Friday, December 26, 2008

Angels save the holidays

MaryJane – Thanks for going up and beyond to locate cables for my car.
Ali – Thanks for being an awesome friend and offering to transport them to me.
Pascal and Michele – Thanks for helping me find places to go during the holidays and opening your doors as the amazing extended families you are.
Baier – Thanks for taking me out Christmas Eve. Please thank Carrie for including me in the holiday festivities. I learned far more then I think anyone needs to know about Jack Daniels : ) and found out I actually like the single out Crown Royal, Jack's going to give you a run for your money. After watching Mama Mia I have realized I MUST pick it up this weekend, I can't wait to watch it on my trainer. BTW, your green bean casserole was to die for! Get yourself a felony charge and you'll be right up there with Martha Stewart. I'm sure you could take first prize for decorating cell block C.
Brandee – I can not thank you and your family enough for the ride out to my mothers. Your kindness and generosity makes this world a better place. Once a stranger hopefully a new found friend/training partner :)

My mom and I had a wonderful Christmas. After Brandee and her wonderful family dropped me off, my mom and I exchanged presents. I outfitted my mother with training clothes. Yes mom, I'm hoping you join TNT for the ½ Marathon walk in April : ) We then took the bus downtown to enjoy dinner at Three Degrees. Dinner was phenomenal, we shared sachets truffles, braised ribs and a golden beet goat cheese fondue salad. Soooooo yummy. After dinner we walked around downtown for awhile. Ha! I almost fell over laughing when my mom asked if she would have to eat that awful GU during her ½ marathon walk and then if she would experience GI issues during the walk. LMFAO, sorry mom, I told you I was going to blog it, too funny! I tried to shoot a snot rocket along our walk and I think it froze and stuck to my face as it was coming out, to make matters worse a hot guy was walking towards me when this happened. There, I shared something embarrassing, feel better? :)
We ended up at The Portland City Grill for a few after dinner drinks to make the ride home not so cold. The view from the 30th floor of the US Tower was beautiful. The snow covered city seemed so small.
1 kentury side car and 2 spanish coffee's we mother and I bid farewell and started our adventure home. The MAX ride back wasn't too bad, heat was working, no one smelled and it wasn't crowded. I got off and attempted to run my mile and a half back to my house. That didn't work out too well, within the first few steps I slipped and fell on my hip, thankfully it was my left side side as I still have a bruise and some kind of ice burn from falling on my ride side. I'm a cold mess, yet I was a happy cold mess. I walked the whole way home with a massive smile on my face, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have such great friends and family. I am truly blessed.

The day after.........
I went to bed at 8pm so that I could get up at 5am and hit the apartment treadmill for a 2 hour run before work. I had a lot of self indulgence to burn off. I get down there and none of the equipment has power. WTF? I walk out with GU in hand to realize as the door is shutting my house keys are on the treadmill and I am now locked out of my house and the clubhouse and I'm only wearing short shorts and a tank. AGH!!!!! I have a short 5 minute panic attack as I start to get cold and my tummy is growling from hunger. As I contemplate eating the GU I see a car drive by and I quickly run out to flag it down. Thankfully my neighbor has his key with him and let me in to retrieve my house key. I took this whole cluster-%#$ as a sign that I should go back to bed. So I did.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kat,

On the outside, it is sort of funny that some random person would drive some other random person from point A to point B. But take a closer look, and honestly, any decent human in the whole wide world should have easily made that choice. I am no angel, just someone who saw a need and did it. And hopefully, made a new training friend!
I am so glad you had a nice day with your mother. As we drove away, my husband caught the view of you and her embracing, and he said it was incredibly genuine and touching. If anything, I should be thanking you for giving me the chance to do something nice for another person.