Monday, November 3, 2008

Writer's block

Who would ever think that I would come to a point of nothing to write or say? Well actually I have plenty to say but I also know when to bite my tongue or tape my fingers. Some things are just better left there it is. I have a lot of things on my mind; things I find unmoral and disrespectful, things I can't stop laughing my ass off, things that I desire for but have a conflict of interest in. Sometimes I just wish my head would STFU up and act/do and not think.

I'm finally moved into my new place, and about 90% unpacked. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have enough time to seal the deal.
I can't wait to break in my new home and be able to sleep sound again. I hate sleeping in new places, it takes forever for me to find a comfort zone. I'm really hoping my satin sheets and heated mattress will help expedite things. Satin sheets are so practical yet impractical. For one, I hate sleeping on them, I'm guaranteed to slide out of bed one out of seven nights. Those are not good odds. Yet once it starts getting cold I utilize them. Satin is non breathable fabric and helps retain body heat, that's what an anaemic girl who wakes up with a cold nose every night needs. The heated mattress pad on the other hand is a godsend. Thanks for the past x-mas present mom, probably one of the most useful things you've ever given me.

I've taken a week off of training, cooking, or organized anything. Some say this needs to be done, I have other thoughts on that matter. My nutrition has gone south as Halloween I drank myself into an early grave only to climb out with a phat ass cheeseburger and pizza the next day. I think I'm going to take this week rather light, get things settled in at home and spend any free time I might have getting my nutrition back on track with home made dishes. I really despise eating out. I mean really, why pay for over priced, unhealthy food when I can make something much more flavorful and beneficial at home. It just takes time and since it's a high priority for me I'll make it work.

Again, I needed another weekend from the weekend. Moving after drinking all night and 2 hours of sleep is a tornado of hell. I feel sorry for my mother who was generous enough to put up with me. Lol, she made a funny comment during our our mini cardiac arrest burger feasting session "I'd deal with you hung over and sleep deprived any day over being hungry." I'm I really that vicious when I need to eat? Apparently so.

I guess I didn't have writers block after all. Thanks for listening :)


Chad said...

Glad to have you back. :)

Rainmaker said...

You could bungie cord yourself to your bed. Then you wouldn't slide off of it.

But then again, perahaps your just doin' something wrong - cause I've never fallen off my bed...well, at least just not sleepin' on it anyway.