Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recovery week, a Helix and a whole lot of carbon fiber

2 much needed days off. Caught up on neglected stuff around the house.
Tried on my new Helix wetsuit - here I am looking like a major dork. Hehe. Wetsuit feels REALLY, REALLY good.

Being the carbon fiber whore I am, I went out and bought the pink-breast cancer support carbon T2 Sidi's.

Today I start training back up - BUT this whole week will be light and easy....I might even give myself another day off :O

Morning Swim
500 warm up

1 x 200 buoy
1 x 200 paddles
repeat 1 x

4 x 50; catch up 25/finger drag 25
2 x 50; one arm glides

2 x 200 - 50 aok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free

Not really a main set but not drills
2 x 500 - 8:10-8:15s

Cool down

Total yardage = 3200

My eco friendly Starbucks tumbler earned me a free coffee at Starbucks since today is Earth Day. Yay, free coffee!

Evening Ride
25 miles along Marine Drive/ 30 min run

My first ride on Feltalia was brutal. She rides nice but I need the fit to be corrected. I was supposed to take this ride easy since I'm in my recovery week but the winds on Marine Drive had another plan for me. I knew there would be a problem when I was pushing or shall I say coasting a mer 90 watts going 20 MPH, once on the main stretch I pushed 170 watts going 28 mph. Coming back was a b^&$*, 200-240 watts going between 14-16 mph, it was brutal. The wind was howling so loud it encouraged me to howl back.
Max watts reached 375 and I avg'd 145. This rides power graph is pretty wicked. BTW, love the new Sidi's!

Post ride I did an easy 30 min run = 3.5 miles 8:40 avg. I left my Ipod in the car and chased the sun as it set. I feels good to run again.

On another note - The fracture clinic said that there wasn't anything they could do to fix me. My bone is creating calcium and healing. Now I just need to slowly start adding miles.


Jill Costantino said...

Nice suit! I've got that one too and LOVE it:)

You look great. Be patient with your recovery and enjoy all the carbon you whore! A BIG JJ!

Cameron said...

I'm jealous on the Helix. I tried one a few weeks ago and did not want to take it off, it fit too well! You definitely have the top of the line suit.

Are you taking any extra calcium or drinking more milk to help heal your leg? Tums can really help out and are not too expensive.

Kit Kat said...

Yes, I am a calcium and magnesium whore. I take an extra supplement 2x a day with meals that are lacking. I want to heal as quickly as possible :)

Helix = I have a triathlete's dream job

Jamie said...

It looks like you've got some room in those arms. You better start bulking up. :-)

Kit Kat said...

Eh, the problem is in length...well probably meat and length. I've got muscle but am not trying to look like She-Man. My limbs, legs and arms are uber short...seriously, if it wasn't for my torso I might be a little person

Anonymous said...

You look great in that suit. You should DEF post more pictures.