Thursday, December 18, 2008

28 years


Same spin session as the day prior....I know I should have done something different but it was my bday and I really didn't have the energy into building a workout. That's kind of an oxymoron right? Not enough energy to build a workout but enough to do one. It happens, I guess.

20 min warm up
2 x 2 min at 200+ watts with 2 min recoveries
4 min alternating leg power spins
20 min cool down

It started snowing on my run to work, it was beautiful, cold but beautiful. I tried to run w/out my Sugoi beanie, just for one day I'd like to not have flat ugly hair. That didn't really work, 5 minutes in and I thought my ears had fallen off. Beanie on, bad hair happens.

A coworker made me a badass rum cake for my birthday. Thanks Gayle, you're the best!

I really had no bday plans, I did all my celebrating this last weekend and with the crappy weather as such I had just planned on running home and drinking myself to sleep, my mood hasn't been that great either. Being stuck in my house and limited on my training has started to depress me. My good friend Michele saved the day! Super woman came and picked me up from work and share a damn good comfort dinner. The night was capped off with wine and more rum cake. I even got a warm house and bed to sleep in and a ride to work the next morning.

I am very grateful that I have such caring friends.


Dundidit said...

What do you use to measure your watt output?

Matt Getting said...

happy b-day

Kit Kat said...

Power Tap