Friday, May 15, 2009

Just fine, every thing's just fine

AM Spin - 90 minutes Z2 - avg 136 watts
Took another power nap on the bike this morning while watching LOST. I'm on season two disc 3, having a hard time really getting into it. The story line kind of bores me, I do enjoy the creepiness they create with the cinematography and wakes me up when I'm about to dose off. Does anyone have any good TV series recommendations? I'm a huge fan of dark comedy/dramas. I tend to think things are funny when the shouldn't be.

I find it annoying when people get "snooty" when training insecurities are called out. Being over dramatic doesn't help anything.
I think I'm probably the last person to say someone can't do something or discourage someone - in fact "inspiring" is a word that often comes to mind. But whatever, one's perception is one's reality and I can't change that.

Evening swim

7 x 500's - I'm tired and decided to do these at a comfortable pace - hit each one on an 8:20 with ;40 sec recoveries.

After swim I spent some time in the hot tub massaging my soleus with the jets. It feels much better today :) I had some fun with one of the guys in the hot tub. Get your mind out of the gutter! He liked my fish fin swim cap. I decided to mess with him and actually convinced him that the fin made me go faster, along with the latex because it was "hydro-namic!" AHAHAHAHAHA! Dude had no clue. I know, it was a little wrong, but it amused me :D

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