Wednesday, May 20, 2009


AM Swim
500 warm up


1 x 200 paddles;15
1 x 200 buoy; 15

2 x 50 one arm glide;10
1 x 50 catch up; 10
1 x 50 finger drags;10
repeat 1 x

2 x 200 - 50-A-ok, 50- fist, 50 karate, 50 free (fast and strong); 15

1 x 200 paddles;15
1 x 200 buoy; 15

Main Set
5 x 200's on the 3:30 - landing on 3:10 consistently - that last 200 sucked tail, I don't know how I managed to stay on 3:10

300 cool down

Total yardage - 3400

Evening Bike Ride

I had planned on a brick BUT 10 minutes into my ride I realized I left my malto and sodium at work. Durp! This was a problem since A. I'm a heavy sweater and it was warm out and B. I only had one GU to get me over the west hills twice. Uh-Oh
Not really sure how this happened but I had solid climbs. I ascended up and over Germantown, strong. Rode Skyline to Newberry where I did a white knuckled descent. Took Hwy 30 back to the NW Lucky Lab to meet the PDX tri club for their ride. A really nice guy gave me a GU - THANK YOU. Took Lovejoy up to Cornell, climbed Cornell to Thompson at which some how I peaked 554 watts! Badass!!! Hit Skyline to Springville back to work. It was along Springville that I bonked. Bonked is a weird way of putting it since I never lost power. I was still climbing hills at 250-300 watts and this was IN THE SADDLE. But my tummy started to knot up and I had a sickly pit. I needed food, not only food but I needed hydration. The water was going in and I was immediatly sweating it out. I decided that it would probably be best to run another time, I needed food and I needed it NOW. I scarfed down a bar as soon as I hit my car.
31 miles with over 2100 ft of climbing :)
Check out my ride
Max watts 554! :D/ Avg'd 139
Max HR 180/ Avg 150

I need to go get more food now

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