Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recovery Day - beautiful, wonderful rest day

Much needed might I add. I've rounded off week 2 of my 3 week build. I was able to handle 2-3 high intensity workouts and got my volume up to 16.5 hours. I've also managed to keep away Oscar, my evil head. I'm in a self reflecting mood so I figure I'd share a bit of what I've learned and progression that has taken place over the last couple of weeks/months.

I've never thought of myself as a "good swimmer". I've always been at the back of the pack to middle at best. The last few months have forced me to focus on swimming. As an end result I took my 500 yard time down from 9:15-9:30 to 8:10-8:15. I've changed my comfort zone from 4 stroke right side breathing to 3 stroke bi-lateral breathing. Somehow I've conquered flip turns as well. I've learned to love being anaerobic in the pool and the burning sensation that appears in my lats hours later.

Some girls spend their money on makeup, jewelry and clothes....I buy bikes. I treated myself to two new carbon fiber bikes this year, both set up with power meters. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to riding carbon with power. I've made progression gains and owe it to a little cpu that keeps me honest.

Ahahahahaha! What run? "They" say in triathlon you should focus on your weakness. So maybe breaking my fibula was a blessing in disguise, it has forced me to focus on my bike and swim. Hopefully my run will come back one day.....like a long last friend.

I must eat 24/7, shit you not. I've decided to throw calorie counting out the window - unless it's a training exercise. I am in the process of building an iron tummy. I also think I'm going to start riding with mouth wash in my jersey pocket as I can feel the Carbo Pro and GU slowly eating away my teeth, so gross.

The Simple Things -
Sometimes I find it amazing at how little things make me so happy.
*Starbucks venti coffee - post workouts in my post consumer recycled venti tumbler - I save .10 on every refill not to mention saving the environment. Pike Place coffee is an elixir of the Gods. Brings a smile to my face daily.
*Food, seriously any and all kinds. I'm at my happiest state with a full tummy.
*Running and watching the sunrise and set. Running in a downpour of rain.
*Spinning on my trainer, laughing out loud-alone to dark comedies will indulging in chocolate chunk cookies.
*Cracking and massaging my joints during pilates - now....if only I had a guy to do this for me :)

IM expectations -
I once read that the only expectation you should have on your first IM is finishing. This is not enough for me. Call me stubborn, stupid or unsatisfied by the ordinary. At the start of my training season I set my goals - A sub 12 hour IM with targeted split times. Then I got injured....and the possibility on not hitting those goals became real. It was now time to switch to plan B. But what was plan B? I had no plan B. Everything was supposed to be on plan A. After a few weeks of self pity and depression I came up with alternative training/racing plans - plan B. I still have my goal of a sub 12 hour ironman but I have come to realize that my expectations should be more along the lines of how I react and what I will learn from this epic adventure I have put myself on. I have a feeling I will be making the sweetest lemonade out of the sourest, bitter, rotten lemons.

Future -
I don't know why I started thinking about this today but it kind of worries me. I'm not really thinking too far into the future. I figure whatever happens, happens, right? My 5-10 year goals are targeted at work, training and racing...and I have given no thought or interest in a family or relationship. Is this wrong? I can't imagine spending the rest of my life alone, yet at the same time I don't feel like I have an empty void to fill. Oddly I'm a bit scared of being the crazy old cat lady.


Eric said...

Hey is not wrong is just that finding somebody that understand the triathlon live is really hard
and normal people dosen't understand that is not a sport is style of life

Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

(Read this post the other day didn't get a chance to comment till now)
Wow, how things have turned around....This was a great post and good insight into the minds of us who have such passion for this sport.
Yes I believe things happen for a reason. I'm so happy for you, that you have truly been able to gain perspective on this whole chain of events.
The future....I struggle with the unknown more than most, but since my girls got here I truly take it day by day.
So in the words of Kid Rock,"so I guess I'll keep on walking with my head held high! and keep moving cause only god knows why!"
Thanks for sharing!