Monday, April 6, 2009

The end to a very long build...

Morning recovery spin - 75 mins easy wattage - avg 136

Energy was decent today until around 4, I went for a 3rd cup of coffee

Evening swim -

I really decided to make this up as I was swimming what would be my 500 warm up. My energy has faded - I was a dumb ass and partied too hard two weekends ago it screwed up my recovery and LSD days - which ended up putting me at 8 days of training in a row, rounding off a nice solid 19.5 hours. I monitored the intensities of my training to allow the volume to build up without provoking Oscar my evil head to pop out. This was a challenge as I am also PMSing like a mofo as well. But alas, I think I have handled things well as my data reflects growth and I'm still rockin a smile. Tomorrow will be a much needed recovery day, I just hope I don't hit a wall in the morning.....

Back to the swim workout
7 x 500's - 8:20-8:30s w/ 30 rests

I had no set pace goal for this. I was looking to put my time in at the pool. I'm really happy with my 500s. My legs felt pretty dead on the first one but that quickly went away. I did these at a moderate to easy level as I didn't have much energy to spare. I actually think swimming as fatigued as I was helped things. As I swam a long my body was tired and all my mind could think about was all the advice I got about form and stroke and how to be efficient as possible. I was tired, the less energy wasted the better. I kept my HR at a nice easy 150 avg. Swim felt REALLY good, and the best part was I finished 3500 yards and I wasn't actually felt rather effortless.

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