Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snipets from my 28th Bday celebrations

For the record the actual birthday is not until Wednesday, but who does anything on Wednesdays? I decided to celebrate this weekend.

*After 2 glass of blackberry wine and trying numerous dresses on we are off to hit the town. It's odd that just a year or so a go I was uber girly and wore dresses, heels all the time. Now, I just feel of out of place in them.

*Bourbon furnace - hot apple cider, nutmeg and bourbon. Lindsay's pumpkin pie was good too. The bartender made me a special key lime shot. It was blissful.

*Lisa running back to Ringlers to tip the bartender more because he called her beautiful
*Lindsay and I loosing track of time in a clothing store. I was in aw (ok a little tipsy) of some sparkly spandex pants and pondered the idea of buying a dress and taking a razor to shorten the length. Alana called, woke me from the fashion nightmare that was about to take place and we were back on our way
*Mmmmm - Calamari, lox and cocnut shrimp...good friends... Lots of girl talk and giggling
*Lisa showing off Alana's oh-so-hot sassy zebra striped shoes to a table or 10-12 elderly people, she did so with a can-can kick. It was great, they loved it.
*Josie saving us just in the nick of time! We see her a block from Jake's, all of us scrabble into the car at a red light and head down to the club. That mile or so walk in heels and freezing cold would have sucked. Josie, you get super hero status for the night, Extra kudos for the parking spot a block away,
*All of us ladies get in free of cover, that happens when you know someone who knows someone.
*Blueberry martini - Thanks Katy, it was delish!
*Lisa trying to "work" the free drinks for the night - classic good stuff

*The hot guy with big hair....too bad he was soooo small. Maybe if he was man sized his hair wouldn't have looked so big.
*Crown royal on the rocks - 2 of them. At first the bartender made them in shot glasses. Who shoots Crown Royal? It should be sipped and I should not have to correct a bartender. Anywho, thanks Alana, love ya girl!
*Don arrives and I experience my first lemon drop shot. Made with fresh lemons, so good and sweet, After my first one I kept going back for more...which were covered by various random men.
*Lots and LOTS of dancing.

*2 shots of Patron from another random guy - thanks!
*2:00am, uh tummy's growling, time to go!
*Lisa, Alana and getting on dude's backs to race down the end of the block- piggybck style. What? we do it in crossfit. Ha! I just remembered that!
*Waiting forever for a cab ride to Touches only to get asked to leave because they were closed :( Tummy is soooo hungry.
*Alana and I capping the night off with a plate full of cookies then sharing a bed with her two cats and 3 dogs.

Thanks to my friends for coming out and showing a girl a good time for her birthday. I have the best circle of friends. Love ya!


Flatman said...

Happy Birthday!~

Rainmaker said...

Sounds like an awesome night!

"The hot guy with big hair....too bad he was soooo small. Maybe if he was man sized his hair wouldn't have looked so big."


Happy Birthday!

SUB6 said...

Happy Birthday :)