Monday, June 30, 2008

Kat's 2008 Pacific Crest HIM Race Report


Pre Race
- 4:30 am, 20-30 mins of light core Pilates and stretching.
- 8:10 am, 12 min easy warm up run. Few run drills, light stretching.

Swim 38:53 – 243/420, 57%....PR Baby! I wasn’t in the last 25 either!
- Started in the front row, center. Didn’t realize this until a minute before starting. Lol, this was a double-edged sword.
- Got hit in the face, goggles almost knocked off, water leaking in. Some how water drained and goggles resealed within 5 mins and I didn’t even have to stop and fix them. This was cool.
- Feet were pulled down a few times and almost lost timing chip. In return I kicked a few people pretty damn hard…..from then on I didn’t have anyone grabbing my legs.
- Swim line was on point! Sighting was kept at a minimum and I was never taken off course, swimming over a few diagonal swimmers helped with this.
- Enjoyed looking at the view of the mountain as I came up for air. Really took in the last 15 minutes of the swim knowing it would be the last time I would have a cool core temp for the next 5+ hours.

T1 – 2:47
- T1 was quick and successful. Wetsuit came off quickly; aero helmet went on quickly. Fiddled with shoes for a moment.
- Happy to see mentor Carver and Robbie at T1

Bike 3:07:32 – 210/420, dead middle 50%
- I questioned my climbing capabilities at the summit of Bachelor. Climbing 3400 feet in 38 miles in 80-90 degree weather with limited shade and 4000-6400 ft of altitude is challenging and humbling to say the least. Mt. Bachelor checked my tail.
- I did it! I descended eliminating fear! This was huge for me. The course did not appear as curvy as we had driven the day before. There were two points that my bike started to wobble from cross wind and speed, At those times I thought of all the people I had written in clear tape on my aero helmet, all people whom had cancer. I knew having them with me would protect me throughout my ride. I also happened to see a butterfly/Emily on the descent. Thank you Terry/Bob.
- It is really tough to chew food while climbing.
- It is not ok to temp a girl to join you on the snow while she is climbing a steep hill. I really wanted to stop and make a snow angel.
- Loved my new Giro Advantage 2 aero helmet. Not only did I look like a smoking hot alien but it kept my head pretty damn cool considering the elements.
- It’s an amazing feeling to be climbing in 80-90 degree weather and have snow surround you.
- I’m glad I’ve never ridden a bike with a triple gear….I had no idea what I was missing.
- My face felt burned about 2 hours into the ride. I had flashbacks of seeing Carver at T1 reapplying sunscreen, praying my spf 50 waterproof/sweatproof sunscreen lasted through the swim.
- I <3 the sound of disc wheels. Woosh, Woosh, Woosh….maybe one day I will get over my fear of descending and cornering and get some.
- I successfully climbed ALL of Mt. Bachelor in my saddle. I wanted to save my legs for the run, keep my climb as efficient as possible and try to keep my HR down. In fact I rocked it in the saddle position all but the last 15 minutes, where I got out once on a flat to stretch.
- During the last 15 minutes of the ride post descent/starting the last flat portion I grew tired. I was walking a fine line with my nutrition and I could feel it. I did not enjoy the very last little climb into T2.

T2 4:19
- Oh man I took this slow. I was HOT and in no hurry.
- First thing I did was shellac myself with more SPF 50 sunscreen. I then had a WTF moment as I realize I’m still wearing this hot helmet. Immediately took it off.
- Put on socks and shoes, tightened laces and then popped into my cooler for the frozen water bottles I brought. They were no longer frozen but still really cold. Poured them all over my body, this felt like HEAVEN.

Run 2:00:27 – 111/420, 26% - PR Baby!
- Running out of T1 wasn’t bad. First time I think I have ever retained feeling in my feet.
- First 3 miles were slow; as I knew they would be. I was running without a fuel belt and first aid station wasn’t until past mile 2, too damn far IMO.
- Each aid station I stopped, drank 1-2 cups of water, poured ice down my sports bra and in my hat, doused water on myself. This provided cooling for 4-8 minutes at best.
- Kept my HR down between 160-165 during the first 7-8 miles. It felt pretty good. Avg’d 10 min miles with stopping at every aid station for the first ½ of the 13.1 mile run.
- Never experienced leg or tummy cramping, yay!
- I’m passing people, lots.
- LOVED each and ever person spraying me down with the super soakers, garden hoses and spray bottles I don’t think they knew just how much this helped all of us.
- Most people did not want to talk : (
- I came across several teammates of the run. All where suffering through the heat as was I but they were cramping on top of it. I tried to say positive inspiring words of encouragement to help get their spirit back. I think I failed…..
- By mile 6-7 I was feeling pretty good. I had adjusted to the heat and was managing the water and nutrition well. My run was at a comfortable pace, I could have easily finished feeling good….but did I really want to feel good?
- Coach Seth comes up on me around mile 7. It was nice to have someone to run and talk to again. I think the people that were keeping my pace were starting to think I was crazy as I was singing and often talking to myself.
- I’m not sure what mile it was on; I think between 8-10 I saw “Go Kat” written on the sidewalk. The TNT group had our names all over the run path. This simple “Go Kat” did so much for me at this point. I was tired, yet I found a little burst of energy.
- Seth pointed out a butterfly, thanks Emily.
- I experienced the worst/best/longest 3 mile run of my life. By mile 9 I noticed I was growing fatigued. My HR was now around 168 and my 10 min miles seemed to be getting much shorter. Was I imagining things? Anything was possible at this point. Seth then went on to tell me his 4 mile story, which helped distract things a bit.
- Mile 10 is when things started to go to hell. I was HOT, my shoulders and arms were pink. I felt like I was a roasting pig….it was yucky. The water and ice really weren’t working anymore. Seth’s stories started to get annoying. He told me to tell him if I wanted him to leave at any point and he would go. I did, I didn’t only want him to leave I wanted to push him into horse shit we ran by. But somehow I didn’t…I’m can only think that I was too fatigued, or somehow I wanted the pain.
- Mile 11, WTF?! Am I still running? Things started swooshing around in my tummy. I felt liquid in my throat….that’s it, I’m either going to puke all over the course or I’m going to fall over and die. My HR is now 170 and steadily climbing. The days of 10 minute miles were far behind me, I think we were at a sub 9 at this point. It’s really weird because my legs could keep up fine, but my energy was gone…..I was having the life sucked out of me. I felt like my HR monitor was playing tricks on me with time. How am I increasing speed? How am I still standing? I was torn at this point with the overwhelming feeling of crying and puking, neither happened….yet
- Mile 12, I’m still running. How is this possible? I pass a girl in my age division, yet I don’t care. I just want to die at this point. This is masochistic!
- Mile 13, the Red Bull Arches are just around the corner. I hear the TNT group cheer my name. I’m almost done, THANK GOD. I cross under the arches and almost fall over as my timing chip is removed. I then stumble over to the water buckets/bins looking for something to puke in. My HR was now around 185 and the sloshing I experienced for the last few minutes was almost enough to put me over the edge. ALMOST that is, once we found an empty bin the urge to puke went down a bit and instead I was consoled with a cold shower and a hug from my coach.
- So I said that I had yet to puke or cry….well it would have been epic to puke all over Seth as I had envisioned as I was running with him, but instead I cried. I’m not sure why I cried; I was just overwhelmed. It was beautiful to see all my hard training had paid off. I was also a bit melancholy as I had no friends or family come up to see every I had worked so hard for…but I did have TNT. I think was also just overcome with joy.

I did it! I accomplished and exceeded all of my goals. Sub 6 hour ½ ironman, wanted a sub 2 hour run, 2:00:27 comes close enough in my book and I only walked for 30 seconds outside of the aid stations. PR’d my run and swim.

Total time 5:53:58
Placed 133rd out of 420 athletes = Top 31%
4th place women's age divison 25-29
18th women out of 124 = Top 7%

* There was a girl that I conversed with pre swim, she was in my age division and it was her first ½ ironman. I wished her all the luck and told her to keep her thoughts positive and chin up when things got hard. I played cat and mouse with this same girl during the bike ride but did not know it was her. We stayed within 1-2 minutes of each other during the bike. She picked up speed on the descent, go figure and I lost her….thought that would be the last I’d see of her….until I run up on her on Mile 12, in which I passed and conquer by 1 min at the end. Post race we talked. It was funny, we talked pre swim, during the ride and saw one another on the run….yet we had no idea we were the same person each time, you look so different at each leg of the race. I later learned she lived in Bend and although it was her ½ ironman she had good experience at the course/weather and altitude. She was a fierce competitor, great athlete and had a kick ass good attitude. I was happy to have the experience of racing with her.

Thanks to Carly and Jane for the swim PR. I kept thinking about Carly telling me to reach long and roll with my hips and Jane reminding my to keep my elbows facing out and to pull my stroke in, grabbing the water. Thanks to all of my friends and family for the courage to conquer the Bachelor descent. Thanks Chris, Crystal, Jane and everyone who soaked me in water during the run. Thanks to Don for the pre race words of wisdom involving the heat and run. Thanks to Darrell for the pre race talk, you were a big part in helping me achieve my goals; I’ll always remember your “excuses” analogy. Thanks to Bob, Terry and Emily for picking me up when I was down. Thanks Joe for the tri/run wisdom. Thanks to my kick ass housemates; you all made the best race weekend. Thanks to Steph for the Pepsi post race, it helped the shaking go away. Thanks to all my friends and family who donated, believed in me and believe that; one day we will find a cure for cancer. And thank you Coach Seth for all the training, support and the worst/best/longest/most painful 3 mile run of my life. Without those miles I would have had a badass ½ ironman, with those 3 miles I had a bad ass unforgettable epic adventure. You can now quote me Seth, You were Right, about almost everything. I can’t thank you enough. I am excited to see what my athletic future holds…..

And of course I couldn’t write a race report without my OCD documentation of fuel….

-Breakfast # 1 5:10 am
Home made l/f mocha
Steel cut/5 grain oatmeal
Banana/Brown Sugar (approx 450 kcal)
3 Hammer Endurolyte tabs
1 sodium/potassium/calcium tab
Multi-vitamin w/extra iron

-Breakfast # 2 8:15am
½ PB and Banana sandwich (approx 250kcal)
2 Hammer Endurolyte tabs
1 Immodium (just because I want to go-go-go during the race doesn’t mean I want my bowels to go-go-go)
1 150mg acid reflux
3 advil (stupid monthly women pains)

-Post swim warm up, pre start Power Gel approx 8:45am
1 PowerGel vanilla (110kcal)

T1 approx 9:50ish- 2 Hammer Endurolyte tabs

Bike approx 10:05am – 12:20pm Worked on mound of PowerBar log. 2 vanilla Power Bars mushed into one big log. This eliminated fighting with a wrapper and made it very easy to access and consume. The heat melted the bar a lot which was a double edge sword, it made the bar softer and easier to chew and process, BUT ¼ of my log melted into my bento box so I lost an approx 100 cal. (Approx 320 kcal total)
-Drank 48 oz of water mixed with 2 ½ tabs of NUUN electroytes
-Drank 24 oz pure water, poured 12 oz on myself (approx of course ☺ )
-Took in 1 sodium/potassium/calcium tab
-3 Hammer Endurolytes
-Two tabs of Maloox
-Consumed 1 Tangerine Power Gel within last 20 minutes of bike ride. (110 kcal)
-Total Bike caloric intake = 430…..a little short. I grew mildly fatigued during the last 20 minutes of ride.

T2 – 1:05pm – 3 Hammer Endurolytes

-Mile 2.5 – 1 Tangerine Power Gel (110 Kcal)
-Mile 5.5 - 1 Tangerine Power Gel (110 Kcal)
-Mile 9 - 1 Tangerine Power Gel (110 Kcal)
-Mile 10 – Aid station electrolytes (approx 4-6 oz…no idea of caloric intake)
Every aid station I walked through; drank a cup or two of water.
Run Summary 330 kcal

Caloric summary, 870 kcal during race, approx 700 before race/real food.
100+ oz of water. Tons of sodium and Potassium. Caloric expenditure based off of Vo2/HR monitor – 3549 kcal

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pacific Crest HIM here I come!

Time to bust some ass! What doesn't kill kill you makes you stronger, or leaves you dead on the side of the road.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

“A” Race Goal Re-evaluation

And to start off with a quote to my oh-so favorite movie Kill Bill.

O-Ren Ishii says to The Bride “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?” And The Bride replies “You know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did.” O-Ren Ishii’s witty response is “Silly rabbit.”, The Bride –“Trix are” O-Ren Ishii – “For Kids”.

Lmfao, how hard does this hit home right now? It’s an out of the ballpark grand-mofo-slam! What the hell was I thinking?! There is no such thing as a perfect race and if there was would I really want to do it? My masochistic tail says not! So my “A” race now has a few more complications that I would have liked. I am now going to come face to face with that scorching fiery “orange ball” up in the sky at very high altitude. Come race day we are now looking at 90-95 degrees, WTF, why not ask for 100? Jinx! Last night I was reading The Ultra Marathoner and during Dean’s run in Badwater the soles to his shoes melted after an hour of running and his PB and J sandwich turned to toast, he was covered head to shoe in a white reflective suit and mask. So after reading that I guess we really don’t have it that bad. Running in 120+ would be a lot worse. So as some of my team mates like to say I’m going to “Toughen The Fuck Up” and hit this race with everything I got. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or lying dead on the side of the road :p

Taper day 17- 45 min spin. 35 min in a did 4 x ;30 intervals pushing Z3 to dance with the devil and keep my legs peppy. Tomorrow will be my regular Pilates, Friday will be a short 20-30 min swim in Wikiup and then Saturday it’s Game On!

Ah yes, as for the “goal re-evaluation”, what does that mean? My original goals where A. to finish in sub 6 hours, B. not walk on the run and C. Finish the run in sub 2 hours. Not sure if any of those will be accomplished due to the heat but I’ll be damn if I won’t give it my all. I’d be happy with just one out of the three.
At least I exceeded my fundraising goal of $5,000. I’m now at $5,355…and there’s still time to donate. : )

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taper day 16 - WTF???!!!

Morning swim
200 warm up
2 x 100; fins; rest 15
6 x 50 drills; A-ok, Fist, Karate; rest 10
2 x 100; fins; rest 15
1 x 200; paddles; rest 15
1 x 100; fins; rest 15
1 x 400
2 x 100; fins; rest 15
Cool down
25 x 25 wall push ups.
50 x 25 wall push ups.
50 x 25 wall push ups.
50 x 25 wall push ups.
50 x 25 wall push ups.
25 wall push ups.
Total yardage 2050
Frick me! Had my first major freak out. Not only do I have to deal with the wrath of PMS on race day but I also get to race in 90 degree weather. Couldn’t fall asleep last night and when I finally did hit slumber I woke up 2-3 times throughout the night in cold sweats. WTF? Why is this happening? My mind is in a VERY bad place right now. I have a long history with passing out from heat exhaustion. It has a way of sneaking up on me and there I find myself waking in a haze with people staring at me. It’s seriously messed up. I don’t know what happened; all my positive energy has eluded me. I had so many goals for this race and just feel like they have all been stomped on. Not only stomped, but spit on and then kicked to the curb like a bad boyfriend. I really need an escape from my mind right now…things are not good.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Taper Day 15 - easy run

Monday evening run - easy 30 mins
First I'll start off with the run since there is not much to report then hit a few other things.
Easy 3.5 miles around the 'hood. First mile was slow and easy, second one I picked it up a bit and my HR started to climb as I hit some hills. Some jackass scared me by cat calling as he drove by. Times like this I wish I was wearing my Ipod. But no Ipod for me today, I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. This would be my last run until race day.....this taper has really made me miss my time running. My right ankle has decided to turn bitch and give me a little bit of streaking pain, so the taper is probably a good thing as will be my week of vacation post HIM. Back to the run, last 1.5 miles I did with drills mixed in, ass kickers, strides and side strides. Got my HR into Z3 and danced with the high aerobic energy for awhile.

*I have been able to successfully cut down my caffeine. I still have my shot of espresso in the morning but I'm either caffeine free for the rest of the day or have a cup of green tea. Not bad considering I was up to an additional 2 cups of black coffee or black tea a day. And I **** you not I have more energy....must be this taper thing.

*I found our who my generous donor was. Same guy that won me at the disco date auction for $500. Turns out his company was able to match his donation. So my 2 hour date was valued at $1000, talk about the luck of the draw.

*Each night for the last week or so I have managed to come home and get a 45-60 min nap in. It feels soooooo good. It is really nice to be able to sleep so much, funny how when I train a ton I have issues sleeping, one would think it would be the other way around.

*I was sitting in a meeting today fully alert. Yea, I know, can you believe it? Usually I'll end up trying to dose off or start drawing when my ADD kicks in (not diagnosed but pretty damn sure I have it). Each day I wake up with out fatigue or this what it feels like to not train? My body does still crack just about every time I move, does this mean I'm aging faster? Hmmmm

Unspoken Kindness

Words can not express enough how thankful I am. During our last Saturday workout Audrey our Campaign manager for TNT had notified me that I had raised enough funds to receive a TNT vest. I asked her how much you we had to raise to receive the vest, $1000 over minimum so for me that was $5000. Now my fundraising goal this year was set at $5000 but thus far I had only documented receiving $4855. I was still short $165. Audrey then informed me that I had $5355 in my paycor account. Huh????? How could I lose account for $500 in donations? This morning I received a detailed copy of my donation report, and there it was a $500 donation from Symantec received on 6/13/08. I Googled Symantec and found it is an anti virus software company but can’t think of knowing anyone that worked for them. I’m so grateful yet taken back that someone would anonymously donate so much money. If the mystery donor happens to come across this blog please let me know who you are. I’d love to thank you for your over whelming generosity.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taper day 14

I have lost my sanity. I have sat around my house alone all day. I'm bored out of my ming yet I have no energy or desire to do anything. I won't be documenting my nutrition for the next 2 weeks...this first week will be to make sure I eat enough to load up for race day. I usually have 2-3 days of cutting and not documenting will be the only way I will surely get the extra calories I need in. In return I expect to gain 3-5 lbs (hydration and fuel).....this is the goal; yet scares the **** out of me. I have all my foods picked out for the next week. I'm eating lots of brown rice, sweet potatoes, multi grain bread w/o hfcs, salmon, shrimp, lean chicken, whole grain pasta, avocado, spinach, oats and red peppers. Of course there will be other things, but those are going to be the main staples for the next 6 days. I will also be very low on sugars and caffeine until race day.
The second week will be post race and I will be traveling back home and then out to Vegas...who counts macro's in Vegas? So this will be interesting...first time I have not doc'd my nutrition/macro's for more then 5 OCDness will not like this. Plus I'm PMS'ing...yea I know, you really didn't need to know that, but it's going to make me feel like I'm putting on 10lbs instead of 5lb, which will suck.

Boredom is killing me. I'm trying to stay positive with reading inspiring endurance athlete books, blogs and articles. The weird thing is that I am not yet nervous. I am not scared of this 1/2, in fact I feel like I'm going to eat it alive, which could be a good or a bad thing, not quite certain. I hope this lethargic gross feeling goes away soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DId I just see that?....Taper day 13

My mood has been surprisingly good considering I’m rounding off the 2nd week of taper. My workouts have been cut back first week by about 25% then last week by 50%.This last week scares me, workouts will be cut by 75-80% and I’ll be PMS’ing. This should not only scare me but scare anyone who is stuck being around me. I’ll be praying for a positive attitude nightly.

Saturday – 8 mile run at “race pace”. Race pace being my ½ ironman race pace. I was targeting a 9 min mile but think we came in at 8:10-8:30’s. I’m uncertain of the exact min/mile as we were stopped by a draw bridge at the end of the run and it messed up my time. This was probably only the 3rd or 4th workout we’ve done in the heat this year. Weather was about 70 with 50% humidity, sticky for us. I’m thinking this run was a little quicker then my actual race pace at Pacific Crest, from what I’ve seen it is difficult to hit a sub 2hr run on this course. I say mind of matter and on race day…..none it will matter….I’ll be in the zone.

On to another topic….Run clothing etiquette. I have to bring this up. Today we ran in the heart of PDX around the esplanade, if you read my weather girl report above you saw it was rather warm and sticky. I can not tell you how many guys I saw running without their shirt on, yet not one female with her shirt off and just rockin the sports bra . Now I don’t see anything wrong running without your shirt or just your sports bra IF you have less then a half pint on your tummy. I haven’t rocked a 4 pack since I was carb depleted 2 years a go, since then my tummy has had an invasion of sodium and likes to hold H2o hostage along with a little body fat to utilize as fuel and a cooling source on lsd workouts. I have ab definition along my obliques and down the center of my tummy but I’ll be damned if I’m going without a shirt. Is this just because I’m a woman and am more self conscious then men? Why does a man with a half pint, liter or full on keg think this ok? Do you not know what you look like? Please step inside of my visual memory which now scared and take a peak. Do you really think removing that 5 oz tee shirt is going to cool you any more then if you wore it? At least if your shirt is on you’d sweat and basically be running in wet clothes, which has to be cooler then nothing. Maybe their objective is to get a tan so that the baby fat doesn’t look so much like baby fat. Really though, it’s just WRONG. I wish I could have given out tickets or penalties, I feel visually violated. I pray they don’t show up on race day rockin a speedo.

Disclaimer – I am NOT referring to the guys I was running with…they all fell within that ½ pint and under category.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Taper Day 12

90 min easy spin. Read more of the Ultra Marathoner and chatted with a girl who is hoping to do her first tri in a month. Nice and easy workout. Today I have an insatiable hunger and thirst.

Thursday – Taper day 11

Noon- 60 mins of Pilates

Evening – 3 mile "easy" run followed up by open water swim.
4 loops around Klineline pond, approx 2000-2300 yards.
Swim felt absolutely fantastic. One loop in I had this odd feeling, I felt like I was a motor boat. I actually envisioned this. It came from driving my head and lungs down into the water. I know someone had mentioned this before, but I can only pay attention to so many aspects of my stroke at a time before they become a habit. I am actually getting more efficient and with that comes speed. This is a great thing, who knew that someone as uncoordinated as myself could pick up swimming? See there is hope. : )

Post swim our TNT team had the big race send off party. We went over all the same race stuff as usual. It was great to see everyone and catch up with friends I had been missing for some time. The occasion was celebrated with a pot luck and boy let me tell you, those cookies, strawberry shortcake, salads, breads, brownies, meat and cheese did not agree with me come 3am. My tummy wants to disown me and since I will need to gradually up my caloric intake (not with junk food like last night but clean food) over the next 7 days, I will have constant arguments with the stomach. I wish I could just get an organ transplant.

On another note my spirits were very high yesterday. Not sure how long this will last since I'm bi-polar in this state. I'm not feeling as great this morning as I only got 6 hours of sleep and it was rudely interrupted on more than one occasion by my over sensitive tummy, and I have a looooong day of work ahead of me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taper day 10 – Marine Drive easy 25 miles

My spirit and overall mood has been a lot better today then the last few days. I swear I’m in a bi-polar state in taper, one day hot the next day cold. Thankfully I have a kick ass co-worker who has adapted to my taper mood swings and does what’s needed to help me pull my head out of my ass. I guess I could say he’s like the older brother I never had, anyhow I’m grateful for his support. This evening I had a 25 mile easy ride on the schedule. I decided that I would hit Marine Drive with the PDX tri club and just take it nice and easy. As departure was nearing I realized I would be the only girl riding. Frick! Marine Drive is usually always windy, I can’t ride with the boys and I would have no one to pace line with on the way back. Lol, the guys I was riding with were kind enough to say they were going to take it nice and easy, lol, what does that mean? I’d have to bust ass to keep up with their easy pace, it was a nice gesture though. We head out and immediately I’m dropped, but I expected it. It’s unrealistic and would be unreasonable to ask any of them to hold back and ride with me. We all have our own training goals and I’m a big girl, I know the ride, I can handle it out on my own. So on I went, pedaling Cadence (my bike) into the sun. What a beautiful evening to go for a bike ride. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was picture perfect riding along side the water. I could tell the guys were really taking it easy I could keep them in my view for the most part. There were points that I was close to catching up but I held back. My goal for this ride was to keep my HR under 160, which I accomplished for the most part. I hit it a few times but quickly backed down. As I would draw near them I would have a mind/body struggle. I REALLY wanted to catch up BUT I knew as soon as I did then I’d have to hold a pace that was over my HR goal and that would frick my taper….so I stayed back. At one point they must have stopped pedaling because I caught up…but just as I had indicated I fell back as my HR reached 164 holding the pace. This taper is for my A race of the season, it is not worth screwing up. So again I fell back. Thankfully the wind was gentle and did not unleash her wrath on us tonight. And for the most part I highly enjoyed riding alone tonight. I had a lot of one on one time with Cadence. We talked; ok so I talked, she listened. I sang, if she had ears they would have been covered. I pedaled and she soared. When we returned back to the start a few of the guys went for the usual brick/run….I so wanted to go. It took everything I had to say no……I really miss running so much. Although I was sad I could not let my legs fly free I had a sense of satisfaction. I controlled myself today. I didn’t push my legs and HR when I wanted to. Today my mind won.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beyond The Sea

Listening to Bobby Darin's Beyond The Sea
THANK GOD I had physical activity on my schedule..I regained an ounce of sanity back

Evening swim

Warm-up 250

6 x 50 drills; A-Ok, First, Claw; rest 10

4 x 50 Fins; rest 10
4 x 50 paddles; rest 10
4 x 50 boyie; rest

6 x 200s, rest :20 between each.
#1 & #4: be speedy on the first 100, then swim easy (positive split)
#2 & #5: be speedy on the middle 100 (even split)
#3 & #6: be speedy on the last 100 (negative split)

100 easy.
25 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
25 x 5 wall pushups

Total yards: 2,700

Taper day 9

Mood – Miserable & lonely

I want to do this….
But it’s too close to IM Canada, so I will volunteer for IM this year, race next year and then 2 years out I will do this 24 hour triathlon. It has my sickness level.

On a side note?
How the hell am I going to do IM Canada? I have no clue even where to begin in my training. I mean sure…this year my racing/training calendar is full and I’m really working on endurance. But my question is, after my marathon in October how much time should I take off? What should be my focus during my off season? How long should it last as I want my first ½ of the year to be Wildflower in May. Does that mean training will start back up in Jan? Can I do any speed work? Or am I limited on keeping a low HR and building that aerobic powerhouse. How many weeks out does my last ½ ironman need to be? I’m so confused. I really can’t afford a coach, not sure what I’ll do.

One is the lonelinest number…….

I go through this bought of loneliness during every taper. It seriously sucks ass. I am single, independent and free and 90% of the year this makes me happy. My training is what I date, it completes me. Funny as that sounds it is true. As I enter taper I come across this new found sadness, like I am longing for a long lost love. It is my training I am missing. I realize as I withdraw from training I have nothing to occupy my time. Well there are things to do like cook, clean, watch TV, eat non stop….you know all that good stuff, but none of it completes me. I am sad as I feel as if my training has turned on me and left me all alone.

This brings me to another topic. How the hell do competitive triathlete’s hold functional relationships? I’ve been reading a ton of blogs lately and it appears most have wives/husbands and live what appears to me as perfect lives. My question is “What’s the secret?” Did they find their one true love before they got bitten by the “tri love” bug? So the phrase “for better or worse” is truly put to the test? Or another question is did they find their true love during training or racing and is this other person an athlete? Maybe I’m just an odd ball out but I can’t foresee someone being able to deal with my OCD ADD training/lifestyle insanities. If only my bike could talk back, we share the same heart.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blue Lake Olympic Race Report

Pre Race
The night before I ate and drank until I physically couldn’t get any more down. Michele and Johan hosted a kick ass BBQ and had a ton of food. I made sure to sip on water throughout the night….fighting the temptation to drink alcohol and party with everyone was a bitch! My favorite indulgence of the night had to have been the smoked venison, wasabi almonds, chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. FYI 128 oz in 2.5 hours will bloat a girl up.
I spent the rest of the evening rolling my legs, doing Pilates stretching and washing Cadence. I thought cleaning off the lb or two of dirt she was carrying would help me go faster….haha, who am I kidding? At least her chain was would be well lubed and shift nice and easy for me.

The morning of the race I awoke at 4:45am. I couldn’t sleep I was excited. This was my first race of the season. I entered upon months of built up fatigue with no taper, this was no A Race….but it was still a race where I could compete and it would be the last time I could get my HR up for a long time until Pacific Crest ½ Ironman; so I was going to give it my all. My expectations where low…just to beat my time last year on the same course under the same circumstances…that’s all. I ate a big breakfast, did some more Pilates stretching and made my way out to Blue Lake as I rocked out to Kill Bill’s Battle Of Honor.

They say a perfect race makes for a boring race report so I’ll just bullet point a few things.

*At the start my goggles didn’t seal and I had water leaking in on the right eye. Ugh, I tried to just ignore it but amount 5 mins was all this girl could take. I came to a stop, drained the goggle, resealed and on I went.
*Some girl right next to me was swimming the breaststroke and doing so in a diagonal line and kept swimming into me. I decided it was time to swim over her….she backed off. As did the person grabbing my feet after I kick them very hard.
*Woot! Woot! I’m passing some yellow and green caps, 1 & 2 waves starts ahead of me. Is this really happening?
*First swim EVER to feel pretty much effortless. I was calm and collected the whole time and just glided through the water….which means maybe I should have pushed myself more. Oh well….again my swim is just my warm up to the race.
*I see the Red Bull finish for the swim. I run out of the water and quickly check my HR monitor for the time. 29:30, Oh! Oh! Oh! (yes that is my O face : ) ). First time I have ever come out of an Olympic distance swim in sub 30 mins. This alone made my race.

*One disadvantage of my new TT helmet, it’s a pain in the ass to get on. It barely fits over all my hair. I can’t keep my hair in a bun or a ponytail in the back, too much hair for that, so my only option is pigtail French braids. I look like I’m 12, hot I know Anywho, the helmet just barely fit over those.
*T1 was slow in comparison to others; something over 3 mins. I was disoriented more then usual once I had hit my transition; I think the helmet threw me off. I rode sockless and gloveless, just shoes and a helmet.
*I ran passed Coach Jane in T1, I fought the urge to run up and hug her….I credit her for my swim.

*HR is through the roof! 170-180 90% of the ride. I was a little worried this was going to tax me on the run but said “frick it” because this was my chance to give my all…it never did tax me : )
*Wind? Was it really windy? I couldn’t tell, maybe because my new alien helmet kicks ass yo! Seriously the bike felt GREAT!
*Played a little bit of cat and mouse with David and Fred, that was fun.
*I passed a girl with tri shorts that read “Living The Dream” on the backside; they were awesome. Complimented her as I passed.
*Rolled in off the bike with a 1:09:35, Avg’ing 21.5 mph PR Baby!!!

*Ugh, another slow transition with a mid 3 minutes. I was disoriented again. My HR was high and it was hard to run in bike shoes when I couldn’t feel my feet.
*Stupid race belt/number: I ended up putting it on backwards…ooops.

*Never really had brick legs; I think it’s because my feet were numb so I couldn’t feel them. Good thing because they never felt heavy.
*I always get commented on my run sound. Today two people said I had a nice “pitter patter”. Ok, so my stride is still short, at least the turn over is quick.
*The entire run pretty much kicked ass the whole time. I came up on a few gentlemen that I sparked up some conversation with. Now that I look back that might have not been the best choice, I probably could have gone faster if I had focused on running, but I was so happy with my last 2 PRs I was really just enjoying the run. There was one guy on the way back that was cramping REALLY bad. I just kept saying positive things to him trying to help him block it out. At the end of the race he thanked me….he had also passed me in the last mile .
*Homegirl with the “Living The Dream” shorts passed me in the last 1/3 mile.
*I managed to conserve enough energy to sprint to the finish about to puke with a 188 HR. LOVE it! Finished my run in a 49:44, 8 min avg. PR BABY!

2:35: something…I’ll post the division stats as soon as they’re posted on the net.
PR in all three sports, 16 minutes faster over the same course last year, running off of a ****load of fatigue and PR in Olympic distance Triathlon by 6 minutes. Very unexpected and awesome at the same time. Progression is happening and that makes me a very excited Kat. Makes me wonder what I could have done with a taper.

AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE FROM TNT that came out to cheer. You guys MADE my race! It’s kind of lonely when your family or outside training friends don’t make it to see you put into action everything you trained and work so hard for.….TNT is a wonderful extended family.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Inside the mind of Kat….

Inside the mind of Kat….read at your own risk

Frick I hate taper….I'm only 5 days in and I haven't even tapered that much. I've cut out a workout or intensity level here and there, nothing drastic. The next week is going to throw me into shock and by week 2 I'll be comatose bitch. It's during this time that I am alone with my thoughts and my damn laptop that allows me to write. It's better this way…not to be social as I will scare people off. And as you read this random off the wall shit I may scare you away from ever checking in on me again. My apologizes……

Random thought 1
I'm addicted to caffeine. It's to the point I have instant espresso upon waking, a cup of black tea or black coffee around 9 or 10 am and then one more around 2 or 3. And if I do run/bike speed work better believe my nutrition will have a caffeine boost in it as well. I'm at the point that I will get a quick pick me up then I am left tired again. I think I've grown a tolerance for it. Ugh….time to cut back. I started yesterday with my morning espresso and opted for green tea later in the morning and again in the late afternoon. Green tea has 50% caffeine then black and 60-70% less the brewed. Day one was a successful cut back. Last night I only got 6 hours of sleep and then I was up at 4am for an easy 90 min spin this morning. Now it's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm ready to take a nose dive into my keyboard….I gave into temptation and am sipping on a lovely cup of black coffee. Blah, I will continue to cut back a little each day….and give in when needed.

Random thought 2
Vegas Baby Vegas. I will be going on my first vacation in TWO YEARS!!!! All of my vacation days have been spent racing or traveling to races, it's time to let loose and have some fun!! I have a very risqué crazy fun to do list….Kristy you have your alias?

Random thought 3
I need to get a f$@%ing life. As training is dwindling down I find myself with spare time with nothing to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still cooking like a mad women but a single girl living alone can only cook so much food. I have serious issues with letting things go to waste and I'm not about to gain 10lbs of fat before my race….so this leaves me a bit restless. Seriously, you can only clean your kitchen floor so many times. I never really considered myself a clean person or per say a "neat freak" until I lived on my own. And now with this new found spare time everything in my house it spotless. You could come eat off of my floors, yes this is an invite. I do enjoy reading inspiring and motivational training books along with catching up on some good movies and TV shows but my problem is 20-30 mins in I get antsy. I feel like I should be doing so much more then just sitting around wasting time. I'm a multi tasker; I have to have 2-3 things going on at one time. I do find it helpful to roll my legs/stretch and do Pilates while watching TV. It helps a little.

Random thought 4
I am going to be single for the rest of my life. This is something I am certain of. I look out into my future and I can not foresee anyone by my side. I've tried the dating thing here and there, it usually happens when I'm in :gasp!: taper and I get bored….or if I'm over trained and I need a distraction….or if I'm caloric deficient and somehow my stupid ass accepts. But never the less nothing comes out of nothing. I don't have the time or energy to put into it, nor do I really have a desire. I'm a picky person and frankly most people just can't keep up. I need to keep a log of how many guys say they can hang or challenge me, only to fall off within a few conversations. It's enough to make me fall over laughing my ass off. It's pretty pathetic when your girlfriends make fun of you for only going out with a guy for one date, really they don't get a second chance. Not once, have I met my match. Do they exist? Who the hell knows. Do I care? Not so much, I'll probably just grow old as the crazy cat lady….I think there are worse things. At least I always have my bike.

Random thought 5
Adam Sandler is hot….there I said it. Recently I went to go see his new movie You Don't Mess with The Zohan with Lindsay and I caught drool on myself. Boy has been hitting the gym or something. The movie had a ton of sexual innuendo's and lots of funny naked shots…but not the gross Will Ferrel type. He had to have lived at the gym to work off that beer belly and define that oh-so delectable ass. Oh snap! Maybe he's the one! A hot funny man, what more could a girl want? Too bad his fitness physique is probably going to be short lived.

Random thought 6
I really don't understand why some girls don't have any girlfriends. I've never met a guy that said he didn't have any guy friends. I get along with pretty much everyone (expect when I'm in taper) so I have wide variety of friends, men and women of all ages. But not having ladies friends….that would suck ass. Most of my girlfriends can be my life support. I mean who else do you go to when you're PMSing, want to dish relationships, talk about current struggles or dreams and aspirations?

Random thought 7
I am an eating machine…I wonder if I could get paid for that. How cool would it be to work for the Food Network and be a taste tester? I should look into it. I wonder if I could eat a 20oz steak…..mmmmm steak. I think I should be a guest judge on Iron Chef…that would be fun. Is Bobby Flay married? I need to go back to The Cheesecake Factory. I had a goal of trying every one of their cheesecakes and think I have only made it to 8-10 thus far. Damn, I've been slacking.

A whole bunch of everything done easy.

Thursday --- tapering down
Lunch - 60 min Pilates

Evening 37 min easy run around Klineline – 4 miles.

Open Water Swim – 4 loops around Klineline; approx 2000 yards.
1 mass open water swim start. This felt good, going around the pole was chaotic. There was no room so I just swam over people….we were so crowded with people that once I cleared the pole I had people grabbing on to my feet so I just kicked hard….that got me free. I really have no issues with mass starting or swimming/over or kicking people…you do what you have to do. I didn’t stay for the cannon/belly flop contest. I just wasn’t feeling it. It kind of sucks when you have a whole team of people and there are not many that you actually bond with or train with. BTW, missed you Shannon & Jenny!

Friday morning – 90 min easy spin. HR between 130-150. ‘
This was uber easy. I read the first 30 mins….started Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karmazes. So far…good book. You know he will order a large pizza and a cheesecake and eat and hold the food while running? Crazyness! Can’t wait to read more.
Then my friend Laura came to join me. I wrote her up a spin workout to have her ass handed to her on a silver platter  She had a 15 min warm up followed by 5 x 2:30 intervals on anaerobic threshold training based off of her HR and Vo2 stats; 1:30 recovery. She did great and was smiling at the end. Hmmm, I take this as I need to write her a tougher work out.

The next 48 hours I’m going to be doing a lot of rolling/pilates/stretching and eating. I have a VERY easy 12 mile ride out to Blue Lake tomorrow to cheer on the Olympic TNT team doing the Sprint triathlon and then another VERY easy 12 mile ride back to the car. I have been given the go ahead to RACE on Sunday. What does this mean you ask? I will not be holding back, I have vengeance I need to take out on this course and this will be my last chance to push it until race day. I did this same course last summer. I didn’t taper and was running on full fatigue as I was in the midst of training for my first ½ ironman. Blue Lake/Marine Drive handed me my ASS! So now it is time for payback. Sure, I’m still running on a lot of fatigue, but this will be a good indicator of how my fitness has progressed. Doing the same course under just about the same circumstances; I’m freaking excited!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Morning Swim

Tuesday Recovery

Wednesday - Morning Swim
Warm Up 250

6 x 50s, Drills; A-ok, Fist, Karake; 10 sec rest between each

1 x 150 with buoy; 10 sec rest
1 x 250 build speed by 50s; 10 sec rest
1 x 350 with fins; 20 sec rest
1 x 450 hold a steady pace, 60% effort; 20 sec rest
1 x 100 fast; 20 sec rest

8 x 50s with breathing pattern, per 50: every 3 strokes,
4, 5, & your choice; 10 sec rest between each

Cool Down
25 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
50 x 5 wall pushups
25 x 5 wall pushups

Total yards:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quoting....some of my fav's.


Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.~
George Herman "Babe" Ruth

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
~Mary Engelbreit

Energy and persistence conquer all things.~
Benjamin Franklin

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.~
Vince Lombardi

When people say to me: "How do you do so many things?" I often answer them, without meaning to be cruel: "How do you do so little?" It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don't. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever. ~
Philip Adams

The closer one gets to the top, the more one finds there is no "top."
~Nancy Barcus

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~
Author Unknown

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.~

When someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high. ~Mary H. Waldrip

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.
~Author Unknown

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.~
William Shakespeare

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. ~
Author Unknown

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~
Kenji Miyazawa

The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.
~Ann Strong

You shouldn't gloat about anything you've done; you ought to keep going and find something better to do. ~
David Packard

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.
~Gloria Naylor

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~
Franklin D. Roosevelt

H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession.
~Author Unknown

The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon. ~
Bill Strickland, The Quotable Cyclist

Monday, June 9, 2008

A double, but for what?

Monday Morning Swim

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:40 (SLOW! I had no 100%, I'm fricking tired!)
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose. (Rests were longer then normal)
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;52
100 easy

Cool down
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total yardage ; 2750

I have done this workout a number of times and today was by far the hardest. The last two days have caught up with me and I am freaking tired. My body doesn't really have much energy left.
This is officially the start of taper. This week I will be cutting back slightly ...I have an Olympic "C" training race on Sunday. I'm looking forward to cutting back, I'm tired of being tired.

Monday Part 2
Approx 7.5 mile pointless run

Yes I did say pointless. I rarely do a workout that doesn't have a rhythm or reason to it...I guess this one did but not from a fitness level. Maybe I took a step back, mentally maybe a step forward. Post swim I was uber fatigued...then I had to work 9 hours, yea I worked through lunch. Monday's can be a pain in the tail catching up on weekends orders and executive reporting. Then I got a call from my dad mid afternoon. This will usually put me off a bit, he's sick and doesn't talk about it much, today he decided he wanted to. It was weird and again brought up a lot of emotions I usually try to bury beneath me. Ugh..... So even through I was tired, I wanted to run. I needed to just get out in the open and think, so that is what I did. I ran an easy pace from NW PDX down to the Waterfront, did the Esplanade loop twice and came back. 99% sure it did nothing for my fitness since I was running on E before I started the run but it sure as hell cleared my mind, and sometimes that is all that matters.

Now I am so tired I'm about to fall on my face. My quads are extremely swollen and sore. I tried to roll them tonight but it's just not possible, they hurt too much. I even tried lightly with the stick, but just rolling without pressure hurts. I'm going to pop some calcnuim and magnesium before bed and hope it help repairs some damaged tissue. Thank goodness tomorrow is a recovery day and start of Kat taking it easy.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

13 mile run on Wildwood

30 mins Pilates
12-13 mile LSD trail run around Wildwood.

I was surprised upon waking that my quads where not sore, a little tight but not sore. I got up and did 40 mins of Pilates. Mostly working on my core, stretching out my back and then roller my legs.

I hit Wildwood trail at mile marker 5 to run 4 miles before my friend Kristy joined me. I went backwards on the trail. Mile 5 to 3 and back, never had gone this way before....woah! Talk about hills. The first 1 1/4 mile was all up hill and some of the ascents were so steep I should have walked took too much energy for my mileage. I hit mile 1 and walked briefly up a steep ascent...around 1 1/4 it went down hill, got to the second mile turned around, re climbed and descended. Met up with Kristy at mile 5 again and we went out to run 8 miles. I got lost twice on the damn trail and added another mile to a mile a half to our run....oops. The worst part was both places I got us lost we ended up having steep ascents and descents that we had to back track. Oh well Hopefully my friend still <3's me. I finished off with approx 13 miles. It was good to run the trail again, it really slowed me down and I needed it. Post run we recovered with breakfast at Beeshaw's. Oatmeal and a salmon dill egg white scramble, the best recovery food! Oh yea, the coffee was good too and the company was the BEST. Thanks for joining me hun!

Latest Infusions

I'm infusing Vodka's for out Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman after party

Apple Cider, Strawberry and Blueberry

Mint & Bacon
These are for the Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman after party. I also have a Jalepeno, Pumpkin and Cranberry Spice...but those are done. We're going to be lit like the sky on the 4th of July! BTW, Bacon was by a team members request....a lot of endurance athletes love the ****. Heard it's good in a bloody mary but not really my cup o tea...or cup o lard.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

68 mile ride, 3800 ft of elevation gain, 3800 ft elevation descending
You can find ride details here, just click on show elevation on the left hand side to see all the climbs

I’m tired; it’s been a long day so I’m just to bullet point some recaps and a few things on my mind.

• Performance Bicycle may have good prices on accessories and gear but I will NEVER let them touch my Cadence (bike) again. I took it in on Thursday to have the rear break pads replaced and the guy didn’t put the right side on tight. 2-3 miles into the ride I hear this loud squeaking and try to break and realize my rear breaks weren’t working. Thankfully my front were ; ) I stopped to check it out and WTF? The break pad was turned backwards and about to fall off. Thankfully Jenny stopped to see if I was ok and let me use her multi purpose tool to fix it. It’s good to have working breaks.
• When I was scared I started singing. Weird I know. The song of the day was “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when sky’s are grey.” Dadadadaa….you know something like that. This helped calmed my nerves. Funny thing was, 2 out of the 3 times I started singing that song it started raining, WTF?
• You will always remember who stops to help you or waits for you on the descends and you will always remember those who just pass by when you are in need of help without a second thought. I think there are some that forget we are a team. I will never pass by someone who appears to have trouble with their bike without asking if they need help….never have never will.
• Today my quads burned and they yelled at me, on more then one occasion.
• I started eating a little too late on the ride, yet I still managed not to bonk. The hills made it difficult to time my nutrition. I often had to eat while climbing. I hit the Maloox twice and vitamin IB for pain my right calf….left over pain from running, nothing serious, no worries. Both remedies did the trick and my leg felt a-ok 20 minutes later and Maloox kept the acid reflux away for this ride.
• At the half way point I was a lot more tired then I thought I’d be. We had done a lot of climbing up to this point….and still had a lot to go. This was a time that I questioned myself….”Did I have it in me?” Turns out I did. There were a few climbs on the way back that hurt, really, really bad. My friend Shannon had sent me a picture of Natasha (our honored team mate, a little girl fighting leukemia), she was in her bed (post transfusion) with bags of medicine getting fed through her. The only time she is not suffering is when she is has her morphine (no fun!) or asleep. I can only imagine the pain she suffers through on a daily basis. This gave me strength to suck up my fear/ pain.
• Luna Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are soooo good, one of my new found favorites.
• My ride lasted 5 hours and 20 minutes. I climbed and descended over 3800 feet. It was wet and rained a little. I burned 2600 calories total and consumed 600 during the ride, I still lost 1.4lbs after plenty of hydration and recovery food.
• I don’t understand the words “I Can’t.” I am soooo tired of hearing people’s excuses as to why they can’t do something. If I believed in the phase “I Can’t” I’d still be a maid in a slum lord hotel….probably with children and a drug addiction. If you evenr want to hear a story of hell and back you can ask me….I don’t believe in “I Can’t.” Where there is a will there is a way….and I will never feel sorry or have much respect for those that give up.
• One would think that after that type of ride a Spanish coffee would light you up! The weird thing was I never felt it…. : (
• I learned how to tackle my fear of descending, to get so damn fatigued you just don’t give a shit. One the way back quads were yelling at me, and my back was moaning (my body talks a little too much, kind of like myself, neither of us know when to STFU). Anywho, I hurt and I was relieved to see descents. Did I just say that? I think I did. I was so happy to not have to fight gravity to go up a freaking hill I just shifted my body down and went into them. Now that’s not to say I didn’t break, I still had to do that a bit but for the most part I took every descent back faster and more aggressive. I was even able to cut corners ; ) My daddy gave me a little advice on Thursday that worked well. Plus in the back of my mind I new I had someone up above looking out for me, I was and always will be ok, I just need to keep reminding myself that.
• It’s really annoying to be past by almost every person on the descents. It is a very good feeling to pass all those same people from the descents ascending. I’m a pretty strong climber.
• I enjoyed this ride; some of the hills were long, but never too long. Some of the roads were curvy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It rained a little, I got wet; a little water doesn’t hurt anyone.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Giro Advantage 2!

Woot! Woot! My new alien helmet has arrived. I'm a happy Kat!!!!

On a flip note; proof that running doesn't always jack my feet up :). My feet look like little sausages.

Pilates/"Race Pace"/Open Water


Lunch - 60 min of Pilates. I asked Tracy (instructor) to be kind to my quads today since they were still sore from the ride the prior, funny how differently we view kindness.

Evening - 6 mile "race pace" run. I'm splitting my runs into 3 a week, 1 track or tempo run (speed work), 1 long LSD (long slow distance) and 1 race pace. Race pace is going to be my marathon or 1/2 iron pace. This is going to be between an 8 and a 9 min mile. The goal of the night was stay around 8:30's. This did not happen. I finished off at 7:50's. One of my team mates commented that it was great, that I'm getting faster, but I know myself. Maybe I am getting a tad bit faster but I very well know I am NOT going to run a 7:50 marathon or even 1/2 marathon. So, Bad Kat Bad. I consider this workout non-successful because I didn't achieve my goal; to stay within race pace. Oh well live and learn, at least it was a good running weather and I had a beautiful 5k loop to run on.

Evening- Post run Open water swim
This on the other hand was VERY successful. Water was cold as I entered, sometimes I forget why I got a sleeveless wetsuit. Then I start swimming , free rang of motion, booyah! I had a great swim, felt strong and enjoyed the open water. Swam 4 loops around Klineline pond, approx 2000 yards.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Logie Trail

Wednesday - Logie Trail
32ish mile ride/10 min run
1,500 ft elevation climbing….
This was a humbling training experience
You can see the route here, just click on see elevation.

It has come time to attack Logie Trail again….for those not familiar it is a 2.6 mile road with 1090 feet of elevation gain. Avg. grade is around 7.8% with a max of 14.4%. I did this ride last year with Jenny, I made it up successfully without stopping but I was anaerobic for nearly 1/3 or the ride, and it had officially handed me my ass on a cold platter. Today was the day to get redemption.
We had a few small groups from TNT go out and hit this road, one yesterday, the group I was in and then a small group that started after us. I had given good warning about the workout before going out. I guess I made it appear larger then life because I had heard comments back that it wasn’t that bad? Really, honestly? I guess maybe you’re an elite rider….but wait any elite rider I know wouldn’t say that. Or maybe if in the past/present you’ve gotten off your bike mid climb or your running a triple chain ring it might night be THAT bad….but still I wouldn’t tell a group of people training at all different levels that a ride ranked HARD wasn’t really that hard….it’s a bit demoralizing if you ask me. Enough with my vent…on to the ride.
We started at The Lucky Lab pub in NW PDX and headed out Hwy 30. I realized going out that my rear brake pads were worn so I stopped and looked at them. Wow, I have rubbed them pretty raw; hopefully I can get my bike into the shop before this weekends ride. Anywho, I had some break power left and my fronts are ok so I was fine to continue on with the ride. I took the first 10 miles out pretty easy and just warmed up my legs. 2 miles before Logie I took down a Power Gel. We arrive at Logie and regroup, Jenny and Shannon. Ok time, to spin up this bizznitch. As we start we by pass a house that is having an outdoor BBQ/party. I joke we should skip the ride and crash the party; it would be much more forgiving. Lol…but on we went. The first mile was not bad; I knew it wasn’t going to be…it’s the second that’s the ass kicker. Jenny I chatted and enjoyed the scenery during the way up, I don’t remember doing that last year. We finish mile one and think, hmmmmm, ½ way over not bad. I wanted to ride the whole hill in my saddle (Ahahahahaha……Ahahahaha….Ahahahaha) and thus far was successful. Then the switch backs started. Oh, ok….first one, steep but tolerable, second one and I’m up and out of the saddle. I quickly go back down as soon as I can…HR is climbing but I’m still in good range. Another switch back, up and out….Oy! Gravel, I struggled as I’m climbing 4 mph around a switchback and my rear tire starts to slip and drift, Oh for the love of God, please stay on your bike. My prayers were answered and I successfully went up. It was at this point I received a phone call and Kill Bill’s “Whistle Song” played on my phone. Just what I needed, no, not to answer my phone but to hear that song. Straight motivation! But then I was worried because I had been yelling down the hill (yes I still had enough aerobic capacity to sing, talk and oddly enough yell) “I LOVE YOU SHANNON” and hadn’t heard a response back….so I thought she might be calling. But I couldn’t get off my bike to check, I was NOT going to stop climbing….so on I went. Switchback after switchback. So freaking misleading, I kept thinking I was at the top, but I was delusional. Finally I see the summit, alas the Poka Dot Jersey is mine! For those that are not cycling geeks I’m referring to the King Of The Mnt Jersey in The Tour de France. I’m a dork I know. I wait at the top for Jenny and Alisa . I reflected back on my climb and I was very happy with my results, not once did I feel like I was going to puke. I only hit anaerobic HR 185 once and it was very short lived, for the most part I stayed at my Lactic Threshold of 175 bpm. Woot! Woot! I think this means my strength and cardio have improved over the previous year. Happy Kat! Shannon gets to the top and gets a well deserved high five, homegirl has HARDCORE status for puking on the bike! Way to kick ass girl, I am soooo proud of you! Well not just for puking but doing the ride. She is not training for the ½ iron, she is doing he Olympic, so she doesn’t have to do these long rides or the higher intensity hill climbs, yet she does them anyway. Why? Because she kicks ass! We regroup again and hit Skyline for another 15 miles of rolling hills. It was nice to climb a hill and descend with enough momentum to get back up it. The last 20 minutes of the ride could have been better, the monthly pains of being a women kicked in and I rode with knots in my tummy. Not a good feeling. We finished back at The Lucky Lab and I was contemplating not running, my tummy was not well and my feet and legs were numb…BUT I thought it would be good practice for race day so I ran for 10 minutes as I had planned. This sucked as I couldn’t feel my feet and my tummy was yelling at me…but I just tuned it out. You do what you got to do right? I mean come now; How bad do you want it?

My sleep was very poor. We had been riding in the cold and when I went to bed I was still cold and shivering….it is times like this it would be nice to have someone by my side : ( I feel asleep shivering. I took magnesium before bed but woke up at 1am with restless leg syndrome. I then tossed, turned, twitched and kicked the rest of the night/morning. My tummy started growling at 5am. Oh the humanity! I still have an hour to sleep, leave me alone!! Finally I gave in at 5:30 and got to make some whole wheat pancakes….my hunger has been insatiable today.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

8 x 800s; Swimming

Get this....I went to bed last night at 8pm, yes I said 8pm to wake up this morning at 4am to go do my 10 mile LSD trail run up at Wildwood by 5am.
I wake up at 1am due to tummy pains....ugh stupid women curse, and all I can hear is the down pour of rain. I'm praying this goes away in the next few hours. I jump out of bed at 3:58am, excited to go run.....but then a cloud rains on my excitement as I see the downpour out my kitchen window. If I didn't have to go to work right after the run I would have said **** it and ran anyway....I've been drying to hit the trails. But instead I crawled back in my cozy bed and slept for another hour. Still ended up getting up an hour earlier then needed so I put it to good use and did some Pilates. The LSD run will not happen this week....oh well. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Tuesday Part 1 - Run - Speed Work

1 mile warm up
8 x 800's at 7:13 pace with 90 sec floats between.
Total 6.55 miles

These are difficult but today I conquered them. The first two were the hardest as I didn't do drills before hand and it took a while to get my tight short stride to lengthen out, but alas I found my rhythm. The middle 800's felt good. The last two where difficult but speed work I view is more mind over physical so I decimated them. At the end I felt like yelling at the treadmill "Who's your daddy?!" But since I was surrounded by other gym goers I restrained as to not be called a freak....but still I thought it and I thought it loud.
And now......I have the oh so high runners high

Tuesday evening - Part 2 Swim

250 warm up
100; 100% effort
50: easy
Repeat 3 times.

100 easy
10 x 25 fins 70%; 80%; 90%; 100%; 90%
100 easy

1 x 50 each A-ok, Fist, Karate, Free/rolling hips
1 x 400; moderate pace
1 x 50 each A-ok, Fist, Karate, Free/rolling hips
1 x 400; moderate pace

Cool down
25; 10wall push ups
50; 10 wall push ups
50; 10 wall push ups

2500 yards

This workout was difficult and my energy was taxed from the run/speed work.


I love the smell of clean sheets and crawling into made bed after a long day of training.
I love peanut butter/honey and bananas.
I love the endorphins I get from running so fast my insides feel like they're going to combust.
I love creating fuel infusions.
I love waking up before dawn and starting the day training.
I love Crown Royal on the rocks.
I love the excitement diving into the water and swimming over people, while being swum over.
I love dancing around my house in my pastel pj's.
I love my independence.
I love pancakes.

I'm tired of people thinking they can change me.
I'm tired of being tired.
I'm tired of people making excuses and not seeing their full potential.
I'm tired of being a women and going through monthly pain.
I'm tired of being tired…oops already said that.

I wish "I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl"…, you know the song!
I wish I could train as my career.
I wish I could cure cancer.
I wish I could see my father more.
I wish my best friend didn't live so damn far away and I was a better friend and called her more often : (
I wish I could physically keep up with men of my fitness level.
I wish there were more hours in a day and more days in a week.
I wish I felt like a girl more often.
I wish solitude wasn't so lonely.
I wish I had more balance in my life.

I need a hug.
I need warmth from another person.
I need often a sanity check.

I'm excited that race day is vastly approaching.
I'm excited that I just got my Passport, watch out IM Canada, here I come!
I'm excited to see my next progression.

I am only human.....and am the furthest thing from perfect.

I WANT to be the among the ELITE.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Swim

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:34
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;52
100 easy

Cool down
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total yardage ; 2750

I'm addicted to this damn workout. I <3 it, I do need to change it up soon. I will do a different one next swim.

My plan was to so a double today and do my 10 mile LSD run that I didn't do yesterday this evening. But the monthly curse of being a women has decided to twist the insides of my stomach out, good lord I'm in pain. I'm really tired too. I think running is going to be a last minute call. If Dr. Ibuprofen does his magic in the next 90 minutes I'll go, if not I'll probably opt for a nap on my oh so comfy sofa.

May’s Recap

5 days on recovery out of 31, 16% off.

Swam 9 days = 13.97 miles/ avg 1.55 miles per day of swim. This # does not account for the 3 days of Open Water.
Biked 8 days = 306.5 miles / avg 38.31 per day.
Spin bike 3 days = 5/ avg 1.66 hrs per day
Ran 17 days = 111.5 miles/ 6.5 per day
Pilates/core work (does not include 20 min session 4-5 days a week. This only includes class time at the gym) 6 days = 6 hours / 1 hour per day
Bricks – 4 (45/5, 44/7.5, 25/1.5, 23/1)
Total Mileage 431.97
Up approx 24 miles over last month.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I need a weekend from the weekend

OMG....sooooo hungover. Today has to be an active rest day, the last 24 hours have been CRAZY!

Mock - Olympic Triathlon
This was our race simulator of the season. The first time we put all three sports as one and give it some good effort. We really lucked out on the weather. It was beautiful and temps in the mid 60’s…this is rare for us this year, we have trained in the rain, snow and heat and all within a few days of each other. The weather has been like a ping pong ball….but on Saturday it was on our side.
The PDX tri club was putting on the little event and the turn out was pretty large. We had the 2008 Pacific Crest TNT team, PDX tri members and then the 2008 Pacific Crest tri TNT team (not sure if they actually participated). The club put on some good clinic/seminars pre event. I spent most of this time mingling around the crowd and listening in here and there. Most of the stuff they covered I already knew but it was good for beginners..and there was one or two things that I’ll test out, you never stop learning. Pre “race” I had no nerves. This wasn’t race, I wasn’t going to go all out so maybe that is why I was so calm, I don’t know but it was a nice feeling.

Swim Approx 800 meters– We’re given 5 minutes to “warm” up in the water pre start. I don’t know if it was really a “warm up” since the water wasn’t warm at all…but hey, I’m not complaining because it wasn’t an iceberg either. I swim out to the first kayak and back. Ah yes, this feels good. We’re called back into shore and then given the count down…10,9,8…3,2,1 and we’re off. Craziness! We all run into the water like a bunch of shoppers hitting up Macy’s at 4:30am the day after Thankgiving. Open Water Shock! WTF?! It was exciting yet annoying at the same time. I LOVE mass water starts, lol and I actually like swimming over people. Ok I don’t do it to just do it but if someone is in my way it will be done. It took a good 5 minutes to get my breathing regulated. My stroke felt good at the start. About ¾ through it started happening again, I look up to breath and I am getting passed again, on my left on my right and these were not slow passes. How the hell does this always happen? Oh well, I know I’m not the fastest swimmer and I enjoyed my swim so really that is all that matters.

T1 – I swim til I my hand hits the sand, open my wetsuit and allow water to fill my suit. I run out, unzip and my wetsuit flies off. I wanted to ride the way I would during race day so I just put on my helmet, glasses and shoes and I was off. T1 was fast….I will not be using socks or gloves during race day. Oh and I forgot my “special needs” at T1. I’ve been cursed with an argumentative digestive system so I need either Maloox, Zantac, and or Immodium or all three.

Bike 26 miles– HR check 175? Really?! As I ride out of T1 acid reflux kicks in….I swallowed too much water. Damn! I focused the first 20 minutes on my breathing, holding out eating; as to hope the acid reflux goes away…it did subside a lot. 20 minutes in and I go for my first Powergel…mmmm, gel. My cadence reader (speedo/rpm gage) wasn’t working so I had no clue how fast I was going or my RPMs. It felt windy, but not in just one area. We did an out and back 2 times to cover 26 miles and it felt like the wind shifted directions at different points. The bike felt a bit taxing but I wasn’t sure why since I didn’t have my bike data in front of me. I just rode off of feel. My HR stayed between 168-175, I couldn’t get it down. I never got aero as my acid reflux was making breathing difficult but I did stay in my drops 90% of the ride. Took a second power gel with 20 minutes left on the bike. Finished t he bike as the first girl from the ½ ironteam. I was happy since I wasn’t in race mode and my energy levels were still high.

T2 – Another fast transition. Removed my helmet, took off my bike shoes wiped my feet off on the towel. Put on socks, shoes, tightened locking laces grabbed a Power gel and I was off.

Run 6.2 miles– Oooo, feet are numb, that’s no good. Acid reflux is gone and tummy feels ok, that’s a good thing. The run was pretty non eventful. It took about 1 ½ miles for the numbness to go away. Not sure if I ever really picked up speed, it didn’t really feel like it. But then again we ran a good mile out and back twice along a stretch of deserted road with no shade and it was getting warm…I don’t think anything could have felt fast. It’s kind of weird after getting off the bike your speed perception is really off, well at least mine is. After the cement legs went away my run felt REALLY good. I took down another power gel 2 miles into the run and that got me through to the end. My run took 52 mins, almost 9 min miles; which I’m happy with since I wasn’t giving an all out effort.

I finished as the first ½ iron girl on the team. This felt good, especially since my mentality was a training event and not to push 100%. I am sooooo ready for race day! My time was 2:29, I took in 3 power gels = 330 cals and burned approx 1525 calories. Post event the PDX tri club put on a kick ass BBQ. Mmmmm, shredded pork sandwiches so much better then Gel!

I had no recover time after the event. I went costume shopping with Jenny and then we headed out to set up her 1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser. The fund raiser was a hoot. Basically a murder was preformed while we ate dinner and the “actors” included us. Lots of alcohol, good food, great friends, lost of money raised = SUCCESSFUL event. I stole a magnum condom from Honey Inez’s purse. Lol, we were allowed to rummage through their things to try to figure out “who done it.” We were also given fake money…to be bought off or what ever. Post dinner, say 11ish we (as in the TNT peps that came, about 10-15 of us) didn’t have enough so we went to a club called Dirty and danced the night away. They didn’t make us wait in line, it was awesome. The club was a lot of fun, there were poles in the back room which I so would have danced up on but I was in an UBER short black flapper dress. I do have some class, so I just limited my dancing to the platform : ) Not saying the ladies from our group that danced on the pole don’t have it, they were just dressed more appropriately. I loved dancing in that dress, the fringe was everywhere and I was able to do some fancy foot/leg work. Quote of the night has to go to “I want to lick your calf.” Lol, that was great! Carly, Kyle and I took a shot (not really more like a Tbsp) of salt and chased with water before bed. It did wonders on limiting a handover when we got up to start the day 4 hours later. Post “nap” Carly and Kyle drove me back to my car and we had breakfast at Voodoo doughnuts. I had a Dr. Pepper (they were out of Rootbeer) and a Devils Food Cake doughtnut covered in vanilla icing and butterfingers. Carly’s filled mango doughnut was good too and I’m really still not sure what to think about Kyle’s bacon maple bar…I didn’t have the guts to try it.

Again the last 24 hours have been VERY LONG, but probably been some of the funnest (is that a word) in my short life span.