Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A VERY long day

What a day of recovery makes -

Woke up refreshed and excited to swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 - buoy
1 x 200 - paddles
1 x 200 - 50 a-ok, 50-fist, 50 karate, 50 freestyle
2 x 50 - one arm catch up 25 down/finger drag high elbow back

Main Set
6 x 300's - 4:50-4:55 on the 5:45s

The person whom I am seeking swim help from said I should be doing these on the 5:15 coming in at 4:30. I don't know if he was high or if I'm really lagging but a 4:30 was far from reach. I was busting ass and pulling out a 4:50-4:55. WTF?
I have to question these times. I wasn't tired and didn't feel like my stroke, form or flip turns were off today. I felt like I was on point. So I wonder, am I getting slower or was my targeted time off? I'll break down my usual intervals
10 x 100's on the 1:45 coming in on 1:25-1:30 - 1:25/1:30 avg
5 x 200's on the 3:30 coming in on 3:10-3:15 - 1:35 /1:37 avg
7 x 500's on the 8:45 coming in on 8:10 -8:20 - 1:38 / 1:40

and today's 6 x 300s avg'd 1:36/1:38 - right between the 200s and 500s - plus I did 1800y of intervals vs the 1000y I usually do on 200s. Am I off? Any input on this?

As you can see from my intervals my time doesn't drop off much as the distance grows further, basically I have no fast twitch, I'm slow from the start :/

200 cool down

Total yardage = 3200

Work/eat/work/eat/work/eat and so forth

Evening Brick
25 mile ride - flat and windy
Hit up Marine Drive for some intervals. I was going to do 5 x 10min maxed out with 5 min recoveries. That didn't go as planned, I ran out of road. Which turned out to be a good thing because the 3rd interval was KILLING me. I was down in aero and could hear my quads taunting me "Stop, or your not going to sleep tonight!" I heard this over and over again and am pretty sure I will be paying the price when my fatigued body collapses onto my feather bed.

I still pulled out 3 x 10 min intervals pushing out 210-250 watts.
Max watts 342/ avg watts 170
Max HR 180 (I pushed it :)) / Avg HR 157

Finished with very tired legs and transitioned into the run. Pain free run.....well wait, that's debatable. The point of injury did not hurt :) which makes me happy. My quads on the other hand continued to yell at me, even though I was taking it easy. I also should have done a GU shot before the run as I hit a giant wall of fatigue 20 minutes in. Ended up running 28 mins/3.3 miles with a nice 8:18 avg. I'm happy with that.

Scarfed down a yummy tuna sandwich and a V8 on the way home. I need to ice, roll and hit the bed so that I can get up to aqua run tomorrow - Hooray! lol - hopefully the sarcasm is noted.

Off topic -
I will be doing my first century of the season by myself this weekend. The only reason I am doing the century is to stop myself from clubbing and drinking the weekend away. The fact that I paid too much $$$ for Wildflower and I'm not able to race it NOR am I am able to race or run the Half-Marathon in Eugene has me a tad bit bitter. The century is my way of staying productive and turning my rotten lemons into lemonade. The ride is organized but I will not have any training buddies (as they are ALL racing somewhere) to ride with. The glorious cherry to top it all off with is the weatherman is forecasting rain :)
At first I was a bit disappointed but then my view of a storm turned into a rainbow. This will be a GREAT IM training ride. I will monitor my pace and nutrition and see how long it takes me, I intend to finish with an easy 30 min run. Wish me luck, I may need it.


cherelli said...

Cool - a century ride is an awesome idea for the weekend - you are one butt-kicking self coached athlete, wish I had a more consistent drive to push myself so hard :) but it's sporadic . As far as swim times, are all those 100, 200 and 500m times at the same perceived exertion? Or are your 100s hard, 200s slightly less so...? Just wondering as my 100 times are similar, normally a 1.25-1.30 for a set of 10-20. My 200 times are around the 2.55-3.05 and 500s around the 7.45-7.55. I'm wondering if maybe you cut down your rest on the 100s (ie start doing them on the 1.40) and 200s (leave on 3.25) maybe you'll start seeing faster times over increased distances? Maybe throw in a few speed sets at the end of the workout (25s, 50s) or split sets (eg. 10x100 on 1.45, 50 relaxed/50HARD) so your body gets used to working at each end of the speed spectrum. I really enjoyed a set which included 75s hard last week, this week I feel like I've picked up some speed just from that (but I could just be having a good week)...mix it up, good luck!

Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

Good luck, the 1st century rides are always fun and challenging.
Just take the cell phone, extra tubes and some $ just in case.Doing my firstr 75 miler on Sunday. Using so not to get smashed at a derby party on Sat.
I think they're always better alone especially trianing IM.
Don't sweat those swim intervals. Just track your times eventually in the next month you'll see those times come down, if your stroke is on point, but don't forget drills on recover weeks, they can help your stroke stay tight.

Kit Kat said...

Thanks for the comments :)

Jason - First century of the season. I have 4-5 under my belt. This will just be my first one alone. I will be well prepared.

Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

sorry, I meant the first of the season for both of us. (i knew that. I swear)

SUB6 said...

aqua runs suck big time!!! Enjoy:)

TiffersRunsTX said...

I think that's just what you need, Katie! Even though you wouldn't be in all-out comp. mode for it, a little bit of that competitive feeling is just what you need. I really think it'll light a fire under your ass and put some things into perspective. :P Good luck and smile at those hills!