Thursday, May 21, 2009

Running into the day and swimming into the night

AM Run - 8ish miles

My legs thank you, Mr. foam roller and and Ms. Zoot compression recovery tights. I was sure I'd have RLS throughout the night or massive fatigue after last night's hill climb, but nope, none, zip, zilch. I sleep like a sound log...does that phrase even make sense? I don't know why I'm asking that as most of my statements don't make sense. Statements are sponsored by the caloric deficient. Hehe....Anyway

This was THE best run alone since injury to date. Hit the road around 5:45, the sun was already up...I felt like I was tardy, I've watched it rise every morning this week and today it beat me to it. What a phenomenal run. No leg pain, no tummy pain, energy stayed consistent, I couldn't ask for anything better....well company is always nice. I lost the strap to my HR monitor and really don't want to buy another without upgrading as the battery is dying on my Polar watch as well. All of my runs have been without tracking HR data, which was a little weird at first, but now I love it. There is no digital reminder of intensity, I'm running purely off of feel. Now if I wanted to go fast this would be a bad thing but because I'm returning from injury and my LSD pace is my IM goal pace I can keep on keepin on at my slow speed and enjoy it :) Life is grand!

Evening swim - First OW of the season, not only that but the first swim in my fabulous new Helix wetsuit.
4 loops around Klineline Pond - approx 500 meters...or something like that
The wetsuit will take some getting used to. The first loop around I think my arm sleeve was mis-aligned because I felt painful resistance along my right forearm. I stopped and adjusted it and pain appeared to go away. The suit fits like second skin which is awesome, but on the flip side it is really warm - good and bad I suppose. Bad when I'm pushing myself and my body tends to over heat. Good when the water's cold. My first OW went pretty well. I had no open water shock, but then again I never get shock. This is probably due to growing up swimming in neighborhood lakes, rivers and ponds. I have to thank my dad for making me a water baby. My only weakness in open water is getting used to my new wetsuit which will happen over time. I finished my last loop swimming into the sunset - I think sunrise/sunset is my theme for the week :) Good night moon.

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