Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snipets of the weekend

*My Aet on the bike is not 220 that's my max, which is rather pathetic since my max last year was 280. Then again I'm comparing apples to oranges in the way the testing was preformed. I still think it's disappointing.
*I <3 hard cider
*Being awake for 24 hours while still recovering from a cold takes a toll on a girl.
*I hate techno music.
*Some random dude I was talking with kept hitting me, it was rather odd.
*I tasted an amazing yam and mushroom soup and sweet potato biscuits. I am meeting too many men with good cooking skills.
*This stupid cold has moved into my chest and it hurts to breathe. Can the phlegm family I'm producing please find a new home.
*Country karaoke is not ok.
*Some people should not dance, ever.
*I can seriously talk tri for hours and not get bored...this is confirmed after a 4 1/2 hour tri meeting and then a party. I am an offical tri dork.
*Tried mooshine for the first time, not my cup o tea.
*Was able to spend some time with a girlfriend I haven't seen forever, good times.
*Soup of the week is a northern bean and turkey bacon, yum.
*I have three friends racing IM Arizona right now. Go Darrell, Crystal and David!
*Life is beautiful
*I may be single and alone but I have a lot of really great friends. I am truly blessed.


Chad said...

I am reading a Joe Friel Book "Going Long," and it reminded me of you. He mentions quite a bit that you will get colds if you overtrain and neglect rest in general. I only know you from a few months of reading your fun blog, but I thought of you and your colds. Take care, Chad

Kit Kat said...

This is the first cold I have had in several years. I don;t get sick.

Dundidit said...

So, are you saying you don't like it when guys are good cooks?

wha said...

Can you please tell me what your taper looked like prior to the Portland Marathon?

What was your mileage the last two weeks, prerace?

Please and thank you.


Rainmaker said...

"I am meeting too many men with good cooking skills."

And that's an issue?

"Some random dude I was talking with kept hitting me, it was rather odd."

I first read this as "hitting on me" - and my response was "umm...yeah, then stop talking to him'. But now that I re-read it...yeah, that's odd. You should have thrown a spoon at him. That would have been a bunny-pancake moment (just do a google image search on bunny pancake)

"Country karaoke is not ok."

Ha! Awesome!

Kit Kat said...

2 weeks before my marathon
29 miles; 3 run days, 14 days out 18 miles...trail run, LSD pace. 12 days out 6 miles..."race pace" 10 min warm up, 5 miles at 8:15s, 10 days out 5 miles...10 min warm up, 3 x 1600 at 7:13s, 2 min floats.

1 week before = 22.25miles; 4 run days
7 days out, 10 mile road run, LSD pace. 5 days out 5.25 miles, 1.6 mile warm up, 2 x 1600s at 8:00, 1.6 mile cool down. 4 days out 4 mile easy LSD paced run. 3 days out 3 miles. 1 mile easy, 1 mile at 7:13, 1 mile easy.

Race day!

For the record....Yes I like men that can cook. This is an attraction factor...which is not a good thing since I don't date. So men with cooking skills need to stay away. It's like fricking kryptonite.

LMFAO, bunny pancake is funny. Yea...we were talk about training and he'd get all excited and be like "YEA" and then hit my shoulder or push me. Odd dude. I should have thrown a spoon at him. I'll keep one in my purse for future occasions.