Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Brick

54 mile ride

2 loops (13 miles each) around Sauvie's Island pushing moderate watts - kept it between 160-200 watts - ended the loops with a nice, easy, solid avg of 175 watts.
Climbed Logie Trail ($%%$#@#$@#$@%#$@#$)!!!!
Managed to do pretty well and did 95% of it in the saddle. Only got up 2-3 times at the switchbacks at which point the grade is so steep I think it is impossible to stay in the saddle UNLESS you want to experience endo'ing backwards. I finished cursing Don, but only in the nicest way possible. Watts along Logie ranged from 200-350. I could have pushed higher but gaining strength and destroying my quads was not the days objective.

We then finished the last 45 minutes with rollers on Skyline.

Got back to the car, transitioned and finished with a 30 min 3.5 mile run.

I tested nutrition today - another success. 80kcal of maltodextrin, 120mg sodium mixed into 5 oz portions every 20 minutes. Washed in 10-15 oz of H2o per hour. This was absolutely perfect! I think I've found my IM nutrition :)

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