Monday, December 15, 2008

I am not a fan of the cold

Sunday morning I awoke to several inches of snow. This would have been fine and all but I was 20 or so miles away from home, had a slight hang over, running off of 4 hours of sleep and some how had to figure out how to drive home with a front wheel drive car with no chains and crappy tire traction. After many fish tails, cursing followed by Hail Mary's, I pulled into my drive way. I've never been so happy to be home. My car will now be parked for the next 7+ days and my only way of transportation will be running....which starts my Monday

I ran to work today. 3.7 miles each way...20-25 degrees with winds between 23-30mph.
I left the house wearing my CWX run tights, my hideous fleece pants my mom bought me some years ago for Christmas. Thank you mom, you told me one day I'd need them and today was the day. I rocked a Craft Pro Warm base layer with a Sugoi Speedster with a Sugoi Fino beanie and the Speedster hood over the beanie. Two pairs of Craft pro warm socks, my BADASS Nike Gore Triax, Gore Lady Alp-X Jacket and some Gore Windstopper gloves. You'd think I'd be warm right? The first 10 minutes sucked. I couldn't feel my fingers and my nose was so cold it burned. But within 10 minutes the technical fabrics worked their magic off my elevated HR and I became an inferno of heat. Everything was warm except for my face which I could no longer feel...but if I can't feel it, it can't hurt right? The run for the most part was ok, until the wind started to moan, which made me moan in pain. The wind hurt, bad. I felt like someone was trying to push me over and the chill was extremely painful.

We had issues with the heat at work today and I think 1/2 the day was spent around 40 degrees. I had to wear gloves at my keyboard. I don't think I finally defrosted until 3 or so.

The run home was about the same as the run to, except that it was dark. Still hurt like a mother.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in my nice warm bed. Tomorrow is going to be another ice chilling day. Someone please make it stop.

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Rainmaker said...

With all the snow you've been getting - and are going to get over the next 10 days - it sounds like you need to pickup a pair of those Yaktrax or something so ya can run on the ice. Or just strap some car chains to your feet.