Sunday, May 31, 2009

Facing my fears...part II

4000 meter (2.48 mile) open water - Race (ahahahahahahaha! I laugh because I will probably never "race" a swim)

My mom picked me up bright and early and we started the day off right with breakfast at La Provence Bakery. they have THE BEST oven baked oatmeal ever! Mmmmm, carbs to fuel the day.

Hagg Lake was absolutely beautiful. Bright and sunny, 60-70, not a cloud in the sky. We got there early and where able to cheer on friends doing the 800 meter and 2000 meter swims. GOOOOOO Scott, Julie, Emily, Alana, LeAnn and Meredith! Suiting up came quickly as did my fear. I knew I could do the distance, I knew I could handle the chaos of open water, what I feared was the amount of fatigue that would set in at say 8 or 9 in the evening. DOMS are a %$#%$ and knew they would unleash their wrath on me. Fear was diminished as I stepped in the water. Did I say stepped? I meant fell. Clumsy Kat took two steps in and fell on her tail, what else is new? :D I swam out a few meters to warm up and came back. Wetsuit was aligned properly and felt good. I ran into Devin and really hoped he didn't puke on me. I was comforted when he told me that only happens during tris. 10 second count down began and we were off. I started out in the front next to Scott, Devin and Leland. I am NOT a fast swimmer and was instantly passed by the masses. I was also swam over 1 or 2 times and hit pretty hard (Leland!). Swim combat! Fun stuff. None off it phased me as I continued on my three stroke breathing and tried to focus on my stroke and body positioning. Rounding off the 2nd buoy I felt like we were going uphill. How is that possible? It felt like this for a good buoy maybe two. Emily, you were right! On and on I swam and continued to get passed right and left. I felt like every time I looked over someone was passing me. It was a bit demoralizing at first. I just told myself that I did a long trail run the day before and would have a long bike post swim so it was OK to take it easy, and that is just what I did. I took the entire swim easy. I suppose I could have pushed myself, but WHY? I'm not going to win an IM, nor would I ever do so in the swim. Coming around to the shore for lap two was a good thing. I could hear the crowd cheering and the second loop is always better than the first. It's a mental thing, I know it's at least half way over :). My goggles had a drop or two of water that would roll into my eyes every time I would turn to breath, this became annoying so I started to swim with my eyes closed. At one point I think I got some extra zzzzzzz's in. I ended up taking in a bit of water 1/3 into my second loop as I remembered a joke my mom and I had. Note to self - do not attempt to laugh in the water. The longest part of the swim was the last buoy up onto the shore. I could hear the crowd cheering, I could see them yet it felt like they were miles away. Each stroke felt like a damn mile. As I approached the shore I took my number and checked my watch 1:06! Much better then I had thought. As I was taking it "easy" and felt like I was getting passed right and left I figured I'd come in at a 1:15ish. Who would have thunk?! Not sure where I placed overall in the pack since the results have yet to be posted. I think I was somewhere in the middle but will let you know when I find out.

Post swim and it was time to bike. None of my friends wanted to bike after so again, I was in this alone. I was happy to run into another triathlete on the way out, Deanne was going to ride a few loops around Hagg Lake. We ended up riding together for a loop and a 1/3 until I had to say "Au Revoir" and continue my ride home. Shortly along old Hwy 47 I ran into a girl training for IM Cordelane. We decided to ride together up until the crest of Clapshaw, about 15 or so miles. It was really nice to ride with two other badass female triathletes for 1/2 of my ride. Company can REALLY do wonders. I rode the last 25ish miles home alone and have to say I felt pretty strong for the duration. My nutrition, hydration and electrolytes where right on spot - felt pretty good for riding without shade in 85-90 degrees for 3 hours. The last 10 miles and my shoulders started to feel heavy. The fatigue of the swim was starting to kick in. I was also getting really hot, hot meaning burned. I applied SPF but obviously not enough as my shoulders and the back sides of my calves were started to glow. Ouch. I finished my ride 53 miles later glowing, from a sunburn and endorphins - this weekend I conquered my fears.

Mom and I recovered with mexican food and cadillac margarita's - Lol, who am I kidding? I only needed on margarita to get lit!

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Cameron said...

That's impressive, congratulations on completing it and still going for a long bike ride. You are well on your way to Iron Man status!