Saturday, November 29, 2008

Part of my soul is at the bottom of the pool

I knew better....first I lost one of the pearl earrings my father gave me at the bottom of Wickiup Reservoir and now I lost my diamond cross at the bottom of the Hillsboro 24hr Fitness. Much more then a piece of jewelry, it was a part of me.... this swim was depressing. Someone should make goggles that have tear drainage holes, I don't know how they'd go about it but they should exist

500 warm up
2 x 100 paddles
2 x 50 buoy
2 x 100 paddles

2 x 50 long glides
2 x 25 finger drags with 25 free back
(lost jewelry, spent 15 minutes searching the pool bottom only to come up empty handed)
2 x 50 - pulls
1 x 200 - fins

Bi-lateral breathing
1 x 250 slow; breath every 5
1 x 250 fast; breath every 3
Repeat x 1

Total yardage 2500

Believe it or not on the occasion I actually have a heart. Pride hurts....loosing yourself hurts.


Robear said...

omg. That workout sounds tough.

I hope to get in that good of shape someday.

Coachhrd said...

Wow, that does sound like a tough workout. Too bad about the loss - not sure how you made it through! Lost my wedding band once, but I found it.

Joe Tysoe said...

Dang. Puts things into perspective, I got all pissy when I ran over my Nike watch after leaving it on the last last summer.

Just think of the jewelery at the bottom of the pool your eternal marker of sacrifice.