Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Or not, really...make it stop.

To help save my sanity and cure my cabin fever I decided to take a 2 hour adventure through the snow, on public transportation to hang out with a friend and watch movies all day. As the storm grew worse hour by hour I had less of a desire to make the 2 hour trek back home, instead I stayed over and the movie watching continued into the next day.
Here's a list of movies that kept us entertained

Fred Clause
Christmas Vacation
Badder Santa
and part of Wall-E

It's always more fun to watch movies, eat and drink with friends then alone. Plus I had someone to share a whole box of Betty Crocker brownies with cookie topping. Sinfully delicious and worth all 1200 calories. Sunday afternoon I started to get the cabin fever feel again, the storm was picking up and daylight was quickly coming to an end, it was time to get my tail home. Ah yes, another 2 hour adventure into the storm and on public transportation. The Yellow MAX line (light rail car) was out of service as the switches had froze, lovely, so I had to wait for a shuttle bus. The BLUE MAX line was having electrical problems and was running late. I waited in the blistering cold for 25 minutes for that stupid thing, at which point I'm pretty sure I encountered frost bite (exaggeration here). First my toes went numb, then were incredibly painful to move. Finally the stupid light rail showed up and I had the pleasure of sharing a seat next to a heavy smoker for the next 30 minutes. The car continued to have electrical problems, the lights would go off, or flicker and the heat was not working. I was very happy when we arrived at my stop. I ran the mile and half home. Today was much more difficult to run in the snow then any day last week. For one we're looking at 6-8 inches and two, the top is frozen. I had to be-careful of where I stepped or I'd fall into a hole or have the ice cut me...which I didn't know could actually happen. At some point I made it home. Immediately I changed into my bike shorts and hit the trainer, I had 1/2 a box of Betty Crocker brownies to work off. I finished 90 minutes later with an avg wattage of 162 and HR or 152. Now it's time for sleep in my nice warm better. The stupid storm is supposed to stick around for another week.....I really don't want to run to work all week again :(


Rainmaker said...

Having just arrived in your general neck of the woods - I can say that the snow is awesome to run on. Well, as long as you've got some Yaktrax anyway. I took them out today for my first run (I don't have any snow at home). Wow, you needs to go visit REI ASAP. Exactly like normal running. Soooo fun.

Kit Kat said...

This weather is rare, it never snows here. No need to invest in Yaktrax, my Nike Gore Triax do just fine :)