Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 hours - a new PR :)

Saturday - 4 hour spin, a new PR for me

The goal for this workout was
A. Spin for 4 hours
B. Keep good power/wattage for the duration
C. test hydration and nutrition in a controlled environment

Mission accomplished
4 hours - Watts 155 avg/ 231 max
HR 147 avg/164 max
avg cadence 83 / max 113

Nutrition 225kcal of CarboPro + 2 salt sticks = 460 mg of sodium every hour 15 mins. 2:30 in I took a Gu Roctane and extra salt stick. I held good steady power for the duration of the spin. A little over 2 hours in my watts dipped 5 maybe 10 and held that for the duration. 3 hours in I started to get sausage fingers which hurt :( I felt pretty good throughout the spin duration and after I never got that post 2 hour bonk or energy fad that I'm accustom to. Carbo pro + salt sticks work for me. I'm going to try to aim for 225-250 per hour as I think this will help keep the power stronger for longer and I don't think an extra 25 kcal per hour will upset my tummy much. I think the sodium levels were right on as I'm a massive sweater and had formed a small lake around my trainer. Spinning, Don and I got the temperature up to 70 in his living room. I all I need is more H2o with the sodium. The second LOTR is a good movie to spin to.


Cameron said...

WOW! I am assuming this was at your house? What did you have on TV? It had to be good to do that without getting bored! I can cycle for days outside, but I get bored easily inside. I think my max is 2.5 hours

Kit Kat said...

It was at my buddy's house. We watch the 2nd LOTR - Fellowship.