Friday, December 12, 2008

Another day another spin

10 minutes after waking I was on the trainer for a 75 min recovery spin. Oddly enough my avg wattage was about 10 watts higher yet my HR and energy remained the same as prior workouts. I have also had a pretty long week in regards to training and work, I would have thought that would show in my wattage, yet it didn't.

Avg watts 153, Avg HR 147

I realized Oscar (my fish) died sometime during the week. How depressing, I killed him within 5 months....this is another example as to why I shouldn't have a boyfriend. What if I forget to feed him?

I am really looking to letting loose and dancing the weekend away. Bring on the happy feet!
Sometimes....yes sometimes a girl wants to get swept off her feet, if only for one night.


Rainmaker said...

I would hope that you're potential BF could feed himself. In fact, I'd hope he could feed you as well. Just cause...ya wouldn't want to end up like the fish. ;)

Joe Tysoe said...

Kat, I agree with the sentiment here, re Boyfriends.

I mean, the last thing you'd want to do is leave a boyfriend alone for a month in a fishtank, eating goldfish flakes.

He would die for sure. Not good.

Kit Kat said...

Thanks for the laugh gentlemen