Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Run

Another long run day....I think it ended somewhere between 15-16 miles.
Ran the first hour with a friend...comfortable LSD pacing. Thankfully the company was good because running down by the industrial area is a little lackluster, there is so much more to be desired for in scenery.
The second part of the run was with the PDX Tri Club Wildflower Training group. We were fortunate to run into Gary and be able to chill in Athlete's Lounge as it was cold outside and we had an hour between runs. Plus I was able to throw down an oh-so yummy salted bagel, funny what the athlete desires. Part 2 of the run felt a more challenging, probably because the first couple of miles were straight up hill, that and it always takes me a good 2-3 miles to open up my run and find my comfort zone. It didn't help sitting for an hour in chilled clothing, at least we had a warm, dry place to wait in. Finishing the run felt great. What was even better was recovering with good friends, sushi and sake! Another weekend has come to an end.......

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