had expected. It was an "easy" spin, but I had loads of energy. When I got to work and looked at my nutritional log I realized that I had twice as much honey on my sandwich then I had wanted. I had 20g down and had consumed 40g. When I made the sandwich I thought I had written down 60g, but as I was pouring it on it seemed like way to much, thankfully I stopped at 40g's. But alas, energy is a good thing.

I spent the whole time reading my Triathlete World Magazine. It was the Oct 07 Kona edition, covering world champions....yea so I'm behind in my reading. It happens. Anywho I was reading about Kate Major, Desiree Flicker, Paula Newby-Fraser, Lori Bowden, Michellie Jones and Emma Snowsill and they have all inspired. It just amazes me how fast the pros are and it brings me to a few questions.

If I put my all (time, energy and funds) into training for say the next 5-10 years, could I achieve their status? Or even be in the top 10? Is it possible? I always have said the sky's the limit but I also think this is the limit that I might not be able to soar to. My wings span might not be long enough, I might not have enough leg to run off the ground and hit air, I may run out of energy as I'm flying aimlessly. Reading up on most of their backgrounds it appears that each girl has excelled at one of the three sports or another. I'm moderate to decent at all....I don't come from a phenomenal background in swimming, cycling or would I have any hope?
Another query I ponder is genetics. Are these women born with these capabilities? Do I have these powers and I just don't know it? And if I don't will I ever have a chance? Is it possible to aim for their greatness one day? I'm still young....I have the time and mentality.

I'd love to meet anyone of these ladies and pick their brain, they truly inspire me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Triple

Lunch - 60 min Pilates

Easy evening run approx 7.5 miles
Was going to try to throw some tempos in there but that was all depending on my calf, I kid you not it started tightening back up after the first mile. Agh! This is so frustrating. I also used this run to break in my new Nike Triax....I'm not sure if they're a little too big, or I laced them wrong (I lace differently then the average person...I skip the first loop near the toe to open up the toe box and I use the heel locks at the top)...I might need to use that bottom loop at the toe since Nike has widened their shoe so much. I started to feel blisters developing on the outside of the big toe on each foot. Too much friction and movement going on. I'll try to relace and body glide my feet for the next run. Great thing about Fit Right is they give you 30 days to test out the shoe, if it doesn't work you can return it and get something different. So I won't pull the plug on Nike just yet, I'll give em a few more runs. I really hope my calf returns to normal for speed work for Kat. The run was rather enjoyable and on my way back I passed by some large water fountains my mom used to bring me to when I was a kid. A cheap way to play and cool off in the summer. It brought back some great memories. Speaking of which, I miss my mom. A mother daughter day is much needed.

Post run I headed to team swim.
I got my sleeveless wetsuit, yay! Open water is going to start soon. I hope this suit fits my long torso better then the last.

Team Swim

100 warm up

10 x 50s, odds: light quick arms, evens: long glide. :10 rest.
Drafting set: rotate leaders every 50. Get into groups of 3, draft in pairs until each person has done 12 x 100s.

Passing drills (demo)

8 x 25s with a partner, practice passing.
Tim was my partner...what was I thinking? He bopped me in the head last year, this year was really no different....he ran me into the side of the lane and I nicked my arm. Lol, we just need to swim far away from one another.
J/K Tim, I <3 ya, but not when you hit me!

Total meters:

Time Trials along Marine Drive

Wednesday evening ride 34 miles - Time Trials along Marine Drive

This ride was pretty non-eventful, which can be a good and a boring thing.
I realized I had highly under estimated the wind chill factor and became cold rather quickly standing around in my Pearl short sleeve jersey with arm warms; waiting to start with the group. Thankfully super Lindsay came to the rescue and let me borrow one of her cycling jackets. I must return the favor with a beer, that jacket saved me the first 20 mins of the ride. I knew starting out, this ride would be challenging. My warm up along Marine Drive on the bike path I was doing an effortless 19-20 mph high cadence spin. This meant heading back I would be facing a great deal of headwind. Oh joy! (Please note this is sarcasm). We reach the part of the ride where the bike path disappears and we hit the road, time to start time trials. Woot! Woot! Bring on the pain. Took me a good 2-4 mins to get my HR up to target 183. I then held 183-186 for 3 mins. Damn this never gets easier. My legs burn trying to push the speed (23-25mph) and keep my HR in the anaerobic zone. It was rather chilly and the cold air (what I could actually process) hurt my lungs. One down....3 more to go. I recovered for 2-4 mins and then hit it again. Ugh, this feels harder then the last! But alas I conquered. The next recovery lasted a little longer since we were starting to approach the airport...I just decided to wait and hit the last two coming in battling the head wind. Not sure how good of an idea this was. Recovery was probably 10 mins and then I pushed forward yet again. Oy! It was hard to get my HR that high again, my legs started feeling fatigued. I was pedal mashing trying to push the power while fighting the wind, now only doing 18mph, I seriously felt like I was trying to ride into a straight wall. Somehow I managed to keep my anaerobic zone for 4 mins. I think the wind might have had me in a time warp or something. Just one more little interval to go. Just one....can I do it? I had a bit of doubt but once I went at it I couldn't allow myself to fail, I just pushed forward. This one was absolutely the worst. I was tired, my legs hurt, my lungs hurt, the wind case I haven't made myself clear I was one hurt kitty. But fail? I think not....maybe muscle failure by the end of the ride but believe you me I triumphed over those damn intervals. Thank GOD Kyle came along for the ride. He stayed with me during the intervals and helped pace line on the recovery home. I'm usually stuck out along Marine Drive alone at the was really nice to have someone to help block the wind and suffer the last bit of pain with. The last might of Marine Drive my HR was a constant 165 and I was only going 14-15mph.

My post recover meal was FANTASTIC. I had my chocolate Endurox shake and a new creation I like to call Black Forrest Delight. It's a 10 grain pancake batter I layer in a bread loaf pan, top with mozzarella, black forest ham, and sugar free jelly, then more ham, mozzarella and batter. Bake it up like bread and eat it as a sandwich, good stuff!

I got home took some magnesium, melatonen (sp?) and rolled my legs. I managed to escape restless leg syndrome. Yay me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April’s Recap...Life is short, must live every day to the fullest

9 days on recovery out of 30, almost 30% off. Went through a near death experience twice and over training.
Swam 8 days = 13.15 miles/ avg 1.6 miles per day of swim
Biked 7 days = 300 miles / avg 42.85 per day.
Spin bike 3 days = 4.75 hours/ avg 1.58 hrs per day
Ran 13 days = 95.7 miles/ 7.36 per day
Pilates/core work (does not include 20 min session 4-5 days a week. This only includes class time at the gym). 5 days = 4.75 hours / .95 hours per day
Total Mileage 409.85
Up 183.15, miles over last month, taking any extra 2 days off
Included in mileage was one brick day with a 29 mile bike/6 mile run.

Tuesday Swim

Warm-up 200

1 x 100 kick with fins, rest 10 seconds.
2 x 50s swim with fins, streamline and kick underwater, exhaling, for as far as you can before popping up to swim. Rest 15 seconds between 25s.
Swim set 4 times.

1 x 600 steady pace; rest 20-30 seconds
4 x 50s at 70-75% effort, breathing every 4 or 5 strokes; rest 15 seconds
8 x 25s sighting, 2 in a row of a kind; rest 10 seconds
Swim set 2 times.

Warm-down 25 x 5 wall push ups
50 x 5 wall push ups
50 x 5 wall push ups
50 x 5 wall push ups
25 x 5 wall push ups
Total yards: 3200

Swim felt great.
I had planned on doing Yoga at lunch and then swimming with the team on Wednesday morning. But I had some crappy work done on my car and turns out I no longer have brake fluid which means I can drive but I can't stop. So my training is limited to what I can do around my house which will be morning Pilates. I'm hoping everything gets fixed by tomorrow afternoon so I can go on the PDX Tri club bike ride.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Another loooong successful weekend of training.

Rode 68 hilly miles with 3000ft of elevation gain.
I worked on my descending a lot, every hill I could I'd drop low and hit a hard gear and accelerate through. I hit and rode 30-35 without fear, a lot . And at one point I hit 39mph!!!! Kind of scary, but nothing too bad. I also had my team captain help me out with cornering. I was able to take a few without braking in which I would have in the past....slow progress but it's something. Going to continue to work on this. The whole ride was tiring....I rode by myself from mile 43-63. Mile 48-54 I had to have a serious mental talk with myself....I was having some issues. My nutrition on the ride was good, but the day before I was caloric deficient and I think ultimately that had an effect on my ride....will not be doing that again. Mile 63ish I was riding along some guy, we were descending going to fast and missed the turn, went 1 mile out too far so we added 2 miles on to the ride, least it wasn't hills.

Ran the Eugene 1/2 marathon. First 1/2 marathon I've run as race but didn't use "race pace", does that make sense? I held back and kept my HR between 170-175 the whole time and tried to talk with people throughout the run, utilizing 80-85% of my energy. The goal was to hit an 8:30 pace, which is what I started with for the first 2 miles (there was over 6000 runners starting at the same time (1/2 and full marathoners), over the next 11 miles I dropped my avg time per mile at each mile I injured my left calf doing hopping/skipping drills and track on Thursday so it hurt a bit after the run but am sure it will be fine letting it rest for a few days, also ice will help. I had no taper for this race and was running off fatigue from the last few crazy days of training. I ended up coming in at 332 out of 2628 1/2 marathoners, 27 out of 268 in my age division, and 109 out of 1819 females. Finishing time was 1:45:43/ avg mile 8:05.
This peaks my curiosity into what I could have done with a taper and 100% effort...BTW I really want to do a full marathon now :D

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday - Easy 5.2 recovery run

Got up at 4:45am to get my easy run in for the day. I jumped out of bed and almost fell over. Damn my legs were stiff. The first 1/4 mile I pretty much limped like a gimp. My ribs felt bruised from all the Pilates core work (good thing btw) and my hamstrings were tight and had no bounce. 3/4 of a mile in I stopped and spent a good time stretching.....then continued on my way. Allergies are again in full effect and I'm sneezing like crazy. About a mile in and my legs felt pretty good. I rocked out to my Ipod and enjoyed the rest of my run as the moon retired and the light came alive for the day. Feeling pretty good now. I'm glad I got my run in early, I'll have a full 24 hours of recovery on my legs until the next training session.

My weekend looks like this
Saturday - RACC Ride around Clark County, 65-MILE LOOP: Loop travels east, around Lacamas Lake, then north through the hills of Hockinson, through Battle Ground, to Daybreak Park, west through Ridgefield, then south through Felida and back to the finish at Clark College. (3,000 ft. elevation gain). This ride is notarious for their kick ass aid stations. It was this time last year that I discovered the wonders of trail putty. Mmmmmmm

Sunday - Eugene 1/2 marathon. I had originally intended on racing this since I have never "raced" a half before. But screw that. My legs are going to be toast after that ride tomorrow. I'll give it good effort and that's about it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Track

Noon - 60 min Pilates. Focused on prime core work, my abs were screaming to stop by the end.

Evening track -
1.4 mile warm up run to track from home.
5 min stretch
15 min of drills (a$$ kickers, strides, side strides, high knee skips) 1.5 miles
Start of ladder
400 - 1:49
800 - 3:38
1600 - 7:10
Ugh! This is where I got stopped. A coach asked me not do speed work because he had "rented" the track for his kids and was fearful that I might run over them. I was running at Fowler middle school and my assumption was post school the track was free to the public, apparently not. The track is freaking huge, not really sure why he couldn't just let me have the inner lane. I decided not to argue and just leave. I was irritated before this and he was just the icing on the cake. During my speed work I had to dodge a **** load of kids walking/playing aimlessly and couples and "soccer moms" thinking it is ok to walk 2-3 deep in the inner lane. Do people not know the inner lane is the mile marker?! WTF? I decided to run out 3/4 of a mile from the track and finish the last mile and half back with a 3:40 and 1:50 tempo, to get my remaining speed work in.
Total mileage = approx 7 miles, 2.5 speed work, 1.5 drills, 3 warm up, cool down and floats.