Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kat's primarily 2009 Race/Event calendar

This schedule is tentative as I am in conflict on which Half Iron should be my second for the season

2/22 - Jack Frost Time Trial (bike)
3/15 - Shamrock 15k (run)
4/5 - Race for the Roses 1/2 marathon (run)
4/19 - Estacada Time Trial (bike)
5/2 - Wildflower Half Ironman
5/9 - Gator Grinder Sprint Triathlon
5/30 - Starlight 5k (fun/run)
6/6 - Gecko 2.4 mile open water swim (date tb confirmed)
6/13 - Here's where the variables happen either Blue Lake Olympic Triathlon OR Boise Half Ironman
6/28 - Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon
7/11 - Seattle To Portland - (bike) - in one day
8/3 - The other variable - Troika Half Ironman
8/30 - Ironman Canada

The big variables regarding the Half Irons are
How many Olympics would I like to do? I would like some short fun tri's.
Cost and travel factor. I don't have much vacation time or funds to drop on traveling...which would make Troika in Spokane the winning Half
Troika is flat and fast and would a good one to shot for a PR and the start to my IM taper since it's 3-4 weeks out. BUT Boise I could attempt to qualify for Clearwater.....I use the word "attempt" lightly.

Of course there will be plenty of century rides, long bricks and runs on my schedule as well....this is just an event guide.
Thoughts or opinions?


Matt Getting said...

you're going to be a busy woman

meherczeg said...

just checking in. you are nutty. but you know you can do it girl!

have a super christmas, and you need to send me some recipes!


Lindsay Heneage said...

Whoa! And I thought I was busy :)
We're going to rock it this weekend in honor of your B-DAY!