Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunrise - Sunset

Riding into the sunrise

5am -Rise and shine baby! Jumped out of bed and made my way to the kitchen for breakfast. Heated up an english muffin w/ PB & honey and enjoyed a small bowl of cheerios as I watched the sky slowly light up. Got dressed, mounted Carnage and I was off for a morning ride.

The goal - chase the sunrise :D

2-3 miles into the ride I start climbing. My legs are not yet awake, come to think of it my mind was only semi awake. My legs are yelling at me "WTF were you thinking woman!?" I didn't know how to respond, my brain was moving kind of slow, all I could do is continue to pedal and hope my legs would in return cooperate. I'm not sure if 6 mph counts as chasing the sunrise, at one point a squirrel was running faster then me. Wow. Mile 7 and I finally reached the top of Skyline. Happy that was over I went on to attack the Skyline roller"coaster". My speed was checked when flying down a hill I came face to face with a deer. Ok, we weren't that close but the deer stayed in the middle of the road for longer than I would have liked. It was kind of scary, I wasn't sure if it was going run at me, stay in the middle of the road or go hopping off. Lucky for me it choose to hop off back into the forest. I reach Thompson, went down the descent then climbed my way back up. This time around my legs were wide awake and I felt strong on the climb. Hit up Skyline again for more rollers and then down Springville home.

Elevation gain was 1500ft in 23 miles. I think on future rides I'll make sure to map in a few flat miles before I hit the hills, that was brutal.

Evening swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 paddles;10
1 x 200 buoy
repeat 1 x

Main Set
4 x 100s (first 75 easy/last 25 hard);15
4 x 100s (first 50 easy/last 50 hard); 15
4 x 100s (first 25 easy/last 75 hard);15
4 x 100s (HARD ALL THE WAY); 15

Cool down - 200 easy

Total yardage - 3100

I rode into the sunrise and swam into the sunset.
Beautiful day of training - yet I'm melancholy
It's starting to happen again, the same thing that happens ever year. Why are there so few of us? And why can't I find another?
"I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore"

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Eric said...

Normal people are always hard to find