Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick weekend summary


Started the morning out right with fresh made coffee, watching the sunrise and a little pep me up chat with a good friend. A honey & pb whole-grain english muffin and cheerios complimented it all nicely. Went on to do a refreshing 40 minutes of pilates, foam roller massage and stretching. Loaded up Feltalia and Carnage and headed down to AL for the group ride.

Bike - 2:45 - 49 miles
Hit Hwy 30 to Sauvie's Island - looped it twice (26-27 miles) at threshold between 200-250 watts. I love power, I was a bit surprised I was able to pull these numbers out with the amount of fatigue I'm running off of....but alas power doesn't lie, I'm adapting :)
From Sauvie's we took Hwy 30 back to Germantown road which was a nice and steady 765ft climb in 2.3 miles. It wasn't too bad as I spun it out in the small ring. There was one point I had to stand up and this aggravated the hell out of my leg. Upon cresting Germantown I avg'd 172 for 35 miles or so, I'm very happy with that considering 1. I'm still injured and 2. This was only my second ride outside on Carnage....I am in love with my baby. Another highlight was my descent down Thompson. I am a little b$%@# when it comes to descending.....all from that little mishap from last year. So Thompson to Cornell is 940ft in 4 miles, with a max grade of 7.5, nothing too big or scary but enough that I break it for the duration. In the past I would seriously white knuckle at 12-15 mph, absolutely pathetic. Saturday I managed to avg 18-22 mph. Still slow for the descent but better then before and being only the 2nd ride I'd had out on the TT I feel confident that I can overcome my fear of descending. Really I should look at all descents as I do with races and be fearless.
Finished the ride feeling pretty good. It was a beautiful day and I had a bunch of really great people to ride with :)
Recovered with yummy endurox with added protein

AL finished building my hub for Feltalia so I was able to take her home with power. Now I need to start training on my road bike. Mmmm, I'm going to bike a lot more often, I am so in love with these two.

I was able to sneak in a quick 30 minute nap in before Alana and I got all dolled up to go to a black tie/dress hair event. Turns out it was all for nothing as the event looked pretty dead and we opted not to check out. So instead we went to a beer pub for food, we received some interesting looks to say the least.

Post food we changed into costume (Alana- Nurse and I - Catholic School Girl (hehe, who would have known)) and went on to Chris's LLS Costumer Ball fundraiser. And oh what fun it was!

Sunday -
Another beautiful sunny day - but I was stuck to running in the water :(
2 hour aqua run
My Ipod died 20 minutes into my run which turned this whole training workout into mental willpower - it sucked. Carly came and saved my sanity with 25 minutes left. Then she aqua ran for awhile - ahahahahaha! She looked so funny, which means I look so funny. Good thing I don't care about making an ass out of myself :)

Recovered with a frosty and protein power, mmmmmm

Now I'm ending my night with another LLS fundraiser - a Naked Ladies Party - it's not what you think. OR maybe it is!


Rainmaker said...

I suspect your hit counter jumps each time you post pics...

That's a very solid wattage to be holding - nicely done!

Kit Kat said...

I know, the carbon fiber's hot, right? :)