Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Run, swim, ouch

Treadmill Run
10 min 8:55 pace
5 min stretch
5 min 8:55 pace
10 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline
1 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 7:30 pace
4 min 8:55 recovery
10 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline
1 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 7:30 pace
4 min 8:55 recovery
5 min 8:55 pace at 2.5% incline

7 miles total

Tummy wasn't happy with the food I ate this morning and ended a little short. Oh well, run felt good. I removed the stupid bungee cord laces and didn't experience the pronation. Yay. I immediately hoped into the pool

4 x 500 moderate paced swim; 30 sec rests.

2000 yards

Swim felt great. As soon as I jumped I found myself dancing with the water. It's good to feel like you belong.

My clumsy ass cut myself shaving in the shower gym. Not a little nic but a full on slice off skin straight off the ankle. I stood in the shower for an extra 10 minutes hoping it would stop bleeding, no luck. Blood ran down my leg all over the locker room as I ran to the bathroom to get tissue. It looked like bloody carnage in that place. I had a hell of a time cleaning it up as I had to hold my hand with tissue around my ankle to stop the bleeding. I sat in that damn locker room stuck in only a bath towel for 15 minutes before someone offered to get some kind of help. I couldn't let go of my ankle long enough to put clothes. Frick! Humanity.....where the hell was it? I was passed by more then 10 women and not one offered any kind of assistance. Someone finally offered to go get the manager. Lol, she came back with a bandaid.....then had to go back for the full first aid kit. 45 minutes later I left, wrapped in gauze.

I'm now rockin a limp, it hurts a lot more then when I first cut it. Hopefully this will not affect my dancing tonight.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! 2009 starts my IM training!

It's now 4 hours later, I take the bandage off and I'm still bleeding! WTF? I am seriously a tool.

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Rainmaker said...

I say you apply some crazy glue. Actually, I'm only half serious. That's what ski patrollers use when folks cut themselves open on the slopes with skiies. ;)

That said - 7 miles on the treadmill is pretty impressive. Congrats and happy new year!