Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day - Don't Let it Get Away

And I didn't :)

2 hour (includes water stops) LSD run - 11ish miles
At last! I finally found someone to run with. Interesting enough it's the same person I did 90% of my marathon training with - Go Nicole! We were going to run up in the forrest but it was so beautiful we wanted to soak up the sun and took our run downtown to the waterfront. Ran the 10 miel waterfront loop, plus a little extra to put us up to the two hour mark, or hour and 55 minutes to be exact. I continued to have tension with my soleus but I paid close enough attention to it that I don't think I pushed anything too hard or far. I tried the malto and sodium with a fuel belt. I experienced a bit of stomach distress but I'm thinking this is normal as I have to train my stomach to consume and run again, I know in time it will get better. With that being said the sodium and caloric intake was on point. It was pretty warm when we ran, 70ish-maybe 80 by the time we finished and I didn't feel sluggish, dehydrated or fact I looked like a salt stick!
My longest run straight through since injury and it felt great, I think this was mostly due to having company. Running with someone is so therapeutic for me.

We recovered at The Stepping Stone, who doesn't love Man-Cakes?

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