Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another SNOW day!

This weather is really screwing with my training. I can't make it to the pool and I can't get any kind of quality runs in, I'm limited to my trainer which I think is slowly killing my brain cells.

Woke up at 6:30 and after some hot oatmeal started my 2 hour spin. Spinning in a room that has a temp high of 40 degrees is motivation to get your legs going and get your heart rate elevated, this room happens to be my living room. I watched Bottle Rocket, Luke and Owen Wilson kept me mildly amused. 45 mins in and I could no longer feel my hands, feet or nose. I think they had all fallen off due to frost bite, somehow I managed to continue on spinning. It sucks when you're covered in sweat and in a cold house, I had to keep my HR above 150 just to keep warm enough to continue on.

Power data - endurance range
120 mins
energy expenditure 1159
caloric intake 240
Max watts - 198 / 3.26 per kg
Avg watts - 160 / 2.63 per kg
Avg cadence (because few care) 75
Max HR 165 / Avg HR 154

1 comment:

Coachhrd said...

Don't complain! That beats a long, slow run in the stiff -5 degree winds of central Iowa today!