Monday, December 29, 2008

I am not

a runner.....a cyclist...or a swimmer. Sometimes I wonder why I TRI at all.
Today was humbling, in the pool and on my run. I was once again reminded that I have to work my ass off (literally) to be good at anything. Wouldn't it be nice to just wake up and be good at something? Why do I constantly have to work on it all? Once, just once I'd like the swim, bike or run to come natural. I'd also like the people that refer to me and make comments like "it's more difficult, I don't train as much, or I'm not a natural _____ (you fill in the blank) yadayadayada" to seriously go %$#@ themselves. Training is hard, always. If it wasn't for my stupid, persistent, overzealous drive I'd be doing something else....something that I might actually be good at.

Morning swim

500 warm up

5 x 100; 25 a-ok, 25karate, 25 fist, 25 free; 20 sec rest
3 x 50; 25 scully, 25 frees; 10 sec rest
2 x 20; one arm catch up

1 x 150 fins
1 x 100 paddles
repeat 3 times

Swam straight until my time was up - 750

Total yardage = 2750

I felt like a fish that had lost her way and jumped out of the pond, my form sucked, I was all over the place. The first half of my workout my right lat hurt, my stroke must have been really off. It went away by the end of the workout.

As the day went by both lats started to burn.

Evening run

This was supposed to be a tempo but like my swim, my form was off and I was all over the place

Treadmill tempo
10 min warm up 9:00 pace - ugh, my upper body feels stiff and heavy.
5 min stretch
5 min 9:00 easy pace - I noticed I was loosing feeling in my feet :(
10 min 7:30 - pain started kicking in 1/2 way through. This wasn't the kind of pain I should have blocked out. I was pronating a lot. My left ankle and shin hurt, I could feel my legs rolling out. I tried to focus on keep my upper body light and tall, keeping my stride straight and running on the middle to balls of my feet. Nothing was working. I have bungee cords on these shoes, they felt too tight. This will be my last run with them, I think they are part of reason I was pronating. Even after loosening, they still felt too tight.
5 min 9:15 easy pace
10 min 8:00 pace - This is absolutely pathetic. I ran the first 17 miles of my marathon at a comfortable 8- 8:10min pace and now I'm having a hard time going 10 mins? The striking pain up my shins was almost unbearable. I knew I could easily do the speed...I should have just stopped but I couldn't...I was running because I was mad at my legs, not a good thing.
5 min 9:15 easy pace

5 miserable miles. What a %^$*ed up workout. This is just more proof that I am not a runner. I have totally lost my form. I must got back to weekly run drills.

I was going to spin in the morning but I think I'll do it at night. My shins hurt like a mother, I hope the ice will reduce the inflammation.

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