Thursday, April 30, 2009

Run through the jungle

or the water or the forrest :)

Morning training
60 min easy aqua run - legs weren't as tired as I thought they'd be. And those mother$%#@'s lied last night. Stop me from sleeping? I think not. Thanks Zoot compression tights and YogiTime Sleepy tea, my mind and legs rested a full 8 hours.

Evening training
75 min run through the forrest :D
I LOVE that 15 minutes away from home I can run throughout a massive forrest, smack dab in the middle of the city none the less. It was a beautiful 60 degrees, the sun was shinning throughout the trees and I was running, at some points I may have been flying. As I ran I looked around, I took the fresh air (so much better then pool water! even saline sucks), the beautiful trees and birds (pool tile gets old, fast), I even stopped to put a purple flower in my hair (it matched my top :)). I LOVE to run. I ran and I ran and I ran, pain free. I was a little worried because the Wildwood trail is very hilly, rocky, tree roots everywhere and not to mention muddy (I slipped a few times), but none of this affected my leg. I think I'm healing well, I just need to keep slowly adding duration, minute after minute I'll eventually get there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A VERY long day

What a day of recovery makes -

Woke up refreshed and excited to swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 - buoy
1 x 200 - paddles
1 x 200 - 50 a-ok, 50-fist, 50 karate, 50 freestyle
2 x 50 - one arm catch up 25 down/finger drag high elbow back

Main Set
6 x 300's - 4:50-4:55 on the 5:45s

The person whom I am seeking swim help from said I should be doing these on the 5:15 coming in at 4:30. I don't know if he was high or if I'm really lagging but a 4:30 was far from reach. I was busting ass and pulling out a 4:50-4:55. WTF?
I have to question these times. I wasn't tired and didn't feel like my stroke, form or flip turns were off today. I felt like I was on point. So I wonder, am I getting slower or was my targeted time off? I'll break down my usual intervals
10 x 100's on the 1:45 coming in on 1:25-1:30 - 1:25/1:30 avg
5 x 200's on the 3:30 coming in on 3:10-3:15 - 1:35 /1:37 avg
7 x 500's on the 8:45 coming in on 8:10 -8:20 - 1:38 / 1:40

and today's 6 x 300s avg'd 1:36/1:38 - right between the 200s and 500s - plus I did 1800y of intervals vs the 1000y I usually do on 200s. Am I off? Any input on this?

As you can see from my intervals my time doesn't drop off much as the distance grows further, basically I have no fast twitch, I'm slow from the start :/

200 cool down

Total yardage = 3200

Work/eat/work/eat/work/eat and so forth

Evening Brick
25 mile ride - flat and windy
Hit up Marine Drive for some intervals. I was going to do 5 x 10min maxed out with 5 min recoveries. That didn't go as planned, I ran out of road. Which turned out to be a good thing because the 3rd interval was KILLING me. I was down in aero and could hear my quads taunting me "Stop, or your not going to sleep tonight!" I heard this over and over again and am pretty sure I will be paying the price when my fatigued body collapses onto my feather bed.

I still pulled out 3 x 10 min intervals pushing out 210-250 watts.
Max watts 342/ avg watts 170
Max HR 180 (I pushed it :)) / Avg HR 157

Finished with very tired legs and transitioned into the run. Pain free run.....well wait, that's debatable. The point of injury did not hurt :) which makes me happy. My quads on the other hand continued to yell at me, even though I was taking it easy. I also should have done a GU shot before the run as I hit a giant wall of fatigue 20 minutes in. Ended up running 28 mins/3.3 miles with a nice 8:18 avg. I'm happy with that.

Scarfed down a yummy tuna sandwich and a V8 on the way home. I need to ice, roll and hit the bed so that I can get up to aqua run tomorrow - Hooray! lol - hopefully the sarcasm is noted.

Off topic -
I will be doing my first century of the season by myself this weekend. The only reason I am doing the century is to stop myself from clubbing and drinking the weekend away. The fact that I paid too much $$$ for Wildflower and I'm not able to race it NOR am I am able to race or run the Half-Marathon in Eugene has me a tad bit bitter. The century is my way of staying productive and turning my rotten lemons into lemonade. The ride is organized but I will not have any training buddies (as they are ALL racing somewhere) to ride with. The glorious cherry to top it all off with is the weatherman is forecasting rain :)
At first I was a bit disappointed but then my view of a storm turned into a rainbow. This will be a GREAT IM training ride. I will monitor my pace and nutrition and see how long it takes me, I intend to finish with an easy 30 min run. Wish me luck, I may need it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is it really Monday?

What happened to the weekend?

I woke up 15 mins before the alarm. I slept well, my mind was body on the other hand, well my body was thrashed. I stood up out of bed and almost fell over. My hamstrings we sore and tight and didn't want to support my body. My lats ached and burned as I stretched from side to side. If it was possible for limps to run away from the core of the body mine would have done so as they ached so bad I thought they were screaming at me. 90 min recovery spin, all I needed to do was get on the bike and pedal, all would be ok after. This is what I told myself, and it worked.

90 mins - recovery spin - avging 133 easy watts. I was disappointed that I ended my last disc of Ugly Betty 40 minutes in :( Must go on to a new series. I think Lost is next on my Netflix playlist. I'm going to miss that b$%@$# Wilhelmina, the backstabbing but oh so hot Alexis AKA Alex, man-whore Daniel, girl you know you hated in high school - Amanada, crazy flamboyant Mark, crazy "Jenny from the block" Hilda and oh so lovable Betty. I'm hoping I fall in love with Lost the same way.
Anywho - spin felt good and made my legs feel even better

My lats on the over hand continued to yell at me all day. I shit you not - everytime I aqua run for 2 hours it feels as if someone threw me again a wall - and not in the good way.

Evening swim

500 warm up

1 x 250 buoy; 10
1 x 250 paddles; 10
repeat 1 x

1 x 50 - one arm glide; alternate per 25;10
2 x 50 - catch up alternating 25 finger drag; 10
repeat 1 x
2 x 100 - 25-a-ok, 25-fist, 25 karate, 25 free; 15

Main set
3 x 300s on 5:15 - ending 4:45, 4:50

Cool down - 200

Total yardage - 3100

Lats still are not happy with me. I'm tellin them to HTFU but they're not tryin to hear it.

Recovered with good company, good food and a mighty fine hard apple cider. Thanks Joe!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A first for some time....

60 min run - well 63 min - 7 miles 9 min avg

I decided to try to extend my run duration today. I've been at 30-40 mins (3-4.5 miles) every 2-3 days for the last two weeks, today I was going to attempt 60 mins. I've been yearning for a trail run for the longest time. Two choices came to mind, Leif Erickson or one of many mile markers along the Wildwood Trail. I wanted to do Wildwood more then anything but in the end choose Leif. I knew if something seriously went wrong with my leg there would be someone along the trail that could help, where as with Wildwood I may be stuck out there along for some time. The other reason was the terrain. I have lost all my agility strength from running. I knew my calves and ankles would hurt during the run (in a good way of course) and since I was adding duration/distance to the run I didn't want to make it too difficult. So Leif Erickson it was. The run started out slow....well it didn't just start but stayed pretty slow the whole time. I feel like I lost a lot of efficiency but then again I was on run uphill on a trail so who really knows. I made it out 33 mins and turned around after I taped mile marker 3.5. Can I just express how nice it was to run through the forrest? It was overcast but I felt as if the sky had opened up and the sunny was shinning down upon me. I was sooooooo happy to me running. My leg felt pretty good until I hit the last 2 mile stretch which was all downhill. The pain was at the injury spot and sort of around the back of the calf, I also felt pain in my hip and glut on the same leg. I think my IT was flaring up again. As I finished I stretched and iced. Pain went away within 30 mins :)

I recovered at Elephants with oatmeal, breakfast florentine sandwich and coffee. I'd only ever recommend getting the coffee :(

I then made it over to gym and got part 2 of my LSD run workout in -
2 hours - LSD aqua run

After running through the forrest this aqua run was the most mind numbing thing I could do. The entire time I was completely zoned out. I can't wait until I can do my whole LSD run work on the road or the train or ANYWHERE but the water.
Regardless I got a 3 hour run in today and I am now satisfied.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Brick

54 mile ride

2 loops (13 miles each) around Sauvie's Island pushing moderate watts - kept it between 160-200 watts - ended the loops with a nice, easy, solid avg of 175 watts.
Climbed Logie Trail ($%%$#@#$@#$@%#$@#$)!!!!
Managed to do pretty well and did 95% of it in the saddle. Only got up 2-3 times at the switchbacks at which point the grade is so steep I think it is impossible to stay in the saddle UNLESS you want to experience endo'ing backwards. I finished cursing Don, but only in the nicest way possible. Watts along Logie ranged from 200-350. I could have pushed higher but gaining strength and destroying my quads was not the days objective.

We then finished the last 45 minutes with rollers on Skyline.

Got back to the car, transitioned and finished with a 30 min 3.5 mile run.

I tested nutrition today - another success. 80kcal of maltodextrin, 120mg sodium mixed into 5 oz portions every 20 minutes. Washed in 10-15 oz of H2o per hour. This was absolutely perfect! I think I've found my IM nutrition :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes I just don't know what to put here

Morning - Aqua run - 75 mins

15 min warm up
10 x 25 yard sprints ; 20 sec recovery
20 min easy "run"
10 x 25 yard sprints ; 20 sec recovery
15 cool down

Thanks for keeping me company Alana!

Evening swim
7 x 500s; 8:15s - 30 sec rests

Recovery sushi with mom, luv ya!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recovery week, a Helix and a whole lot of carbon fiber

2 much needed days off. Caught up on neglected stuff around the house.
Tried on my new Helix wetsuit - here I am looking like a major dork. Hehe. Wetsuit feels REALLY, REALLY good.

Being the carbon fiber whore I am, I went out and bought the pink-breast cancer support carbon T2 Sidi's.

Today I start training back up - BUT this whole week will be light and easy....I might even give myself another day off :O

Morning Swim
500 warm up

1 x 200 buoy
1 x 200 paddles
repeat 1 x

4 x 50; catch up 25/finger drag 25
2 x 50; one arm glides

2 x 200 - 50 aok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free

Not really a main set but not drills
2 x 500 - 8:10-8:15s

Cool down

Total yardage = 3200

My eco friendly Starbucks tumbler earned me a free coffee at Starbucks since today is Earth Day. Yay, free coffee!

Evening Ride
25 miles along Marine Drive/ 30 min run

My first ride on Feltalia was brutal. She rides nice but I need the fit to be corrected. I was supposed to take this ride easy since I'm in my recovery week but the winds on Marine Drive had another plan for me. I knew there would be a problem when I was pushing or shall I say coasting a mer 90 watts going 20 MPH, once on the main stretch I pushed 170 watts going 28 mph. Coming back was a b^&$*, 200-240 watts going between 14-16 mph, it was brutal. The wind was howling so loud it encouraged me to howl back.
Max watts reached 375 and I avg'd 145. This rides power graph is pretty wicked. BTW, love the new Sidi's!

Post ride I did an easy 30 min run = 3.5 miles 8:40 avg. I left my Ipod in the car and chased the sun as it set. I feels good to run again.

On another note - The fracture clinic said that there wasn't anything they could do to fix me. My bone is creating calcium and healing. Now I just need to slowly start adding miles.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick weekend recap

Saturday - 40 mile bike/40 min run (on land!)

*Rode out from NW AL, 2 loops around Sauvie pushing threshold -200-250 watts. I was able to maintain the power BUT I felt like complete crap-ola and my HR was 5-10 bpm higher then when I did this same workout 3 weeks ago. What's the difference? The workout 3 weeks ago was the end of week 1 of my 3 week build, this workout was the end of week 3 of the 3 week build rounding off 16.5 hours of training. My body is still adapting to the volume increase along with trying to fit in 3-4 high intensity/power builds and a healing fractured fibula. But even through I felt like shit, I still preformed = power does not lie. Post ride I slipped on my Nike running flats and hit the road for a brick. I can run every couple of days so I figure since running off the bike has no bone impact difference then running in general I should get acclimated to bricking it again. Let me tell you - this run was fan-f%#%ing-tastic! FIRST run since injury I had zero leg pain, go me. I ran easy with the sun on my face and the wind at my back for 40 mins. My runners high eliminated the crappy feeling from the bike

*4-5pm and I started to hit a wall, one of many for the night...Oscar made several brief appearances
*Water, alcoholic beverage, water, water, alcoholic beverage, .....repeat a few times :)
*Plastic eye candy, poorly ventilated basement dance floor, crotch shots? (omg, did I just see that? wtf?) drunk girls falling over each other, laughs with good friends, 1 am breakfast, idiot/jackass cab driver - which I will be reporting, run in with the police and a looooooong drive home to finally fall sound asleep come 3:30am.

Sunday - Post 5 hours sleep I awoke to the beautiful sun gleaming through my window. Vitamin D says it is time for another bike ride. Today's goal - Practice nutrition, extend distance, pace and stay in recovery mode - mission completed. Today I rode my longest ride this season ending off with 70 miles in 4.25 hours. Nutrition was on point, stayed with CarboPro and Salt Sticks with the occasional GU on an as needed basis. Stayed ahead of nutrition, never bonked and tummy stayed happy. I was really proud of myself for not trying to push it all today. I know my wattage well and know what I can and can't handle and for how long. I used my small ring (unfamiliar territory for me) on over half the hills, spinning each one out comfortably. When I finished the ride my upper body was sore. One from having a sun burned back and two being in aero for so long. It's odd that it's such a comfortable position yet makes you sore. My legs on the hand, they were not sore :) Which means I hit the hills as I should. Avg wattage for the 70 miles ended up at 138 - a true recovery ride. :) Thanks Don for helping with recovery and allowing me to draft to conserve energy.

I'm learning more and more about myself each week.

NOW as of TODAY I enter into recovery week! SOOOOO looking forward to it. Easy workouts all week and two whole days off! YAY!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleep does a body does food

Sleep, eat, train, eat, work, eat, work, eat, work, eat, train, eat, sleep - this sums up every day for the last week give or take a few eats here and there.

Awoke refreshed after a solid 8.5 hours of sleep, so refresh that I maintained motivation to do my morning 90 min aqua run.

90 min - easy intensity aqua run
Visualization is really everything. I zoned out with Ironman dreams during my run. Dreams which will turn into reality. You want something? Work hard and go get it! :D

Evening swim
7 x 500's; 8:10-8:20's; 30 sec rest

Total yardage = 3,500

I've come to love my 500 repeat Fridays. I think it's odd that I push myself yet I find them relaxing at the same time.

Time for more food, then sleep and then up again to eat and train. I am a machine yo :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another long day

5am spin - Agh it is too early for this %$#!!!!!

15 min easy warm up
4 x 15 min big ring intervals 55-60 cadence pushing 175-200 watts; 5 min recoveries

95 mins total

I could feel my heart beat in my quads all morning/afternoon, it was rather annoying.

Evening swim

Let me start off with....this did not feel good at all. Right before I got in the water I was light headed, shaky and felt like I was going to puke. I don't think it was due to nutrition as I was up to 2200 kcal upon swimming at 5:30. The feeling got better as my swim went on but never fully went away, ugh.

500 warm up

1 x 500 paddles
2 x 200; 50 aok-, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free; rest 30
1 x 100 easy
2 x 50 - one arm glide
1 x 100 easy
2 x 50 one arm glide
4 x 50; alternating catch up and high elbow finger drag
1 x 500 buoy

4 x 50 sprints; 60 rests

1 x 200 cool down

Total yardage = 2900

I'm tired

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sugar high

Morning Swim

500 warm up

1 x 250 paddles
1 x 250 buoy
repeat 1 x

2 x 100 -25 Aok, 25 Fist, 25 Karate, 25 free - :10
2 x 50 - one arm glide/alternating arm 25;10
2 x 50 - 25 catch up/return with high elbow finger drags; 10

Main Set
5 x 200s on the 3:30, coming in on 3:10-3:15 with ;15-20 rests

Cool down
1 x 200 easy

Total yardage = 3100

Followed up with a 60 min aqua run
15 min warm up
20 x 25 yard hard intensity sprints - ;20 rests at each end (HR was 173-179 during sprints, this was hard %#*!)
20 min cool down easy

Evening run - outside/on land! - 35 mins
4 miles around my neighborhood

Last night I was a complete glutton and I do mean glutton. I ended up devouring a HUGE slice of carrot cake. Really it could have been considered two slices with 1/2 lb of cream cheese frosting. Mmmm, it was so good but I did not need to eat as much as I did and my tummy made that very clear as it rumbled/yelled at me throughout the night. The sugar induced comma also made it difficult to get to sleep.
On a side note, I know I will never have sub 15% body fat....BUT it is nice to eat whatever I want, whenever I want and not worry about turning back into Miss Piggy - previous blog reference. I was tired upon waking :( so much that I forgot my aqua shoes and belt in the car and post swim had to run out of the gym in my bikini, ok, ok, I had a towel around my waist. Brrrr, it was cold this morning - but it helped wake me up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recovery Day - beautiful, wonderful rest day

Much needed might I add. I've rounded off week 2 of my 3 week build. I was able to handle 2-3 high intensity workouts and got my volume up to 16.5 hours. I've also managed to keep away Oscar, my evil head. I'm in a self reflecting mood so I figure I'd share a bit of what I've learned and progression that has taken place over the last couple of weeks/months.

I've never thought of myself as a "good swimmer". I've always been at the back of the pack to middle at best. The last few months have forced me to focus on swimming. As an end result I took my 500 yard time down from 9:15-9:30 to 8:10-8:15. I've changed my comfort zone from 4 stroke right side breathing to 3 stroke bi-lateral breathing. Somehow I've conquered flip turns as well. I've learned to love being anaerobic in the pool and the burning sensation that appears in my lats hours later.

Some girls spend their money on makeup, jewelry and clothes....I buy bikes. I treated myself to two new carbon fiber bikes this year, both set up with power meters. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to riding carbon with power. I've made progression gains and owe it to a little cpu that keeps me honest.

Ahahahahaha! What run? "They" say in triathlon you should focus on your weakness. So maybe breaking my fibula was a blessing in disguise, it has forced me to focus on my bike and swim. Hopefully my run will come back one a long last friend.

I must eat 24/7, shit you not. I've decided to throw calorie counting out the window - unless it's a training exercise. I am in the process of building an iron tummy. I also think I'm going to start riding with mouth wash in my jersey pocket as I can feel the Carbo Pro and GU slowly eating away my teeth, so gross.

The Simple Things -
Sometimes I find it amazing at how little things make me so happy.
*Starbucks venti coffee - post workouts in my post consumer recycled venti tumbler - I save .10 on every refill not to mention saving the environment. Pike Place coffee is an elixir of the Gods. Brings a smile to my face daily.
*Food, seriously any and all kinds. I'm at my happiest state with a full tummy.
*Running and watching the sunrise and set. Running in a downpour of rain.
*Spinning on my trainer, laughing out loud-alone to dark comedies will indulging in chocolate chunk cookies.
*Cracking and massaging my joints during pilates - now....if only I had a guy to do this for me :)

IM expectations -
I once read that the only expectation you should have on your first IM is finishing. This is not enough for me. Call me stubborn, stupid or unsatisfied by the ordinary. At the start of my training season I set my goals - A sub 12 hour IM with targeted split times. Then I got injured....and the possibility on not hitting those goals became real. It was now time to switch to plan B. But what was plan B? I had no plan B. Everything was supposed to be on plan A. After a few weeks of self pity and depression I came up with alternative training/racing plans - plan B. I still have my goal of a sub 12 hour ironman but I have come to realize that my expectations should be more along the lines of how I react and what I will learn from this epic adventure I have put myself on. I have a feeling I will be making the sweetest lemonade out of the sourest, bitter, rotten lemons.

Future -
I don't know why I started thinking about this today but it kind of worries me. I'm not really thinking too far into the future. I figure whatever happens, happens, right? My 5-10 year goals are targeted at work, training and racing...and I have given no thought or interest in a family or relationship. Is this wrong? I can't imagine spending the rest of my life alone, yet at the same time I don't feel like I have an empty void to fill. Oddly I'm a bit scared of being the crazy old cat lady.

Monday, April 13, 2009

You spin me right round baby right round

5am - 2 hour recovery spin

Avg watts 133/ max watts 171
Avh HR 142/ max HR 157

that is all

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rain on my parade!

Sunday -

35 min run - ON LAND! :)
My leg has been pain free again for a few days so I decided to test out running again. I also decided to test out a pair of racing flats the run product line manager at Nike gave me. Usually I CAN NOT wear racing flats as I need some sort of stabilization. I tried them on around my house and they felt so light weight and comfortable I decided to give them a try with my heel insoles - and they worked! I got to the gym, parked my car and took off running. These shoes are incredible! I felt so light weight....I felt like I was flying. I also noticed with these shoes I was landing on the ball of my foot. My form felt dead on today. Upon starting my leg felt annoying but for the first time since I've been injured I would say it wasn't painful. I knew the injury was present and it kept me in check but at the same time gave me a bit of freedom. 10 minutes into the run it started raining, at first it was light showers but quickly moved on to steady rain and I LOVED it. I didn't want the rain to stop, nor did I want to stop running. I felt fucking fantastic! I finished pain free and with a comfortable 8:35 pace - 4.1 miles down :)

Quickly transition into a swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 paddles; 30
1 x 200 buoy; 30

4 x 50 - one arm catch up down/finger drag back; 10

Main set
4 x 100s (first 75 easy; 25 hard); 10 per 100; 20 on the last 100
4 x 100s (first 50 easy; 50 hard); 10 per 100; 20 on the last 100
4 x 100s (first 25 easy; 75 hard); 10 per 100; 20 on the last 100
4 x 100s (HARD) ; 10 per 100; 20 on the last 100 - I was uber tired by the last 100, it was difficult to keep the power going

100 cool down

Total yardage = 2,800 yards

Transitioned into a 60 min Aqua run - easy pace - Z2

4 hours - a new PR :)

Saturday - 4 hour spin, a new PR for me

The goal for this workout was
A. Spin for 4 hours
B. Keep good power/wattage for the duration
C. test hydration and nutrition in a controlled environment

Mission accomplished
4 hours - Watts 155 avg/ 231 max
HR 147 avg/164 max
avg cadence 83 / max 113

Nutrition 225kcal of CarboPro + 2 salt sticks = 460 mg of sodium every hour 15 mins. 2:30 in I took a Gu Roctane and extra salt stick. I held good steady power for the duration of the spin. A little over 2 hours in my watts dipped 5 maybe 10 and held that for the duration. 3 hours in I started to get sausage fingers which hurt :( I felt pretty good throughout the spin duration and after I never got that post 2 hour bonk or energy fad that I'm accustom to. Carbo pro + salt sticks work for me. I'm going to try to aim for 225-250 per hour as I think this will help keep the power stronger for longer and I don't think an extra 25 kcal per hour will upset my tummy much. I think the sodium levels were right on as I'm a massive sweater and had formed a small lake around my trainer. Spinning, Don and I got the temperature up to 70 in his living room. I all I need is more H2o with the sodium. The second LOTR is a good movie to spin to.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fractured Fibula Shaft

X-Ray results are back - I have a healing fractured fibula shaft. Awesome. The only good part in that news is the word "healing". Apparently I actually listened to someone (:gasp: I know, who would have thunk?) and have been on the right road to recovery. I'm still able to bike and swim and can slowly continue to test out my run. I'm referred to a fractured clinic and hope to get in within the next week. The doc asked if I knew how I did it and I explained the initial injury and then that 14 miler where I collapsed around mile 11ish....then hobbled back for the last 3 miles. She was amazed that I was even able to walk after that, let alone the weeks to follow. I guess this is proof that my pain tolerance is high. A good thing when it comes to racing not so good when an injury happens. I'll try to seek out the positive in this and be happy it happened at the beginning of the season and that I'm on a road to recovery....a long road at that.

Morning workout
30 min easy run
45 min high intensity aqua run

Evening swim
7 x 500's - 8:10-8:20 w/ :30 rests

Total yardage 3500 - felt good

Got my Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit today. Can't wait to try it out.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Spin - 75 min - Big Ring Spin

15 min warm up
3 x 15 min on the big ring 175-200 watts 55-60 cadence; 5 min recoveries at 135-145ish

Max watts 219/Avg Watts 164
Max HR 174/ Avg HR 160

Evening swim

500 Warm up

1 x 250 buoy
1 x 250 paddles
repeat 1 x

2 x 50 - catch up/return with finger drag
2 x 50 - exaggerate finish with water hand flip
2 x 50 - one arm glide/return alternate arm

Main Set
1 x 200 - (fast 100/easy 100) positive split
1 x 200 - (easy 50/fast 100/ easy 50) even split
1 x 200 - (easy 100/fast 100) negative split
repeat 1 x

cool down - 200

Total yardage = 3200

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too long in the water

Morning swim/aqua run

500 warm up

1 x 250 buoy
1 x 250 paddles

1 x 50; one arm catch up down, finger drag on the return; 10
1 x 50; one arm glide down, alternate arm on the return;10
repeat 3 x
2 x 100; 25-a-ok, 25 fist, 25 karate, 25 free; 10

Main set
5 x 200s on the 3:30 - arrived 3:10-3:15 on each; 15-20 rests

1 x 300 w/ buoy cool down

Total yardage = 2800

Followed up with 90 mins of aqua running - THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.

I learned how to knit tonight, it was fun. Thanks Michele!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The end to a very long build...

Morning recovery spin - 75 mins easy wattage - avg 136

Energy was decent today until around 4, I went for a 3rd cup of coffee

Evening swim -

I really decided to make this up as I was swimming what would be my 500 warm up. My energy has faded - I was a dumb ass and partied too hard two weekends ago it screwed up my recovery and LSD days - which ended up putting me at 8 days of training in a row, rounding off a nice solid 19.5 hours. I monitored the intensities of my training to allow the volume to build up without provoking Oscar my evil head to pop out. This was a challenge as I am also PMSing like a mofo as well. But alas, I think I have handled things well as my data reflects growth and I'm still rockin a smile. Tomorrow will be a much needed recovery day, I just hope I don't hit a wall in the morning.....

Back to the swim workout
7 x 500's - 8:20-8:30s w/ 30 rests

I had no set pace goal for this. I was looking to put my time in at the pool. I'm really happy with my 500s. My legs felt pretty dead on the first one but that quickly went away. I did these at a moderate to easy level as I didn't have much energy to spare. I actually think swimming as fatigued as I was helped things. As I swam a long my body was tired and all my mind could think about was all the advice I got about form and stroke and how to be efficient as possible. I was tired, the less energy wasted the better. I kept my HR at a nice easy 150 avg. Swim felt REALLY good, and the best part was I finished 3500 yards and I wasn't actually felt rather effortless.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick weekend summary


Started the morning out right with fresh made coffee, watching the sunrise and a little pep me up chat with a good friend. A honey & pb whole-grain english muffin and cheerios complimented it all nicely. Went on to do a refreshing 40 minutes of pilates, foam roller massage and stretching. Loaded up Feltalia and Carnage and headed down to AL for the group ride.

Bike - 2:45 - 49 miles
Hit Hwy 30 to Sauvie's Island - looped it twice (26-27 miles) at threshold between 200-250 watts. I love power, I was a bit surprised I was able to pull these numbers out with the amount of fatigue I'm running off of....but alas power doesn't lie, I'm adapting :)
From Sauvie's we took Hwy 30 back to Germantown road which was a nice and steady 765ft climb in 2.3 miles. It wasn't too bad as I spun it out in the small ring. There was one point I had to stand up and this aggravated the hell out of my leg. Upon cresting Germantown I avg'd 172 for 35 miles or so, I'm very happy with that considering 1. I'm still injured and 2. This was only my second ride outside on Carnage....I am in love with my baby. Another highlight was my descent down Thompson. I am a little b$%@# when it comes to descending.....all from that little mishap from last year. So Thompson to Cornell is 940ft in 4 miles, with a max grade of 7.5, nothing too big or scary but enough that I break it for the duration. In the past I would seriously white knuckle at 12-15 mph, absolutely pathetic. Saturday I managed to avg 18-22 mph. Still slow for the descent but better then before and being only the 2nd ride I'd had out on the TT I feel confident that I can overcome my fear of descending. Really I should look at all descents as I do with races and be fearless.
Finished the ride feeling pretty good. It was a beautiful day and I had a bunch of really great people to ride with :)
Recovered with yummy endurox with added protein

AL finished building my hub for Feltalia so I was able to take her home with power. Now I need to start training on my road bike. Mmmm, I'm going to bike a lot more often, I am so in love with these two.

I was able to sneak in a quick 30 minute nap in before Alana and I got all dolled up to go to a black tie/dress hair event. Turns out it was all for nothing as the event looked pretty dead and we opted not to check out. So instead we went to a beer pub for food, we received some interesting looks to say the least.

Post food we changed into costume (Alana- Nurse and I - Catholic School Girl (hehe, who would have known)) and went on to Chris's LLS Costumer Ball fundraiser. And oh what fun it was!

Sunday -
Another beautiful sunny day - but I was stuck to running in the water :(
2 hour aqua run
My Ipod died 20 minutes into my run which turned this whole training workout into mental willpower - it sucked. Carly came and saved my sanity with 25 minutes left. Then she aqua ran for awhile - ahahahahaha! She looked so funny, which means I look so funny. Good thing I don't care about making an ass out of myself :)

Recovered with a frosty and protein power, mmmmmm

Now I'm ending my night with another LLS fundraiser - a Naked Ladies Party - it's not what you think. OR maybe it is!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Can't someone break me off?

Morning swim

Warm Up

Drills - pretty much the whole damn workout
5 x 100's - 25 a-ok, 25 fist, 25 karate, 25 free; 15

1 x 50 one arm glide - alternating arm on 25; 10
1 x 50 catch up on the 25 down, finger drag on the 25 back; 10
repeat 3 x

1 x 250 paddles
1 x 250 buoy
repeat 1 x

700 - freestyle - focusing on correct form, stroke, breathing....all that jazz :)

Total yardage = 3,000

Evening - 30 minute easy run.
This wasn't as "easy" as I was anticipating. My leg decided to act a B%$^#, and hurt more often then not. I think my laces were too tight, when I loosened them it helped. I also did the same route alternate direction which had me started with descents, not good. Even though I wasn't pushing I think it was too easy to go fast and descents haven't been friendly to my leg. I'm icing now hoping tomorrow it will be A-ok again. I can't wait to get the damn X-ray results back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q1 09 Analysis - Inspired by the peps at Trifuel

105 days - 18 recovery days - 17% recovery - Total training hours 135:30

Swim 36:38 - 27% - 105,500 yards

Bike- Trainer 31:54 - 23.54% - if you could gauge milage off of a trainer it would come in around 560, but alas you can't.

Bike - Outdoors 26.02 - 19.22% - 410.61 miles

Run - 25.23 hours - 18.73% - 156.13 miles - I've been injured and out of run commission for the last 8 weeks :(

Aqua running - 15:32 - 11.5%

I don't have pilates hours tracked but I avg 1-2 hours a week.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all....I am the lion in Oz

Insomnia and restless legs strike again...I'm destined to not get sleep, I know it.
5 am rolls around, I drag my tail out of bed and in a groggy haze make my way to the gym

60 min exhausting aqua run - done at a moderate intensity.
My legs are really freaking fatigued. My quads are a tad bit swollen and covered in knots, they need some serious one on one time with the foam roller. I also need to get my pilates on and stretch out my hip flexors. You know, come to think of it my whole body aches right now.

After work I got X-Rays take of my leg. Loved when the tech asked how long my leg hurt, when I told him going on weeks he replied "Ibet". I asked what that meant and he said he wasn't qualified to tell me, the doc would get back to me 3-5 business days. Thanks for mind %^#ing me.

Bulk food/warehouse shopping sucks, every time my patience and tolerance for the ignorant/rude is tested. I don't know how I passed today.

Came home and treated myself to the last 2 double chunk chocolate chip cookies, hoped the on the trainer and pulled out another 60 min spin - endurance wattage.

Recovered with an epsom salt bath. Going to do some pilates, get some more foam roller love and go to bed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Three's a company

Morning swim
Warm up 500

1 x 250 buoy; 15
1 x 250 paddles; 15
repeat 1 x

Main Set
10 x 100's on the 1:40 - came in on 1:30s w/ 10 sec (ahahaha!) rest - maxed my HR out at 194, I thought I was going to puke on #8

500 easy w/ buoy
Total yardage = 3000

Followed up with....
Aqua Run - 60 minutes - moderate intensity.
The pool I go to has a little sign at each depth marker of a stick man diving into the pool with an X across it, indicating that it is tool shallow to dive in. I find it highly amusing they go to the extent as to add red blood around his head as he hits the floor, this actually made me LOL a few times today. Obviously I was easily amused.

and last but not least....
Unwound from work with an easy 60 min spin and some Ugly Betty. I decided to treat myself to a Pepperidge Farm double chocolate chunk chip cookie mid way through. I bought this little package of 8 cookies a week a go today and I still have 2 left, go me! And after burning 1,600 kcal via training alone, I devoured my cookie :)

G'night.....must wake early to aqua run