Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's been a long day

Woke up at 5:00am to head to the pool to get my swim in...along the way I got pulled over for having a headlight out. Mrs. or Ms. Hillboro Police Officer was kind and let me off the hook. I told her that I had planned to get it replaced tomorrow and she went on to explain the importance of doing it immediately. As I went along my way I thought of why I was "too busy" to do it today. Realization stuck me, if I was hit by another car because they didn't see me I wouldn't be able to the things that were "so important" that I couldn't change my light. I made it a priority to do change it on my lunch. I feel better now.

Morning swim
6 x 500s; 30 sec rest between sets

Total yardage = 3000

Normally this sort of set could send me to boredom hell, but not today. Work is uber busy and I have at ton on my mind. My swim was much needed mental therapy.

Another busy day at work. I have so much passion and desire to do well and I let myself down...more importantly I don't want to let the person I respect down. I have area's I feel need improvement and find them very challenging. I guess it's a good thing though, once I conquer them (which I WILL DO) I'll feel that much better. right?

Evening warm up run 3 miles easy around the waterfront in downtown PDX. More mental therapy. It was such a beautiful night. The sky was clear, air was crisp, the moon- full and bright. Christmas lights and decorations hung from buildings and trees, tis the season. The street lights glistened off the water and for the moment I was running everything was ok.

Run lead into an hour of Pain In The Park.
My energy was low and I wasn't able to give it my all tonight. Maybe the swim and run had something to do with it. The 35 burpee's handed me my tail and I wasn't too keen on the leapin' lizzards either. I did enjoy the circuit stations and the 4x1 min chair holds followed by stair climbs - my quads are going to burn tomorrow and will require special attention from my "stick" tonight. Hopefully a morning recovery spin will straighten things out.

My nose is cold, yet again :(

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