Sunday, May 3, 2009

Running, swimming and a little pampering

My body felt ok riding, it felt ok after riding.....12 hours later it did not feel ok. I woke up mid-slumber to twitching legs. I stood up and had a massive knot in my neck, shoulders were tight and my legs almost collapsed from under me. Can't forget to mention my elbow and knee are bruised, cut and swollen.
Oh joy, training tomorrow will be so enjoyable.....I went back to bed.

Woke up for the day and thought to myself "Coffee, good breakfast, take care of things around the house. Abuse my body even more with the foam roller and stick. Finish up with ice and pilates. IF I feel better I will train today, if not I will recover all day."
Good food, good massage and stretching and I felt pretty good. Good enough to drive up to Wildwood to go for a 90 minute trail run. Wildwood was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shinning through the trees and the trail was muddy. Mud is so much fun, I ran through it feeling like I was a kid again in my pink rubber boots stopping through puddles. I LOVE muddy trail runs. Another pain free run to add to my training log :) Oddly enough my knee and elbow are still pretty swollen from my fall yesterday, but my knee did not hurt at all during the run. I iced after just to make sure everything stayed pain free.

Off to swim

5 x 500s - 8:30-8:45; these were slow, I had no desire to go fast. I grew tired and my neck and upper body was uber sore from the bike ride the day before.

After a long weekend of a lot of rain, mud and hard training I decided to pamper myself with hair appointment. The scalp and hand massage was euphoric.