Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pain In The Park - week 2

I survived....barely. I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Pain is weakness leaving the body or possibly an injury. My right hamstring is jacked up and I felt it during the sprints. Somehow I managed balance running across slippery logs. I think the coach is high when he tells us to jump on or over logs. Seriously, my legs don't have a 10 ft span. Have you watched me run? Do you see how short my stride is? Cut a girl a break. The warm up run drills were fun. I wish I had a camera because I'm sure it was funny as hell to see 30+ people hoping up a large hill like jack rabbits. The night went by fast....too fast. Recovered with pizza, wine and friends.

Oh big ups to Lindsay for coming out....that's a hard work out right? You rocked it girl. Hope to see you next week!

My plans are to commute to work via run tomorrow. Hopefully the hamstring will be up to it upon morning. G'night.


Rainmaker said...

Pizza and wine - awesome recovery duo!

Anonymous said...

I came across your post on TriFuel. I was at the park last night too, and my hamstrings are in rough shape ...
Anyway, for some reason, I can't get my posts to show up on TriFuel, even though the guy said it should be there. Am I missing something? If you know, send me a note on my blog:
Maybe I will see you next week!

SUB6 said...

Pain is weakness leaving the body or possibly an injury ... Great line! :)