Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Monday, so good to me...Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be

A little bit of speed and power and flexibility

Monday morning - 45 min Pilates

Monday evening

40 min run on the treadmill. My lungs are incased with phlegm and they couldn't take the coldness of the track tonight, so I did my speed work at the gym.
10 min easy warm up at 9:00 pace
5 min stretch
10 min easy run 8:45 pace
4 x 400s at 6:40s with 2 min floats at 9:30s. I felt really good for the first 30 secs of each repeat...then about 45 sec in m chest felt suffocated (I think this is due to being sick) and 70 mins in my tummy started get queazy. I managed to do all 4 and am looking at increasing the set by 1-2 repeats a week. We'll see how that goes
5 min cool down; 9 min pace

4.6 miles total

Followed up with swim

1 x 500 warm up (I didn't feel like I needed a warm up. I took the 500 at a moderate to fast pace, I felt really good in the water)
1 x 50 A-ok, 1 x 50 fist, 1 x 50 karate, 1 x 50 long glide black line; repeat
1 x 200 paddles
Speed work
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
1 x 100 (50 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy =negative split)
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
1 x 100 (50 hard; 50 easy = positive split)
1 x 100 (25 easy; 50 hard, 25 easy = even split)
Cool down 1 x 200

1800 yards. I had a very strong and powerful swim, it felt fantastic.


Jill Costantino said...

Hey Chickeeta - so you never got back to me about races for 2009??? I've decided that if I qualify - not taking a roll down I will do IMCAN. But let me know about Vancouver marathon or Oliver HIM? Both really good races. Also let me know if there are any in your area.
PS) Your posts make me laugh, cry, think and inspire!!! You go Girlie!!!

Kit Kat said...

Sorry about that. I haven't mapped out my 09 races yet..I'm slacking. Thus far I have IMC and Wildflower HIM. Thta is it. I'm thinking about the Boise HIM. I will not be doing another marathon until IMC. I can't do one and not race it and I can't afford the recovery from racing one.