Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, lots and lots of rain

Somehow I woke up at 4:35 - 10 minutes before my alarm went off. With 7.5 hours of sleep I was well rested. My body did some massive recovery work when I slept as when I woke up my legs felt really good! I jumped on the bike and did an easy 75 min recovery spin. My power meter has been giving a low battery warning for some time now, today it decided not to read - time to replace the battery. I suppose it was a good thing going without power. Sometimes seeing a low wattage number can be depressing, even if it's supposed to be that low - IE recovery. I utilized HR instead of wattage for today's spin and kept a nice and easy 135 bpm. Legs felt really good after.

MASSIVE headache all day. I've had a knot in the back of my neck since my ride on Saturday. I really need to work it out as it's rather annoying and painful.

It rained all day. Not light and showery but hard and aggressive, it came down in sheets. I watched it pour down from my desk throughout the day. I smiled and at times would drift off dreaming about my trail run that would come after work. I was looking forward to running in the mud. I didn't really dress/plan for the weather. In my bag I had a pair of split shorts and a Sugoi tank. As long as I kept my HR up I wouldn't get cold, and I'm not afraid of the mud or getting wet. It's funny that after not being able to run for so long that even the crappiest conditions can make one giddy :)

Evening trail run -55 mins - 5 miles through hills, mud and massive amounts of rain.
I don't think I've ever ran in so much rain before, it was seriously dumping on me and I LOVED it. The first 5-10 minutes were a little hard. I had to push it to get my HR elevated to keep warm. I run on the high side, within 10 minutes I was soaking wet pushing a 175 hr and glowing with a runners high. Up and down each hill I went, slipping, sliding and jumping through the mud puddles. I almost lost my shoe on several occasions. I am SO HAPPY to RUN again! It almost makes want to cry for joy.

I recovered with badass hard cider, pizza and good friend at the PDX tri club meeting. Lots of my friends had PRs this weekend racing Wildflower HIM and the Eugene Marathon - I feel so proud to be friends with such an amazing group of people. You guys/girls seriously rock!

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