Saturday, December 27, 2008


At last!
It's funny, now that I can drive and train elsewhere I opt to be a slave to my damn bike trainer. This is another prime example that I only want what I can't have or do. Once I get it, I no longer want it....this is true in so many aspects of my life.

Big thanks to Gary for
1. opening up the old AL for us to spin in
2. wanting to spin for a couple hours

Spinning with friends is so much better, isn't that the case with everything?

My workout its self was pretty boring.....2 hours at moderate endurance wattage. My goal was to average somewhere around 160, I ended up with a 166 so the mission was accomplished. According to my current pathetic power max, I rode 55% of the ride at threshold and 41% at endurance. Each 2 hour session I have done I have increased my threshold % more and more. This is nice to see and helpful in my learning/training curve. I<3 my power tap.

Finished my workout up at home with an hour of Pilates.

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