Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't do me like that

Sleep = non-existent. My legs kept me tossing and turning all night, twitch here twitch there....restless.

I finally got out of bed 30 minutes before I needed to, bored and annoyed at the restlessness I decided to try to be productive and foam roll.

Am swim - lackluster

500 warm up - eh, the top of my right shoulder/arm hurts - alot. Not the good kind of burn either, the kind that worries felt like over use.

1 x 250 paddles - yea this felt great (sarcasm)
1 x 250 buoy - still not good
repeat 1 x

1 x 50 - one arm glide/alternate arms on the 25
2 x 50 - catch up down 25/25 return on the finger drag
repeat 1 x

Main Set
4 x 100s one the 1:45 - failure. I wanted to do 10 but could only pull out 4. Honestly I just gave up. Energy wasn't there and my arm hurt. I am weak

1 x 500 - comfortable happy zone pace

1 x 100 sprint - tried to end on a little bit of energy

Total yardage - 3000

Energy was low throughout the day. I needed to tutn my frown upside down - I was taking my mama out for a belated mother's day dinner, I could not have negative energy. This is very un-Kat-like.

Evening track

I was dreading this. The first night I've been to the track since injury. I wasn't there to work on speed. I've pretty much given up on attempting to run FAST for the remainder of the season. It's just not logical. I can easily run my IM goal time as long as I can get my efficiency back up to par. Speed will be another year. The purpose of hitting the track was to do an easy warm up mile, spend 10-15 minutes on drills (efficiency and form work) and then run up that monster Twilliger and back.

1 mile warm up -easy
5 min stretch
10 min drills - tail kickers, side strides, strides and hands in the air. These hurt as I knew the would. I limited myself to a short duration of each.
Short stretch - ran up Twilliger 5.2 miles. I haven't ran these hills in a looooooong time. They were so much harder and longer then I remembered. My right soleus hurt a lot. I think the drills and the hills tweaked something just not right. My GI HATES me. I think I have to start ditching the Venti Starbucks coffee's on run days - that or I just have to build an iron stomach again. This sucks, every run I either have some sort of leg pain, or stomach distress. It's depressing. I no longer feel like a runner :(

Alas I finish my run, stretch out my legs and strapped on some ice. Happy to go spend the rest of the evening with my mom.

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