Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food aroma - such a tease!

AM Run - 8.5 miles - easy 9 min pace.

Dare I even say it? I hesitate as superstitious as I am....*knock on wood* running has become natural again :D and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE of it!

My tummy started growling during the last mile, it started right as we passed Krispy Kreme - Go figure. I tried to hold my breath as a ran by as to not get tempted by the sugary aroma. I advise against doing this as I almost passed out, the sweet smell extended onto the next black (the blocks are longer then avg!), They should really have a smell advisory for the area.
"Sugary sweetness - Run at your own risk!"

Evening Open Water swim - 5 loops at Klineline - approx 2500-2800 meters
*Swimming into the sunset is pretty bad ass.
*Body still has to adjust to swimming in a wetsuit - my arms get tired faster
*4th loop around I swear I smelled BBQ. WTF is the deal with food smells today?
*I got caught up in fishing line - Really? Do I like a look tasty? Oh I got it! They must have mistaken me for a massive fish - stupid fin on swim cap. Lol
*OW is mentally more challenging for me, at least in the pool I can tell I'm going somewhere. It feels like it takes forever to get anywhere in a mass body of water.

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