Thursday, November 20, 2008

And I'm BACK!

In full force! I awoke this morning able to breathe, this was a sign of a good day ahead. I stuck with my Sudafed throughout the day to make sure my head stayed clear, kept up on the Emergen-Cs and chicken broth. Overall I feel 90% better then the last 3 days. I will never not, not knock on wood again!
To celebrate my ability to breathe I joined the PDX tri club for the weekly pain in the park. I had given my legs enough R & R, it was time to make them suffer again, and suffer they did. Oh BTW, big ups to Paul and Annie for the hot apple cider and allowing us to stay warm at their crib, pre workout. We started the workout off with a quick warm up jog, run drills and dynamic jumps, toe crosses, high knee runs and lunges...then it was off to our 3 course circuit training. Each circuit was 6 mins long and we alternated the workouts in the circuits every minute. The first circuit had 1 minute repeats of dips, push ups, side curls, and side wall pull ups. Woah! Reminder, Kat has no upper body arms were on fire. I'm going to feel like I actually have a chest again when the DOMS set in. Yippppee! Circuit 2 was calf raises off the side of a ledge and then outer calf raises, then hopes on one leg and then side jumps and front to back jumps over a line in the concrete. Fun times for all! Circuit three was by far the hardest for me. The first minute we jumped onto a step back and forth, alternating legs, never stopping. Second minute we jumped up each step and then crouched down and jumped again, dynamic jumps. And the last but not least was most challenging for me. Jumping up each step on one leg side ways. Balance is not my friend and this took a bit for me to get a grasp on. But never fail I did it. We repeated each twice. We regrouped and the separated into 4 different run groups to do fartleck sprints. I was supposed to be in the second group, 7 min miles....but apparently they thought we were 6-6:30s, those were not 7 min sprints Jeff! But alas, these were my favorite. I love sprints where people pass one another, it really pushes me. I just wish I had more friends that would go out to the track and partake in these, they are so much fun. I think we did about a mile and a quarter of these quick sprints...I could be off with my distance though. One thing I do know for sure is I was pushing 190-195 HR during my sprints, that Mr. Henderson is not a 7 min mile! But please, don't take my yelling as anger as I was able to release my wings and fly....and it felt phenomenal. When we stopped I came close to hurling. Wow, that hurt my chest....I almost lost a lung over the Hawthorne Bridge, stupid cold. The last bit of the workout was a cool down.....ahahahahaha! Ok maybe not, we were all challenged with a chair hold squat. Up against the wall....once you gave in you had to calf raises or jumping jacks until the last person gave in. I really wasn't thinking I'd hold for long. But then it was a mental game, why couldn't I? It was just my mind against my muscle, who would win? Well we all know who but how long would it take? I managed to hold out for just over 4 minutes....I was the last girl standing (ok, well sitting) and 2 quads starting shaking at 3:40 and I knew I couldn't go much longer. Then I was done, but I couldn't quit for my muscles wouldn't let me stand up. WTF?! So I sat for a few more seconds trying to hold it out until my quads gave in and I sank to the floor. But the last girl sitting and 3rd place will have to do for know......another day maybe.
So now I sit at home, soup and brandy in hand. I'm going to spend a little quality time with my stick so hopefully the wrath of the chair squat will be a little less harsh. Good night.

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