Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running through the concrete jungle

(Shannon and I post workout. Check out the sweat yo!)

of Irving park. Tonight was the first of a series of cross fit in the park. I've read about cross fit, I know it's about explosive power, I thought I was ready for the pain.....but really? I had no idea. We started with an explosive warmup. What qualifies a warm up as explosive? Getting my hr up to 175 in the first 2-3 minutes. This was the first WTF moment. Warm up consisted of 20 jumping jacks. 20 of these touch your toes cross overs, 20 jumping squats, 20 push ups where you go down, push up and the jump back up. Repeat all once. Then it was on to circuit training. Three different stations, 4 minutes each, repeat everything once. The first was an obstacle course we ran around and reversed direction every minute. Mind fuck for Kat. We weaved in and out of poles, jumped, leaped and crawled over 3-5 ft concrete walls. Banged my shin on one, already forming a nice sized bloody bruise. Ducked under a little person tunel/wall type thing, it was crazy. Then Jeff (Lucifer himself) said ok, now jump/hurdle with no hands! WTF? moment #2. I don't have giraffe legs, this was not happening. Especially since my tail was on fire from the track workout the previous day. Station # 2, bench work. 20 sets of dips, pushups, crunches and butt taps....repeat for 4 minutes. Ok, now the upper body is feeling it. Station # 3, more bench work, box/bench jumps or steps...over and over and over again. Completed each station twice. Then we moved down along the park for hill repeats, 6 to be exact, had to be careful not to slip and fall on the wet grass on leaves on the way down. next we were told to we needed a partner. Jon and I paired up. Then we were informed we had to give our partner a piggy back ride up the hill we just did repeats on. WTF?! moment #3. I really didn't think this was possible. Jon is not a huge man, but he is muscular and heavy....and well I'm the girl that her 50 year old mother move most of her boxes when she moved because she was so weak. I'm an endurance athlete not She-Ra for God's sake. So yea, not really feeling this one. But who I am not quit? Me? Never. Jon kindly carried me up the hill first and I took a deep breath in and returned the favor. That was hard, dude was somewhere over a buck seventy five and change. Upon cresting the hill my legs gave out and I fell to my knees, but alas, I made it! SPARTAN!!!!!!!! (that's for you Tif!) Running down that hill I've never felt so light. Finished the workout off with teaming up in groups of three while taking turns carrying one person down the field. 5 min cool down run. Cross fit was an hour long and over that time I managed a 167 avg Hr peaking at 193....awesome. I'm going to hurt tomorrow, a lot.


Lindsay Heneage said...

That sounds like fun... if you're krazy!
I was contemplating joining you on one of these, but now I'm rethinking it.

Are you going to do it again?

Kit Kat said...

Fo shizzle, every Thursday. You should, you can go at your own pace. We can partner up so I don't have to carry a big dude again.