Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fatigue makes cowards of us all....I am the lion in Oz

Insomnia and restless legs strike again...I'm destined to not get sleep, I know it.
5 am rolls around, I drag my tail out of bed and in a groggy haze make my way to the gym

60 min exhausting aqua run - done at a moderate intensity.
My legs are really freaking fatigued. My quads are a tad bit swollen and covered in knots, they need some serious one on one time with the foam roller. I also need to get my pilates on and stretch out my hip flexors. You know, come to think of it my whole body aches right now.

After work I got X-Rays take of my leg. Loved when the tech asked how long my leg hurt, when I told him going on weeks he replied "Ibet". I asked what that meant and he said he wasn't qualified to tell me, the doc would get back to me 3-5 business days. Thanks for mind %^#ing me.

Bulk food/warehouse shopping sucks, every time my patience and tolerance for the ignorant/rude is tested. I don't know how I passed today.

Came home and treated myself to the last 2 double chunk chocolate chip cookies, hoped the on the trainer and pulled out another 60 min spin - endurance wattage.

Recovered with an epsom salt bath. Going to do some pilates, get some more foam roller love and go to bed.

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Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

Simple yet so eliquently put...and the title IS PERFECT! Especially, for me these days (alot of different reasons) but I hope you don't mind me borrowing it. It's just nice to hear that fatigue can scare the shit out of us all, sometimes.
Just catching up with the your thing girl!