Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting anaerobic on that ass!

It's about fucking time!
Tonight I met up with the PDX tri group for the kick off to Wildflower training. Do I think it's a little soon to be training for a HIM again? Yes..... am I going to be taking this seriously? Well, not so much, for the next 2 months. I really just want some people to keep me company during my little torture sessions I like to put myself through. Misery love company, right? Is it really misery if I smile during the pain? Hmmmm, something to ponder. Anywho, my main goal for the next 2 months is short fast work with plenty of recovery in between and the occasional longer distance workout on the weekend just to make sure I don't loose all of my endurance. The plan tonight was to a 12 min time trial to figure out pacing. I got to the track 45 minutes early and start with a light warm up jog (gulp; yes I did say jog.....and you will only hear me refer to "jogging" as a warm up or a cool down. I am not a jogger, I am a RUNNER. enough with my little tangent......) accompanied by 1.5 miles of drills, a few strides, bounds, side strides, sprints and tail kickers. People started showing up so again I went for a (gulp) warm up cool down jog. Then we had to sit in the mind fucking cold for what seemed like an eternity to hear the Wildflower rundown, followed up by the track workout. I understand it needed to be done...but for the love of God, it was COLD! Paul and I started hopping around just to keep core temp up. I was over come with joy when we were told we could start....and that was short lived. Check it, so I wore my new CW-X compression PreformX tights and I have to say they are officially BAD ASS. My legs felt phenomenal! I ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS experience some kind of leg discomfort during run drills or speed work/sprints/repeats. Not tonight, my legs felt amazing, envision the road runner, yea that was me. Ok, maybe not but that little bad boy was sure running through my head as I was running. On the flip side, they kept sliding down around my waist. It didn't feel like they were too big. They were compressive around my legs and my damn tummy felt like I was a sausage in a casing = not a good thing, yet slippage was happening. I'll have to talk to my boss and see if I need to go down another size or maybe try another version of the tight. Regardless, I will find a fit and will be using these at during all of my speed work. Again, BAD ASS. Ok back on to the run.....legs felt good, fast and quick. I looked down at my HR and I was rockin 188 1/2 mile in. Ugh, I haven't been this high since the marathon. The good feeling lasted a mile in....then my chest started to hurt. My lungs were on fire and it felt like my blood was pumping so hard it was going to bust a vein and spew everywhere. What a sight that would be! But that never happen, just felt like it. The last loop hurt the worst, again this is all cardio pain, and probably due to taking a month off from any kind of anaerobic threshold work. FUCK! My tummy was churning, my lungs where on fire, I couldn't breath...luckily I didn't have any food in me or it would have sprayed my territory on the track. I finished 2790m in 12 minutes with an ending HR of 196. Which puts me at a 6:55. I'm really happy with anything sub 7 but know I have some hard work to do to hold that pace for a 5k. I really want to go fast......I love running fast. I have the glorious runners high. I can not wait for more track!

I finished the night off with sushi with a friend......good times :)

Oh yea, big ups to moms. Thanks for the apple cider vinegar/water trick. No more acid reflux during anaerobic work! Woot! Woot! Now, if you can just stop my nose from running/sneezing and my lungs from burning :) Love ya.

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