Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yet another BLOW UP

One thing I can always count on with speed work – it will check my tail and put me into place.
Once again I was over zealous. For some reason I thought I could pull out 4 mile repeats at a 6:53. Really? Is that smart thinking since my previous mile repeats where at 7:08s? Did I really expect to cut :15 off each mile? I don't know where I came up with that insane idea, maybe I was still half asleep as I jumped on the treadmill. The worst part was that I did it on a damn treadmill....which means I knew exactly what I was doing with my speed. I made it through the first mile, took my 2 min float and blew up half way through the second. I think I was slightly possessed. I'm really expecting to do a sub 7 avg on the Jingle Bell 5k in December and will do whatever necessary to get me there. At least blowing up I know I gave it my all and where my limiters lie. Right now I need to allow my hamstrings to rest, they're still messed up. I also need to take baby steps and start my repeats shorter at 800s or do 1600s at a 7:03 pace and see how that pans out. Another attempt next week.

10 min warm up
1 x 1600 6:53
2 min float
1 x 800 3:28 – blow up

temp work fluctuating between 9:15s and 8:00s for another 1.5 miles

4.25 miles total with a max HR of 194

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