Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Never Ending Story

is what I watched on my 75 min recovery spin this morning. Great choice to pick up my mood and pull my head out of my tail. I kind of looked at the story line as part of my training. The "nothing" was trying to destroy Fantasia because people no longer "believed", they lost their imagination. Last night I allowed the "nothing" to take over because I started to loose my way, I had started to forget why it is I do what I do. Because I'm crazy :), ok not really. I swim, bike, run, I TRI because it is hard for me. Nothing good in life comes easy. I want the challenge. I want to hurt. I want to get thrown down on the ground, kicked and spit on only to jump right back up and release my wrath. I know myself, the Southern Oracle would be a cake walk. Maybe if I believe enough I can find a friendly lucky pink dragon (although I think it looked my like a giant dog) to help me out during race day.....oh now I just sound delusional.

75 min spin - Recovery - easy endurance pace.
Max watts 162/ Avg watts 144 (I said easy :))
Max HR 160 / Avg HR 144


Rainmaker said...

You want to hurt?

Hmm... I think you're scheduled August race should do the trick. :)

Hang in there...you're gonna kick ass this spring for all your hard work.

Bryan said...

I hear ya. I went down to the track, eager to do some speedwork now that the snow is mostly gone. I'm huge and strong from all the running in the snow, but expected to struggle with the intervals. But you know what? I'm actually fairly fast, which is kind of disappointing, because I was expecting more of a challenge. I suppose I'll have to run faster.