Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swimming, Pilates, Running...oh MY!

AM Swim -

Warm up
1 x 500

2 x 200 - 50-aok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free; 20

Main Set
1 x 200 (first 100 hard/last 100 easy)
1 x 200 (first 50 easy/100 hard/last 50 easy)
1 x 200 (first 100 easy/last 100 hard)
repeat 1 x

Cool down
3 x 50 on back dolphin kick ; 10
1 x 250 easy

Total yardage - 2500

Oooeee, swim tuckered me out. Rushed home and got my pilates on.
Crammed my tummy full of oatmeal and chia seeds and headed out to meet some friends for a LSD trail run.

2 hour LSD run on the muddy Wildwood
Thank God this was a LSD run as the trail was muddy...and not like a puddle here and there, more like you're running through mud/quick sand and the mud monster is going to eat your shoe ALIVE! The run for the most part was a blast as I ran with great company. The last 20 mins vertigo kicked in and I struggled a bit. I got really dizzy and reflecting back can't recall any of the conversation we had...although I know we had one as I talked most of the time. Thanks Dean (dean's lady friend, sorry my bad with names) and Sue! Oh yea, Ruffio (sp? please correct me on this) too! I love your dog Sue!

Recovery came with badass sushi and heart warming saki. Mmmmmm sushi. I think I ate the whole sushi train :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love bricks

2.5hr spin/30 min T run

I got a real treat today - Sue let me borrow Don's compu trainer. Yay! The mind**** you get from intervals is a tad bit easier to deal with when your wattage is set and not something you have to "power"

30 min warm up

10 x 00:30 one legged interval per leg - I hate these!

I'm uber thankful for the compu trainer as my power meter fritzed out again 40 mins in. Eh, WTF? I need a new wiring harness, will order today!

6 x 10 min big ring (55-60 rpms) - 175 watts w/5 min floats at 135
First interval I set was at 190 - this was too hard and I dropped down to 185. Second interval was 180 and I still felt that wasn't power that I could hold for 60 mins of a 2.5 hour the third I dropped down to 175. 175 was attainable. I felt fatigued by the last set but if I was taunted by a slice of cake on a stick - I'd spin for it.

15 min cool down - 140 w

30 min T run - VERY VERY HILLY - up down, round and round. Legs actually felt much better than I had anticipated. I had pretty much no issues :).

Thanks for the spin Sue! Having your and Alana's company made the time fly by.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Repeat, after repeat after repeat

AM Run
10 min warm up
16 sprint hill repeats - HR hit 180-183 at each crest
(4 miles - 850 ft)
10 min cool down

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go

Evening swim
5 x 500 easy -8:30s
4 x 50 on back dolphin kick

Total yardage - 2700

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


AM Swim
Warm up
1 x 500

1 x 100 single arm - 6 x left, 6 x right, 6 both arms; rest 10
1 x 100 catch up; rest 10
repeat 3x

Main Set
6 x 100 1:40; rest 00:25 per 100
5 x 100 1:40; rest 00:20 per 100
4 x 100 1:40, rest 00:15 per 100
3 x 100 1:40; rest 00:05 per 100 - WTF!? :05 is NOT a rest!

Cool down
4 x 50 - on back dolphin kick; 10
1 x 100 - easy

Total yardage - 3200
The morning swim was fueled by last night's Ben & Jerry's American Cone indulgence :)
I hit every 100 repeat between 1:37-1:38. The fear of not making the 1:40 was too great and pushed a little more. By the 4 x 100 set I grew tired. Soon after it felt as if I wasn't really "tri'ing" at all. I was concentrating on keeping my form inline and my stroke long and forceful. I think it felt "easier" per say because of the amount of fatigue. I am a much better, less mechanical swimmer once tired. The dolphin kicks handed my core my tail!

Evening brick -
60 min spin
15 min warm up
2 x 1:00 one legged spins/per leg
5 min easy
5 x 1:00 high cadence power max; 2:00 floats (avg watts for each :60 246, 262, 265, 275, 263)
5 min easy
5 x 1:00 high cadence power max; 2:00 floats (avg watts for each :60 251, 272, 267, 266, 270)
5 min easy cool down

3.2 mile T run - 24:25/ 7:42 avg

Not sure where all my power came from today, as I was on freaking FIRE. Oh yea - maybe a little something called recovery and phase 2!

"Cos I'm
I'm Dynamite
And I'll win the fight
I'm a power-load
Watch me Explode!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the Stone Age

Tonight was my first for running and B.track work since....maybe the stone age? Ok, maybe that's a little far fetched, more like summer.

12 min easy barefoot on the track - 1.5 miles
I ran with a friend and when she stopped for something I considered running onward, I mean it felt so damn good to run barefoot. That being said I was running in the pissing rain at something like 40 degrees. I lost feeling to my feet with the first few minutes. So my freedom of running barefoot would come with a price later down the line....if I continued onward. I took the smart and safe route and laced up my pretty in pink Newtons to proceed.

I originally intended on doing a tempo run up Twilliger BUT I ran into some other friends (Michele and Carly - you go ladies!) and MJ was going to stay on the track....I decided to stay upon the flat and work on a little speed.
The tempo was very unstructured. I'd run 2-3 laps at full effort and then lap around easy, another 1-2 hard, 1/2 easy. I was all over the board. I checked pacing a few times and was a little surprised to see 6:45-7:00 splits. I should not have been running that fast. There is NO need for me to running those kind of paces right now. I didn't really realize what I was doing until I had lost control of my breath. My legs had an agenda of their own as the flew through the rain. This is good a sign as previously my run limiter was always in muscular strength. Now I have the strength, I just have to work a little on my high end cardio.
Tempo run - 4.5 miles

Total mileage 6 - 45 mins/ 7:30 avg

Thanks for the company MaryJane, it was great running barefoot with you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Never let your head hang down.NEVER GIVE UP AND SIT DOWN

AM Spin - 75 mins

15 min warm up
5 x 1:00 high cadence max out watts/ - avg 250-260, 2:00 floats - battery on the power tap died out on my last recovery float %^#$%%$#%#$$^%^%&*^&*^&*^@%^$^$^&%@&*^#*&*#&(@&#)!&#(*&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 x 10:00 big ring intervals w/ 3:00 floats
5:00 min cool down

I don't know what was more difficult, the max out watts or the longer big ring intervals. Both hurt like a B**** but for different reasons. The max out watts pushed my anaerobic threshold while the big ring tested my aerobic threshold and muscular endurance. I was limited by strength on the big ring. My quads have shrunk to nothing and I can feel the power loss. I wish my battery hadn't crapped my watts my have told another story. PE would tell me I was pushing 180-190 on the big ring, but who really knows. What I do know is the first set hurt, the second set made me want to quit and the third set made me dig deep within the lactic build up brewing and inflict a little pain back onto Carnage. I will NOT give in, I will NOT quit.

I swear Zoot's CompressRX Recovery tights are a Godsend. My quads were spasming like a mother***** post workout. My tights put a nice little stop to that :)
Afternoon Trigger Point - Handed me my A**! BUT by evening my legs felt good as new.

Evening Swim
1 x 300 warm up

1 x 150 paddles
1 x 150 buoy
1 x 150 paddles and buoy

Main Set
4 x 50 - DPS - (#1 38, 37, 35, 38 #2 36, 35, 38, 38 - ugh, I had nothing)
6 x 50 progressive breathing per stroke 2, 4, 6
6 x 50 (1-3 progressive, 4-6 progressive.
Start easy getting fast, #1 and #4 at the same speed)
repeat 1x

Cool down
3 x 50 - on back dolphin kick - core
1 x 100

Total yardage - 2600

Swim was pathetic. Energy took a dive.
Again, I had to look deep within to complete the workout.

"Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touch down." - I AM NOT MOST PEOPLE.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My life is stellar because.....

I am surrounded by stellar people!

Last night I slept on a heating pad (thanks for the suggestion Jesse) to help relieve the DOMS from the deep tissue massage from the prior afternoon. It helped a little but I still woke up bruised and sore. Eh....time to go run, in the rain none the less.

Easy LSD Trail Run - 11.5 miles (yes Sue, I counted the pee 1/2 mile before I met up with you guys :))
Initially I wasn't too thrilled about running....let me back up a bit. I wanted to run. I wanted to swim, bike and or run. My motivation is back into full swing and I am itching to tear a training session a new one. BUT the weather wasn't appetizing and my lats are extremely sore. Luckily, I had a great group of friends and one badass puppy to run with. Thanks for the invite Sue! Running through pissing down rain is so much better with company :) - I mean this with all my heart. Time flew by and I didn't even really feel cold and wet until I was sitting in my took a couple hours to defrost.

I spent the afternoon catching up with a good friend and indulging in libations.

3 margarita's later and I'm a happy KAT, I think Mark was pretty happy too!

Then later that evening.....

I got a call from a special someone - which made my night.

Yea, all I can say is I'm lucky to be surrounded (near and far away :)) by such amazing, caring, funny, special people. Muah!
Chapter 1 - the end.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recovery at best

2 hour Spin - Thoughtless and easy - the way recovery should be.
Energy, muscular power and motivation is fully restored. Just need to keep it on the DL one more day - then it's on to phase 2.

90 min massage - in which I was turned into a minced meat. The lady who preformed the massage was small, it made me wonder how she inflicted so much pain.....then I noticed her feet were not on the floor and she lifted by pushing all her body weight into my lats....Oy! For the love of ********!!!!!!
Eating raw foods and drinking several gallons of water with hopes of not getting the lactic/flu like symptoms I'm so prone to.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

AM Swim -

1 x 400 warm up

1 x 100- Single Arm 6 x left, 6 x right, 6 x full stroke; rest 0:15/per 100
4 x 50 DPS (distance per stroke); rest 0:10 (first set 36,34,38,37 second set 34,36,34,36)
Repeat 1 x

Main Set
5 x 100/ leave on 2:00 rest depends on split - 1:42, 1:43, 1:41, 1:41, 1:45
5 x 100/ leave on 1:55 rest depends on split - 1:46, 1:43, 1:45, 1:44, 1:47
10 x 50/ leave on 1:00 rest depends on split - :51, :53, :53, :51, :50, :50, :51, :52, :51:, :50

Cool down
2 x 50 on the back dolphin kick - core

Total yardage - 2600

The Good -Had the pleasure of swimming next to a hot shark this morning :D

The Bad - Energy was craptastic due to a late night and a little vino, well worth it though. Thank God for recovery/easy weeks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you maybe the world"

AM Spin - PE easy
60 mins - entertained by Ugly Betty
Avg Watts 149/ max watts 184 - nothing special, boring constancy
Avg HR 148/ Max HR 159 - Yay, my HR came down!

I would have actually my HR would have spiked. I get to see a special someone today....visit is long over due and I'm pretty sure my neighbors can hear my heart beating.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life is not so much a matter of position as of disposition.

Ahhhh, I love recovery week :) So much that I did not want to get out of my snugly bed and go for my morning run. Lack of motivation with moi is not a good sign. I knew once I got out on the dark open road, everything would be ok....and it was.

6.7 miles on rolling hills / 7:50 avg

This was an interesting run, as my PE was UBER easy. Not once did I push myself. I just told myself "It's recovery week, enjoy the easy training phase will hand you your ass, take it easy while you can. Your body will love you for it." So I took it easy, whenever I felt a tad bit of difficulty I backed off. When I got home I was a little taken back at pace and heart rate. My pace was much quicker than I had perceived. Here I thought I was rolling 9:30s and I was sub 8. Avg HR was 168 with a peak of 188. WTF?! I know what 188 feels like and can't imagine hitting it that hard, let alone holding a 168 avg. Feedback given on the HR was a sign of built of fatigue. This is very likely as I experienced painful DOMS in my lats yesterday and I am holding my head above water at work. 'Tis the tri season, right? Anywho....spinning easy tomorrow morning. Hopefully the HR will go down.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Training is coming along, mile after mile

AM Run - Trail Run on Hagg Lake - 90 min time duration.
I decided to join the local tri club form a muddy run along Hagg Lake. It was so muddy that I almost lost my shoe twice! But none the less, good run with good people!

PM Swim
Warm Up
1 x 300

1 x 100 -single arm 6 x Right, 6 x Left , 6 by both - repeat 0:15 rest
4 x 50 DPS drills 0:10
DPS - Distance Per Stroke - 36, 38, 38, 35 - 38, 37, 34, 37

Main Set
1 x 400 - paddles 0:60
1 x 400 - paddles & buoy - 0:60
1 x 500 - free 0:60

Cool down
3 x 50 - on back dolphin kick, core work
1 x 150

Total yardage - 2500

This is the end of my phase one training. I was able to finish the week with 14 1/2 hours and I feel pretty good. Tomorrow starts the first day of my active recovery week. I will end it well rested to have my Vo2 retested on Saturday. Sunday I will treat myself to a swedish lactic flushing Swedish massage.
I feel good with the first phase as I accomplished all the goals I had set.

Such as -
**Eliminate drinking - this was far easier than I had thought it would be. Alcohol affects my performance too much, therefor it is an easy elimination. Although, I am treating myself to some red tonight, as tomorrow is recovery and a little is good for the heart :)
**Swim, Bike and Run at least 3 x each for a week - done.
**Keep up pilates and trigger point - I've been able to get in 1-2hrs of Pilates a week and hit my Trigger Point during lunch at work and during the evenings before bed. I can not express how much these two aid in injury prevention, joint lubrication and flexibility.
**Eat clean - this has probably been the easiest transformation. I highly enjoy cooking and from what I've heard I do it well. Which makes eating healthy enjoyable.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spinning in company

My Saving Grace - Sue's invite for a 2.5 hour spin

Entertainment/or sanity saving brought you by - Andy's copy of The Dark Night and lots of tri talk by a room full of cool tri peeps.

25 min warm up
1 x 15 mins of one legged drills, alternating legs every ;30
5 min recovery
1 x 15 mins of one legged drills, alternating legs every ;30 - these are a b**** and I was cursing under my breath. My watts dropped by 10 on avg and I had difficulty maintaining a full smooth circle on the second set.
Spun at an easy to moderate intensity for a rest of the duration. Watt avg post drills came to 147.
Bike nutrition - 400 kcal w/650 mg of sodium - and I somehow still made a small lake on the floor. I'll need to up the sodium next go around as I started to feel dry mouth/thirsty during the last 30 mins.

Post spin I laced up my Newtons and hit the road for an easy T run.
Easy?! Ha! Right out the door was a steep descent and then a looooong steep ascent (Sue what do think the grade up 102nd is?), short descent.....3 loops around the park, which felt pretty flat and then back. Ok, the hill up to the house, NOT cool. I ran it, kind of felt like a bunny rabbit hoping along. As I was approached each of the sadistic hills along the route I did so in confidence. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself "At least you're not trying to run up Hamilton Mnt on ice!" Which made the task at hand far more achievable and enjoyable. Sue - I think we should do run/hill repeats up it. Are you game? :)

Brick felt good, energy stayed consistent throughout. As the day moved forward my legs started to spasm. Oy, got to love one legged drills! Sipping on some Pedilyte now and I will embrace painful pleasure from the Trigger Point tonight.

Friday, January 15, 2010


AM the dark, cold and alone.....with a slight case of allergies
7.5 miles - 3 loops around the Nike campus on the bark chip trail.

What is the opposite of two? A lonely me and a lonely you.
Je vous manque

Thursday, January 14, 2010

There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm.

I awoke 45 mins before my alarm to my room mates "accidental" alarm. Agh! Since I'm a light sleeper there was no sense in tri'ing to go back to sleep. So I made her tail get up with me :) Luv ya Jesse

AM Spin 90 mins
15 min warm up
4 x 1:00 on legged drills
10-13 min moderate spin (avg watts 150)
repeat 4x
10 min cool down

Started with an empty tummy and took in 1 GU during spin. Power wasn't great but wasn't poor neither. Tummy stayed quiet thanks to some Chocolate Outage 45 mins in. Seriously, that stuff tastes like chocolate frosting. Thanks for the company during the spin Jesse, we should have these morning dates more often.

Started the day off excited and giddy, one more day!
After work I received some more than disappointing news. I was looking forward to swimming and escaping reality.

Evening Swim
Warm up
1 x 500 easy

1 x 100 single arm - 12x left, 12x right, 12 x full stroke, rest 0:15
2 x 100 free catch up, rest 0:15
repeat 2x

Main Set
5 x 200 leave on 4:00; rest determined on landing time
3 x 200 leave on 3:55; rest determined on landing time
2 x 200 leave on 3:50; rest determined on landing time

I think these intervals were set too slow as I felt my rests lasted too long. I landed each on between 3:15-3:20, which allowed a 40-45 sec rest which dropped my HR to what felt like a standstill.

Cool down
2 x 50 on back dolphin kick; rest 0:20 - core building - ouch!
1 x 100 easy

Total yardage - 3300

On the drive home I was faced with reality and turned melancholy. I need to think about things. What I want in my future and how I deal with disappointment. Life happens and I need to be able to stay positive when the storm rolls in.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'll take Run and Swim Alex....Daily Double!

Morning Run
8.6 miles - PE easy/ 8:45s
AM run sucked serious tail. The effort level was easy but on empty stomach was difficult. I never pushed my pace yet I felt weak. I got dizzy at the light breaks 5.5 miles in, not a good feeling. I ate very well yesterday, I just don't get it. I'm giving this whole - AM workout training w/out breakfast 2 more weeks. If I don't notice some kind of improvement I'm going to see a nutritionist for a second option.

2nd day this week I was cursed with a migraine - this is NOT a good sign. Luckily my co-worker had some Imitrex to spare. I'm going to start carrying my nasal spray again :( blah

Evening swim
Warm up
1 x 400

1 x 50 front skull and kick - rest 0:15
1 x 50 free push and glide - res 0:15
repeat 6 x

Main Set
8 x 50 with buoy, rest 0:15
rest 0:30
8 x 50 with buoy and paddles, rest 0:20
rest 0:30
repeat 2 x

Warm down
2 x 50 - on the back dolphin kick - rest 0:15 (core building- these burn like a mother******)
1 x 50 - free push and glide - res 0:15
1 x 100 easy
repeat 1 x

Total yardage - 3000 yards

I really need to find a new pool. Tonight I got to swim with ignorant 24 HR meatheads. During my intervals they kept trying to stop me and ask stupid question.....How long does it take you to swim a mile? How many miles do you swim? Isn't swimming the best overall cardio for the body? Can you teach me how to flip turn? Want to race? AGH!!! I found kicking very hard near their face shut them up. Last week I swam in a milk bath, these week it was a cattle farm, next week I may run into fruitcakes. It's a food pyramid farm, really.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm a blueberry

And probably not the kind you'd want to eat :(
I'm black, purple and blue from falling on the ice yesterday.
Upon waking I wasn't really sore, just tired and stiff. A little black Pike's Place coffee was the prescription to get me to the pool.

AM Swim - Water was clean today, yay!

1 x 500 warm up - 9:00 SLOW

1 x 100- Single Arm 6 x left, 6 x right, 6 x full stroke; rest 0:15/per 100
4 x 50 DPS (distance per stroke); rest 0:10 (first set 36,40,38,36, second set 38,39,35,34)
Repeat 1 x

Main Set
5 x 100/ leave on 2:00 rest depends on split - 1:36, 1:43, 1:39, 1:41, 1:41
5 x 100/ leave on 1:55 rest depends on split - 1:40, 1:38, 1:37, 1:41, 1:36
10 x 50/ leave on 1:00 rest depends on split - :41, :45, :42, :46, :46, :48, :51, :52, :47:, :45

Cool down
1 x 100 push and glide; rest 0:20
1 x 100 easy

Total yardage - 2800

Swim was rather pathetic. Water felt good on my legs but the resistance hurt my purple palm. The flip turns weren't so forgiving on my spine either. The sun came out of the gray storm when I saw my friend Carly. It felt like ages since we last saw one another.....really it was my bday run but I was delusional at that point. Anywho, it was great catching up and watching her swim. She's a beautiful shark in the water.

As the day went on my lower back grew achy as did my legs. The tops of my quads swelled up and looked and felt like I was smuggling golf balls. Trigger point helped, as much as it could. I also puffed up, round like a blueberry and developed a sadistic migraine. Oh how I love PMS.

PM Spin - 60 mins - Avg watts 145/Avg HR 138
Spin felt good on my legs, not good on my head. Post spin puking made my head feel better but left my tummy ill. You win some you lose some right? I'm empty yet still bloated like a F***ing blueberry. Give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Running Hamilton Mountain

My buddy Mark invited me out for a nice afternoon trail run.....what I got was my ass handed to me and a close call with death.

Mount Hamilton - 6.5 miles 2100 ft elevation

There was no warm up, unless you consider running up steep vertical warming up - Mark does. 2-3 minutes in I'm forced to walk. WTF?! Not sure if I've ever been anaerobic so quickly before. I gave myself a good 30 seconds and started running again. I was forced to this run/walk pattern for the the first 20-25 minutes.

Mark waited for me at the fork. The fork has two signs "Less Difficult" and "More Difficult". Really? Not an "easy" or a "moderate"? Nope, just less or more difficult. I should have known at this point I was in for a world or hurt. Actually if I had any common sense at all I would have Googled the mountain before I opted to "run" it with Mark. I know his sadistic ways. But they say train/run with those stronger than you, so I did. I'll just have to make sure in the future I train with those not as crazy as I, because two people who lack fear and drive for goals can be a stupidly/deadly combination. At this point Mark and I parted ways as he choose the "more" difficult route and I took the "less" difficult route.

I was warned that I would run into snow a short bit into the trail. Snow is no big deal, I've run in it many times before. I would have been lucky if there was snow. Instead of snow I ran into ice and lots of it. Soon I was running a trail that looked like a page out of The Chronicles of Narnia. The tree branches were shalacked in ice, maybe up to 1/2 an inch thick. Soon I was running on what looked and felt like an ice machine. Inches upon inches of rock like ice. It reminded me of the crystals from fantasy theme movies. I wish I had my camera because my words truly do not give vision justice. It was absolutely breathtaking.

As I ran along the ice thinned and thickened out. Things got really difficult when the chunks of ice went away and I was faced with a 1/2 inch sheet of ice. I would run (still vertical) and my legs would slip out from under me. I'm pretty such there was a great time that I just ran in place, it was almost like a stupid treadmill. At once point I slipped up and "ate it", landing sideways on my hip. Thankfully the fall was not too hard. I got back up and started again. I was forced to walk here and there as I just couldn't get any traction. It all started to get demoralizing. I'd turn corner after corner and be faced with the long, no traction icy vertical. I slowly became overwhelmed with anger and fear. I was worried about getting back down. I didn't know how it would be possible if I was having issues getting up. I was worried about becoming hypothermic, all I had on were thermal Craft tights, a Craft baselayer and a wind resistant vest. I was dressed properly for a vertical trail run, not a vertical trail run on ice that would force me to walk a great deal. All of this broke me down and I cursed a mad furry.

As I start to hit another crest I see a man, not just one man but 5 men, they were mountain men! Quickly I became ashamed of my cursing fiasco and apologized. Then fear set in as all 5 men looked like they had lived up there for ages - great they're probably cannibals and I'm going to be dinner. I shouldn't have picked up those extra holiday pounds, it's just icing on the cake. I asked how far I was away from the summit. Not far at all but I wouldn't be able to reach it. I informed them that I was meeting my friend at the crest and I had to go. They asked if my friend was dressed like me, and in the same type of shoes - IE run shoes. I said yes. They all laughed and said he would not be making it up the summit. Too much ice. I was then advised to go to the "saddle" to check out the view and to quickly come back. I did so, and they were right. As I reach the saddle I am now in the clouds, the sky is gray, the wind is fierce and the mountain looks demonic yet breathtaking. Then there was the saddle - a 2.5-3 ft wide ridge about 20ft long. There was NO way in HELL that I would have survived crossing it. I'm very fortunate that I ran into those man as my stupid ass would have probably attempted it. The wind hurt and I quickly turned back thanking the LORD for the warning. The men gave me some hot tea to help warm my core and gave me a few descending tips before I started my trek back down. I thanked them and slowly started downward. A few feet down I hear one guy say to the others "That girl is hard core or really f***ing crazy".

The descent down scared the daylights out of me. I kept telling myself "It's ok, go slow... (Rob Schnieder's - "YOU CAN DOOOOO IT!" Positive words and visualization was all I had. I stayed off to the inner side of the trail going down sideways and keeping to where the grass or trees would be, grabbing and pulling when needed. And then it happened - Fall #! Landed on my right palm -OUCH! Not too bad, I knew it was going to happen. I tried to get up and could not find the traction. Soooo, I decided to stay on my tail and utilize it as a sled, and slide down! HA! This was so much fun, then I hit a rather large rock - right on my tail bone. Oh the humanity! This was I think the second time I started crying. I was really scared. I didn't know how I was going to make it all the way down. F***ing MARK!!!!

Somehow I get on my feet and start my sideways descent again. Then it happens - fall #2 Mother%@$#@!!! I landed on the same palm and this time it hit hard and inflicted pain all up my arm. OMG. At this point my hands were pretty numb and the pain was immobilizing. I sat there for a minute and then again, started to cry like a little pussy. The crying didn't last long as I turned to anger and started cursing like a sailor who had been out to sea for far too long. ##%$%&*^(*&^&%^E%^&*&!)(*)(*(!(*&@#^&@(&$^*&$^&*@$^@&$)(@*$)(*@(*$()@$_)@()_(!)(@)!(#()&!$*(!!!
I was in pain and desperate to get down. Again I try the slide down on my butt approach. This time was better then the last and I was able to slide down a great ways until I considered it "safe" and try to get up again. Up I go and lasted for another 5 minutes before I fell again, hitting the other palm this time. The landing was soft and I realized the ice was getting thinner.
My mantra was now HTFU and get my tail down to start.

Finally I made it back to the ice blocks where I was able to run again. And run I did. At this point I could care less about falling. I had fallen 4 times all ready, what's another? I ran across a few wooden bridges. It brought a smile to my face at one of my darkest hours. I was reminded that I wasn't alone :)
Now I was mostly out of the danger zone. I was going to be ok :).
As my spirit grew the mountain continued to beat down upon me. Upon the descent I was physically assaulted by falling ice which felt like rocks landing on my head. I was also greeted with the occasional face slap by an ice covered tree. But at this point nothing could faze me. My shoes came untied but I could not tie them. My palm palpitated and I feared removing the glove I would find something horrific and I couldn't deal with that mindf*** for the rest of the descent. Pain - out of sight out of mind. I tucked my laces into my shoes which made do.

Alas I approach The fork
"Less difficult - aka HELL or "More Difficult aka Hell on steroids"- I made it. Now all I had to do was fly down!

I reach the car and see Mark. I was overwhelmed with the desire to knock his ass out or give him a hug. I was REALLY happy he was ok. I was REALLY grateful I was alive - we both survived. Come to find out these conditions were VERY rare, it's usually just snow, not life threatening ice.

So I didn't reach the summit, but I did summit in my own mind.
My longest 10k ever.
2 hrs - 6 miles with over 2000 ft of elevation gain in the first 3-3 /2 miles.
BTW, palm is purple but OK

I've always said "What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger - or leaves ya crippled on the side of the road."
Nothing replaces mental toughness. It's probably my number one strength, even when I cry (I'm pleading PMS on this one :))

Thank you Mark

Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Last....

At last.... I took Carnage for a ride...OUTDOORS! Thank you Sue and Don!
At last.... I'm surrounded by like-minded training buddies
At last.... I have found a man, whom I'm fond of
At last.... I feel I am among my own, and no longer like an alien species :)

Saturday workout - 2 hr ride - easy/3 mile run

Couldn't have asked for a better day in January to ride. Temps were in the mid 40s maybe even low 50s and not a drip of Oregon sunshine. I was accompanied by two awesome triathletes who I could learn a lot from. Not only are they knowledgeable but they're uber nice, goal oriented and have some pretty great stories to share.

T2 was in the living room, I quickly made my way out for the run. Legs felt good and my energy was high so I ran with it. Speaking of running, I ran by my room mate Jesse. I was coming in, she was heading out for her first LSD run on of her marathon training. This made me smile. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many "aliens". Hehe :)
Finished 3.2 in 24:20 - 7:40 avg. I love running off of the bike.

Since I'm on the topic of LOVE, I love training weekends - Training, recovery and cooking/eating lots 'o food. Thus far I've made Dish 1 - Caribbean chicken thighs over sweet potatoes and black beans with cumin brown rice mixed with corn and cilantro . Dish 2 I'll start tonight - Turkey chili and sweet cornbread. Thinking dish three will be a yogurt pasta dish - but that's still up in the air.

The only thing this day is missing is my baby by my side. Alas, next weekend. Happy Birthday Robert!

Friday, January 8, 2010

One foot in front of the other

How I awoke a minute before my alarm blew sure beats the hell out of me. My body didn't want to wake up. I twisted and stretched in bed as my body replied with moans and groans of fatigue. Ugh. I gave it a minute or two have its pity party and then told it to STFU as I had to run this AM.

6.6 miles / 8:00 avg

I checked my watched before I left the house, just so I knew my start time. My body upper body was stiff from the day prior swim workout and my upper quads were annoyed from the one legged spins. The goal of the training was to run and only run. I'm on my first week of base and the only goal I need to achieve is to get back into a constant rhythm. Running slow, fast or run/walking would do. S***, just getting my tail out of the house with a HR above 120 was a job well done. The first 30 minutes sucked serious tail....I whined the whole time. I kept telling myself to HTFU and that by 30 minutes the fatigue and pain would go it always does. And it did :) I checked my watch upon reaching the doorstep and I had finished with a nice comfortable 8 min/avg - never pushing myself. I love efficiency. I also love my Newtons :)

I limited myself to one workout today as tomorrow will be trainer session/brick through hell. I decided to carb loaded up on some oh-so yummy Pizzacato Pizza w/a great friend and treat my heart well with a glass of red wine. Cheers! Here's to training season.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Milk, it does a body

Swimming in milk.....that's what the 24hr Fitness pool looked like this morning. I think it's the first time I can recall that I hesitated getting in the water. Once I was in I almost jumped right out. I couldn't see my hand pull down in front of me, the center black line or the X to flip turn at the end of the pool. In fact I ran into the wall not one but three times! And that was not from fatigue. Homeboy in my lane swam into my stomach as I was chillin on a rest break. The only reason I continued on ward was the hope of growing a third eye on an extra limb. Come on now, you know ya all want one too! :P

1 x 500 warm up

Unstructured workout -

1 x 50 - A-ok; 10
1 x 50 - fist; 10 1 x 50 - 10 kick stroke; 10
1 x 50 - one arm catch up
1 x 50 - free sprint; 10
repeat 1 x

4 x 50 counting strokes; 20 - 42,38,36,35

4 x 200 w/paddles- steady; 30

1 x 500 steady

Cool down 1 x 200 easy

Total yardage 2700

From Spinal Tap - Turn it up to Eleven - that pretty much sums the chaos of my day. Go-go-go-go-go!

PM Spin 60 mins
Spun steady avg'ing 160-170 watts w/ 2 x ;90 one legged avg 75-79 watts drills every 15 mins. totaling 6 by ;90

Immediatly I found my right leg is favored as my left struggled. Upon each set my avg watts for the next 10-15 minutes felt easier and soared higher. The single legged drills hurt but made spinning with both legs much easier. These are something I need to do more often.
The new found spinning energy may have come from the radioactive milk bath from this morning, I am rockin' a wicked glow :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A house is built one brick at a time

Alas, my first brick since IMC

90 min spin - avg watts 141
3.2 mile run/ 8:10 avg

Ugh, this was much more difficult then I had anticipated....and not from the bike/run aspect. I got my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) tested a few weeks ago. It turns out my RMR has dropped 20% in the last 2 years. This is hard for me to conceive as my fitness level is at the highest it's ever been and I have not gained any body fat. I question the reliability of the equipment and the recommendations in diet change from the person who tested me. BUT I put the money down for the test so I'll at least "tri" the nutritional changes that were given for 4-6 weeks and see if there is improvement. If there is not I will probably get re-tested elsewhere.

So how does this pertain to my brick? The advice I received was to get morning training in w/out breakfast. I should be eating enough at night to not deplete myself by morning, thus allowing at least 60 mins up to 2 hours without calories. I wake up in the middle of the night to a growling tummy. The tummy is ferocious by the time I awake. Clearly I am not eating enough at night. So I'm upping the caloric intake in the evening and getting my training in w/out eating in the morning. This is counter-intuitive to EVERYTHING I have learned about nutrition. BUT again, I paid for the test and the advice. I will give the benefit of the doubt and see if it/he is right. I was warned that the first 2 weeks or so would suck ass. That is putting it mildly. It's a good thing I train alone in the morning because I'm sure my evil head Oscar would scare off anyone within 10 ft.

My sleep was uber poor last night. I had one hour at home post swim to do everything that needed to get done before bed. I crammed in the calories, documented my training, got a chapter of Born To Run in and said Au Revoir to the world. My body had other things in mind as my legs twitched and my mind raced all night. I was looking forward to my first brick in lord knows how long. So much it affected my sleep :( I woke up at 4:20, almost an hour before my alarm.....tummy was growling yet again. I ignored it and tossed and turned for the next 40 minutes. By 5am I said "F&^$ it" and got up to get my brick on.

Energy was lack-luster on the bike. My upper body was tired from the swim, my tummy was ravenous (I probably ate a POUND of bento before bed, WTF?!?!?!?) . I allowed myself 2 GUs during the 90 mins on the bike, then I headed off to run. 3.2 miles at 8:10s felt easy....even when Casper the ghost AKA the wind tried to push me over backwards as I ran up hill. As always, I run much better off the bike and energy grows as duration/mileage moves on. It's a good thing I've fallen in love with distance and not speed :O

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chapter One....The start of a new beginning

AM Run
6.1 miles - 8:18 avg pace, 50% flat/50% rolling hills

PM Swim

Warm Up
8 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (even pace), rest 0:15

2 x 200 w/ paddles - rest ;30

6 x 50yd counting strokes, drop a stroke each time, rest 0:20/50 yd - 44 (pathetic, I know this MAAAAAAN!, 38, 37, 38, 35, 35)

4 x 400yd Freestyle Swim, target time 06:50 / 400yd, rest 0:30 / 400yd
Freestyle swim at a steady pace, trying to keep closely to the given target time for every 400yd.

What actually happened - first 400 - stopped at 150 because some DILLHOLE back floated into our lane.....smack into me. WTF? His response - "I'm learning". Learning what mother%^#$? How to randomly cross in and out of lanes when it is apparent people are swimming laps. I wasn't in the lane alone, homegirl next to me was doing timed interval sets as well. Agh! Anywho, added an additional 150 on as I had to restart the set....DILLHOLE did not cross into our lane again.
This workout could be either considered a success story or a failure depending on how you view it. As always my glass is half full and I'm happy that I didn't hit the time intervals. Instead of landing on the 6:50, I landed on 6:25-6:30.

4 x 50yd Easy, rest 0:15 / 50yd

Total yardage - 3050