Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's workout fueled by Vitamin D :D

What a beautiful freaking day!!!!

Big brickin it - 58 mile ride/40 min run - (ok, ok, maybe not so big :))

I took today's ride at a very comfortable pace. We rode out in the peak of the heat (80-87?) and I wanted to make sure my hydration would be on point, and I'm happy to report that it was. The route was fairly easy, mostly flat with some climbs in the middle, I think net gain was around 1700ft, not much at all. On the way back my bottles decided to launch a few times, irritated the hell out of me. Also a bee found it's way up the back of my shirt and decided to sting me twice while riding - not fun! Ouch!
Despite the bee stings and bottle launching I had a great ride with great company.

Ride data
58 miles - 3:25:30
Max wattage 160/ Avg wattage 142
Max HR 171 (stupid heat)/ avg HR 149 (this is good!)
Caloric intake 80kcal malto + 130g sodium every 20 mins = 560 kcal 930mg sodium
Caloric expenditure = 1750 ( I LOVE me power meter - I have yet to bonk on a ride with this thing)

Post Ride I threw on my running shoes and went for an easy LSD run. I went out for 20 mins and came back. I wanted to do a longer run but will be doing a 2 hour run on the trails tomorrow morning. My soleus is still a tad bit sensitive and I didn't want to push my luck. The run was HOT! I drank more malto and sodium and felt well energized throughout.

I'm happy to be back in the game :)

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